If prayer is the ascension (meraj) of the believer,

And if Karbala is the soil of Paradise

Then ascend to the highest Paradise,

By prostrating on the soil of Karbala.

Did Imam Baqir not say,

"Visit Karbala in your lifetime so that when you die,

you do not feel like a stranger in Heaven”

Do not leave wisdom to the unwise and do not withhold it from the wise, for both of these will be injustice to it.
—  The Messenger of Allah (ص) Nahj al-Fasahah p. 59
… Whenever I felt weak, You bestowed strength on me, whenever I stumbled, You held me, whenever I was sick You cured me, whenever I called You, You answered me…. Be happy with me as You have made me happy…
—  Imam Ali (as), supplicating to Allah [swt]
  • Shi’ah :You Christians claim that Christ was crucified in order to atone the inherited sin caused by Prophet Adam’s eating of the forbidden fruit, causing the humans to be expelled from Paradise. Whereas Allah (swt) has said :
  • "No bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another…"
  • Christian :Don’t you know that you are worse than us, you are torturing yourselves by beating your own bodies and your children’s bodies with chains and knives, until the blood gush out, a really frightening and disgusting scene. You do that to make amends of your error in the past, you who had humiliated Husein, instead of defending him… So, what’s the difference?
  • Shi’ah :But you are too ghuluw (extreme), you regard Jesus Christ as the son of God and one of the three gods (Trinity)!
  • Christian :Are you not like that too? You are extremists towards Husein, and other Ahlul Bait Imams, you claim that before the world was created they were in the form of light, they also knew about all that have happened, are happening and will happen. You claim that they knew when they would die and that they died in accordance with their own wish!
  • from Abu Basir, from Abu’ Abdallah (as) who said the following. “Whoever from among the Imams does not know what would happen to him and (does not know) what events would happen to him next, that person is not (a true imam) the right owner of the divine authority over His creations.” [AlKafi by Al-Kulayni, Vol. 4, Chapter (47)]
  • Shi’ah :What’s important is that, I recommend you not to worship the Messiah, do not name your children with Abdul Masih (servant of Christ ), because Christ (Al-Masih) himself is a servant of Allah.
  • Christian :don’t you also claim that Ali said: I am the face of Allah, I am besides Allah, I am the first and the last, you also call your children Abdul Hasan and Abdul Husein, whereas they are also the slaves of Allah.
  • Shi’ah :But you hope and beg from Christ and you do not beg from Allah, you make do’a to them, and you exalt your bishops and priests.
  • Christian :don’t you guys also beg to other than Allah, you invoke: Yaa Ali.. ! Yaa Husein, I don’t know when you ask from your God!
  • You make visit the graves of the imams and invoke them, you claim:whoever visits the tomb of Husein on the day of Arafah, then he gets a reward of a million times of Hajj with al-Qa’im. You also claim that the tomb of Ali is always being visited by God, along with the Angels, so do the prophets!!
  • Shi’ah :You are overly exaggerating with regards to Christ, so much so that you people worship him.
  • Christian :Likewise, you are overly exaggerating with regards to Husein and the other imams, you raise them exceeding the degree of the prophets, and they are in a position that cannot be reached by anyone, not by the Angels, nor the Apostles. They are ma’sum from forgetfulness and sin, they know all that is in the heavens and on the Earth. So, our Christ (Al-Masih) is just the same as your Al-Husein!
  • "Verily, among the things that are most essential in our madzhab is that, our imams have a position which is reached neither by the angels nor by any commisioned messenger of God …. it has been narrated from them ‘alaihimus salam (Shi’ah imams)" "For us are certain states with Allah that cannot be achieved by the angels are who are brought near, nor by the prophets who are sent". [al-Hukumah al-Islamiyah (Islamic Government ) by Ruhullah Imam Khomeini, Section 3:The Form of Islamic Government, hal.52]
  • Shi’ah :But you exceed the bound, by believing that by loving Christ and having faith in him alone, is enough to save you from hell.
  • Christian :So are you, just by loving the Ahlul Bait, it is enough for salvation. Sins will not harm anyone who love the Ahlul Bait.
  • You also say:Loving the Ahlul Bait will shed all sins, just as the foliage are shed from the tree. Loving Ali is a virtue, which is not affected by any sin whatsoever!
  • Shi’ah (with anger):But, your book have been changed, added and subtracted!
  • Christian :Well.., you Shi’ah claim that your Al-Qur’an has been changed, the Sahabahs of the Prophet had added and subtracted. The original text is only with Imam Mahdi who is hiding in a cave since he was five years old, with that, according to you all Muslims are astray since 1400 years ago!
  • Shi’ah:Enough, what’s important is that you are willing to convert to Islam, by being loyal to the Ahlul Bait and become a true Shi’ah?!
  • Christian:I think this is not the Islam embraced by the majority of mankind, big-small, old-young, men-women from my people. Because there is no specialty in your religion (Shiism).. the contradictions in your religion are more than in our religion.
And grant me a light with which I can walk among people, and through which I can be guided in a manifold darkness, and with which I can enlighten myself from doubts and uncertainties.
—  Imam ZainulAbideen (as), Al- Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya, p. 95 supplication 22

Rayya b. Salt once asked Imam Reza: "Are you Sahib al-Amr (Master of the Undertaking)?" The Imam (a.s) said:

“Yes, I am the Master of the Undertaking. However, I am not that Master of the Undertaking who will fill the earth with justice and equity. How can I be that Master of the Undertaking when you are witness to the prevalent weakness and helplessness? The promised Qaim will be old in age but young in appearance when he emerges. He will be so powerful and strong that if he extended his hand to the most huge tree it would fall uprooted.

And if he screamed among the mountains the rocks would be crushed into pieces. The rod of Moses and the seal of Solomon are with him. That person will be my fourth descendant. God will keep him in occultation for as long as He deems necessary. Then, He will cause him to appear, and through him God will fill the earth with justice and equity as it is filled with tyranny and oppression!”

Bihar al-Anwar ~ Volume: 52, Page: 322