Fic: Metamorphosis of the heart

art made by the amazing kettlebaggins (thank you so much, bb!<3)

Pairing: Blaine/Kurt

Genre: merman!Kurt, interspecies romance, a bit of angst

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 5360

Summary: On a summer day, when he was ten years old, Blaine met Kurt.

Notes: A big thank you to aelora and lurkdusoleil for the beta and to agent-girlsname for the cheerleading. A long time ago I got a prompt for merman!Kurt, but never got around to writing it. Then I read Riah’s beautiful fic, One spectacle grander (if you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?!), and I finally felt inspired. It was a lot of fun and I might write a sequel if I see that any of you is interested. I hope you’ll enjoy <3

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Blaine had always loved the sea. Growing up alone, with parents who too often seemed to forget about him, he had learned to spend his summer days on his own. The house looked right over a small inlet. The sand was always warm and clean. Blaine didn’t feel alone when he was down there, swimming and exploring. Sure, a playmate would have made everything better, but his overflowing imagination provided dragons to fight and sunken vessels to explore.

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Title: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Author: aelora

Rating: R

Summary: After a bad break up with the love of his life, Blaine Anderson, his senior year of high school, Kurt Hummel had pretty much given up on dreams, and instead, focused on reality. Still, it’s kind of difficult to mock the dreams of the brides he plans weddings for, especially once he begins working for the one place where dreams are made - the Disney Weddings Group at Walt Disney World. It’s even more difficult to turn a blind eye to his own dreams when Blaine turns up portraying Disney’s hottest new character, the Swan Prince, and begins a ridiculous campaign of attempting to win Kurt back that includes castles, fireworks, fairy tales and a giant talking mouse. Blaine needs to break past the walls Kurt has built up over the last six years. Is that special Disney magic enough to prove to him that dreams really can come true?

Status: Complete

Chapters: 5

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Fic: Under The Open Sky

Title Under The Open Sky

Rating NC-17

Word Count 3,715

Summary When Kurt & Blaine’s honeymoon plans go awry, Kurt’s coworkers come to the rescue and send them on a trip of a lifetime.

Notes This was supposed to just be beachy hammock!PWP (said hammocks) and then … it turned into the fluffiest, most endgame thing ever. No regrets! Totes necessary now, yes? The rest of the words I owe aelora for TBS auctions. Thanks to Kerry for her cheerleading and lookover.


Kurt Hummel is on cloud nine.

Scratch that. Kurt Anderson-Hummel is on cloud nine. His wedding reception is coming to a close, he’s at the bar sipping on what will probably his last cocktail of the night (at least until he retreats to the suite back at the hotel with his husband – his husband, Kurt might never get over that). He glances out at the crowd and spots his Blaine out on the dance floor with Finn’s niece, twirling her around as she stands on the tops of his feet. His thoughts are interrupted as he hears, “I’ve never seen you so happy.”

He turns to see Lucas, his boss at Harper’s Bazaar, where he’s worked the past two years upon graduating college, a grin on his face that Kurt can’t help but match. It finally breaks into a laugh and he says, “I just – everything was perfect. Every single last detail and you know firsthand what a perfectionist I am.”

Lucas chuckles at his words, because indeed he does, and Kurt catches Rachel out of the corner of his eye, rushing up to them, her face drawn and her smile tight. “Hello,” she says brusquely to Lucas before turning to Kurt. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Spoke too soon,” Kurt mutters under his breath. He knocks back the rest of his drink before shaking his head, just wanting her to get on with it. “What’s wrong?”

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CrissColfer Fic: Game, Set, Match

Ttitle Game, Set, Match

Rating NC-17

Word Count 2,624

Warnings CrissColfer RPF. Blink and you’ll miss it reference to drinking & driving.

Summary Those photos, man. This is silly PWP of Chris discovering said photos and getting off with Darren.

