Pocket full of pebbles, bear hugs and worn out knees, cookie crumbs and kisses Little boys are made of these.

Lost boys assemble because this one goes out to all of you!

Little boys have been getting a lot of flack lately which is just not ok, because of this Neverland decided to do an entire week just for the Little boys out there to show our support. For the record, the men in our community do not have to be a Daddy/Cg. Little boys have every right to be Littles because it’s who they are; being Little is an inherent trait. You have our support and we’re asking that anyone who supports Little boys contribute to the notes on this post so that for every note seen they know there’s one person who supports their right to be in our community as Littles.

Legos are among the favorites of the Lost boys; in honor of that Lego images will be featured this week which lead me to thinking I wonder just what sort of creations Neverlanders make using such an open ended material. We’d love to see all of your fantabulous creations so please submit!

So, there seems to be quite a debate over what exactly Little boys are made of and I think it’s up to Neverland to set the record straight. What do you think Little boys are made of? Send in an ask today and let us know.

Dennis the menace, Calvin and Hobbes, Doug, Timmy Turner, Jimmy Neutron and Andy Davis are all synonymous with being awesome boy cartoon characters; with so many out there it begs the question who is your favorite boy cartoon character of all time? Send it on in and tell us why they are your favorite. 

Representation matters and I can tell you that trying to find quality (sfw) Little boy images is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. For this very reason Neverland is imploring artists to send in material for the Little boys out there, show your support by giving them something to reblog with pride.

Love from Neverland to our Lost boys
Tink + Nellope