"In 2003 the Free Speech Coalition went to the Ashcroft Supreme Court and basically said that the 1997 Child Pornography Protection Act was too broad. What did that act say? That act said that A) Nobody under eighteen could be in porn and B) Nobody who looked under eighteen.The Free Speech Coalition, the lobbying body of the porn industry, said that that [protection act] limited the free speech of the pornographers and they should be allowed to have women who look under eighteen. The Ashcroft Supreme Court agreed…”

Dr. Gail Dines addressing porn culture and rape culture’s intersecting roles in patriarchy

Ex "Hustler" Pornographer on the Porn Industry
  • (TW:rape)
  • Shelley Lubben - "Were any of the women ever coerced or forced into doing sex acts they weren’t comfortable with?":
  • Christopher Gregory - "All the time. You have to remember, in the studios eyes women are nothing but meat. They are literally slaves, with the illusion of fame and fortune, but take it from me, they are not free moral agents in most circumstances, they are guided by habits, physical violence at home, or they are struggling to make payments on a mortgage. Nobody goes into this business for the "fun" of it."
  • Shelley Lubben - "What is the average age of a girl who wanted to be in porn?":
  • Christopher Gregory - "17. I don't care what anyone tells you, 17 is the starting age of many girls in this business. The younger the more money it makes Hustler, Vivid, Wicked, Playboy and they know it too. I recall a girl, she had just turned 18 and we were in a coffee shop on a college campus, she asked me about getting into the business in one of my films I was planning. The next thing I know is, she's topless. It's that crazy. And the reason is, in most cases, they (girls) are looking for attention, someone to care for them because they aren't getting that same love or attention at home. The sad thing is, the industry is filled with the faces of that same girl I remember those many years ago trying desperately to break into this industry. That's why Hustler, Playboy, Wicked and other studios venture into the college campuses across the nation. It's a pool of fresh meat. I've seen producers hook up with Ron Jeremy and do campus cattle calls and while on campuses, these same girls would perform sex acts on Ron or the producers or both or each other in front of hundreds wanting in. I personally know one of the producers who went to the big 10 campuses with Ron or without Ron and go into these bars and clubs, all of which are on colleges and Universities and persuade girls to get naked and have sex in PUBLIC! You simply don't hear about this because it's a well hidden secret. Sad."


Did you mean was I a stripper? I think you meant was I a stripper, in which case:

DISCLAIMER! Not all people who pole dance take their clothes off! With the veritable rash of pole-dancing-for-fitness-and-fun academies opening up across the land, the odds of finding a chick (or dude) talking about pole dancing who has never even touched a stage or a g-string is quite high!

That said, yep - I was totally a stripper LAWL.


More below the cut because shit got LOOOONG (I JUST HAVE A LOT OF STRIPPER FEELINGS OKAY?!)

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Ex-Pornstar on the Porn Industry (graphic/tw: rape, abuse)
  • I worked in porn for 10 years with breaks in between. My work name was Neesa and I did about 27 movies. My last shoot was November 2006. It was a very abusive, frightening and unsanitary experience for me. They reuse dirty sex toys all the time on porn sets. Most of the time, the companies don't want to purchase a new sex toy. Which start at $10. That’s how cheap they are. I always saw girls that had sore vaginas. We would want to take a bigger break to try to regain our composure after enduring painful scenes, but the directors, camera men, etc., would stress that they "needed to get of there as soon as possible". And the company wouldn't want them to have to pay their employees extra time. So, most the time, there wasn’t time for a shower to take after shoots. Not to mention doing shoots on couches that they used for other shoots. I doubt they paid to clean it after each time it got used.
  • In the worst scene and moment of my life, I was raped and verbally and mentally abused while making a video with Max Hardcore. It was the most horrible and degrading experience I ever had. I was in complete shock and horror. After that scene was shot, I got tested at AIM (Adult Industry Medical Clinic). I was horrified to find out that I was positive with Chlamydia/Gonorrhea in the throat. We didn't have vaginal or anal sex because my HIV test wasn't ready yet. So he insisted on an oral scene and right after that scene I tested positive for the two STD’s. I called Dr. Sharon Mitchell to let her know. She asked Max to come in and test. I'm sure she told him which girl, and what the diseases were, even before he came in. Of course he would take Zithromax before he got retested as Sharon wouldn't want to lose one of her biggest clients. They care about money. That’s it. Sharon Mitchell called me after he tested and called me a liar. "He didn't give it to you. His test came back negative". She said in a rude, ambivalent manner. This is the clinic that claims to keep us safe. It’s a joke.
The First Time I Met Sanawon
  • The First Time I Met Sanawon
  • Bomb The Music Industry!

As we get older every day feels longer
and although I know I’ll struggle I will
do my best to never get tired.
I know Chicago will be cold tomorrow
Let’s cash in on our thin blood and have another one.


Cronenburgs for “Rick Potion #9” part 2! I think a couple of these in this post you don’t really see, the basketball head guy is seen from the back I think. I love how Rick just dubs these creatures “Cronenburgs”. Brilliantly funny on the writers part. At one point I was trying to design on that looked like David Cronenburg but I couldn’t get it to look right.

Guys Im so EXCITED!  next week I go back to work on Rick and Morty,  (we’ve been out of season for a while now)  But this time,  I will be returning as a PROP DESIGNER.  for you non production people.  a prop is a object that a character interacts with,  like a  computer, or a space shape. or a vehicle. all that stuff has to be drawn by some one.  

If your still confused just look at the picture above and know that ill be waist deep in cartoon computer parts before you can say “WUBA LUBA DUB DUB”