Notes I wrote this in like, an hour & a half last night with the aid of lots & lots of vodka. I also blame aelora for calling my ass out on twitter to write said RPF (when, I haven’t written RPF since last summer) and five or six people dogpiled on her. Lesson learned: if you want me to do something, that’s how to get it done apparently. (LJ link)

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aelora replied to your post: Glee Rewatch: Acafellas

That’s why I got so enraged at that one post for calling Blaine fail!puppy for not noticing Tina’s crush on him—the exact same thing happened to Kurt! Exact. Just… grrrr.

Exactly, the reasoning was all the same as well. Mercedes was lonely, Tina was lonely. Kurt noticed Mercedes, Blaine noticed Tina. Kurt made Mercedes feel good about herself, Blaine made Tina feel good about herself. 

In all these times I’ve been having to defend Blaine, I’ve noticed that a lot of the mistakes and silly things Kurt’s done, they’ve repeated with Blaine. Embarrassing serenades to uninterested guys? Check. Crush on a straight guy? Check. Straight girl crushing on them? Check. It’s just being told from a different POV because Blaine’s got a completely different temperament than Kurt so the story turns out different. None of these are personal failings, or wrong, it’s just part of life. Teenagers are awkward and don’t always understand their feelings or anyone elses, and I hate that Blaine’s held to a completely different and higher standard than all the other characters.

Ficlet: Own The Night

Kurt & Blaine might spend Fourth of July 2011 and 2012 in the same exact place, but that doesn’t mean they’rein the same exact place.1,500 words of Fourth of July Klaine fun from both last year and this year for aelora, partially because she won my box scene auction and partially because she has a birthday next week and I won’t be around, so I’m posting it now. PG-13 for horrible dick jokes at the end there, sorry, and I’d also apologize for using Katy Perry lyrics as titles, but I already did that last January. This fandom, man. I don’t know if people outside the US know what sparkers and snap-its are, so, consider yourself wikied. I owe you more words, T and you’ll get them eventually! ♥


The Fourth of July 2011 was spent in Artie’s back yard, because by Puck’s admission, he had the best pool in town, as well as a hot tub and a pretty neat contraption that safely lifted him in and out of the water. It helped that Mrs. Abrams was a great cook (one of these days Kurt was going to pry the recipe for her southwest pasta salad out of her hands – there was a spice or herb in the dressing he couldn’t place) and one of their neighbors drove to Missouri every June for a family reunion and came back with a car full of illegal fireworks, setting them off for the whole neighborhood.

Kurt and Blaine had been together a few months at that point, fresh off I love yous, and it was the first time they’d gone swimming together, sneaking glances at each other from behind sunglasses and pretending not to stare. Upon closer reflection, Kurt thought they probably should have chosen to do so not surrounded by their nearest and dearest friends, but Blaine had been in almost constant rehearsals and performances at the theme park – he’d only been able to come to Artie’s because they’d overscheduled for the holiday, and Blaine jumped at the chance to spend the day with his boyfriend after all.

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"He’s kind of dressed like he should be outside my door with Bibles in hand asking if I want to be saved. I’d let him in to save me and teach me the word of God."

In case anyone was wondering what started this nonsense.

(Also, in case anyone was wondering, Cooper would have to have his own evangelical TV show in which he points at people while he saves them and asks for donations. See you in hell!)

written for aelora because everyone can use some sunshine in their life! i believe something was said about blaine and brittany and working on a cheerios routine together or making cookies?

It wasn’t like it was that often that boys were in the Cheerios, and Brittany thought that it was pretty lucky that the only two that she knew of were both people she considered friends. Sure, Kurt’s stint on the Cheerios had been pretty short but now they had Blaine — though at first that had been even shorter, but Coach Sylvester had gotten him back — and that was great because Brittany loved getting to spend more time with her friends. Of course they saw each other fairly often because of classes, and glee club, and all that, but even more time was even better.


That was why, once the final whistle of practice was blown, she skirted around a few sophomore cheerleaders and went over to where he was still working on jump combination they’d been doing toward the end of practice.

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