Admitted Student of the Week

     If there is one thing we can say about Admitted Student of the Week, Sophie Rabin Widman, it’s that she will be one of the members of the Class of 2018 who will have the most frequent flyer miles! Sophie is from Felton, California, where she attends San Lorenzo Valley High School. Sophie heard about Ripon from a family friend whose cousin’s son is attending Ripon (quite the connection!). This fall, Sophie will be making the 2,230 mile move from Cali to Sconnie (aka Wisconsin for those of you who have yet to learn Wisconsin terminology) to attend Ripon College.

     In school Sophie is the VP of Key Club and is very active in theatre, Queer-Straight Alliance, and choir. Outside of the classroom, Sophie is still involved in theatre and music (she serves as a teacher’s assistant at a Celtic Music Camp for eight to twelve year olds during the summer). As for college life, “[I’m excited for] experiencing life away from home, learning and mastering my favorite subjects, starting a new chapter of my life in a brand new place that I will soon call home!” said Sophie. We’re also guessing she’s excited to be in some Ripon College theatre/music productions because her dream is to act on a big broadway stage! Before all these new adventures Sophie is looking forward to Celtic Music Camp, her 18th birthday, and hanging with her friends as much as possible before making some new friends at Ripon!

    Speaking of friends, Sophie is hunting for an RC roommate. “[I’m looking for] someone with a great sense of humor, someone willing to study with me, creative, neat, but likes to change things up sometimes!” It’s also important to know a few things about Sophie. She loves Chinese Food (check out China One in Ripon) and cake, “Honestly. I crave just slices of cake from Safeway sometimes…the frosting is what it’s all about.” Her favorite movies are The Fall and Finding Nemo and her favorite series of books is The Giver series and she enjoys The Fault In Our Stars as well. Outside of theatre Sophie is a talented musician. She has played the piano for ten years and the accordion for four years! Most importantly though, Sophie has a terrifying fear… of muffins and doesn’t enjoy being poked in the belly button. So basically she and the Pillsbury Doughboy would never really be associated together.

     If you’d like to get to know Sophie, reach out to her on the Class of 2018 page! Just don’t send her any muffins!

     Now, we occasionally hear stories that Ripon is haunted, but what college doesn’t have its stories? Well, if that does freak you out, you need to make quick friends with our Admitted Student of the Week, Katie King, from Farmington, Minnesota. “I like scary movies, Halloween, and the fact that Ripon is haunted,” said Katie, “I used to work at ValleyScare as a ‘haunt talent.” I was a killer lunch lady!” While Katie may not be afraid of anything, there are many more qualities that make her an excellent member of our Class of 2019. Katie is highly involved in 4H and has been involved for 10+ years. She serves as a Minnesota 4H State Ambassador, Dakota County Ambassador, Dakota County Federation President and is a camp counselor. 

She is a team captain of her high school Swim and Dive team, participates inLink Crew, Tiger Leadership club, Youth Teaching Youth, Peers 4 Peers, National Honor Society, and Wind Ensemble where she plays trumpet. Katie is interested in eventually becoming a college professor who studies psychology or psychobiology. Before settling in at Ripon, she has a busy summer planned. “This summer I will be doing all kinds of fun things for 4H for the last time – Resident Camp, YELLO!, the county fair, and Arts In,” said Katie, “I will also be taking a vacation with my family and spending time with all my friends before we leave for college.” It definitely sounds like a busy and fun summer, Katie!

     For future roommate info, here is what you need to know! When asked what qualities she wants in a future roommate, Katie is looking for someone who is “neat, considerate, likes nerdy things, willing to decorate the room for holidays, friendly, and fun.” It probably wouldn’t hurt if you enjoy scary movies too! Luckily for those who aren’t into the horror genre Katie has another big passion, Harry Potter. The books and movies are all her favorites. “I want to form a Quidditch team at Ripon ASAP,” said Katie. Katie also enjoys Disney music and says she can sing along to quite a few of them! Thanks for sharing Katie and congratulations on being our Admitted Student of the Week!

(We thought we’d share the scary one for last! Very spooky stuff Katie!)

     This week’s Admitted Student of the Week, Justin Filter, really defines what it means to be a liberal arts student. Justin, a senior from Joseph A. Craig High School, has a diverse range of interests and hobbies. He is interested in studying Spanish, Military Science, and Athletic Training with the ambitions of becoming an officer in the military and then being a trainer for a sports team. In school he is involved in football (he went to the playoffs), baseball, National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society.  Also did we mention he is his school’s valedictorian? Outside of school he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing board games or video games, being outdoors, and tending to his fish tank. Luckily for him, we do allow up to ten gallon tanks on campus!

     Being from a larger high school, Justin is looking forward to being at a smaller college. “The size of the college is the number one reason I like Ripon,” said Justin. “It is half the size of my high school and I have wanted that small town feeling. I liked the fact that the faculty truly seemed to care about their students. I am also excited about the chance to play football for another four years.” He is also excited for academic independence and being able to study what he wants. Before diving into his studies though he plans to have fun this summer. “I plan to work a lot, but also enjoy my last summer before college with my buddies, which includes all night video gaming, and hopefully some kayaking on the lake. I also plan on going to a few concerts at my local fair.” 

    Now, here are some of the real important facts you need to know about Justin. First, be warned, “I sing constantly, even though I am fully aware that I am no good at it,” says Justin. While we’re not sure what he sings, we know he likes Toby Keith and Florida Georgia Line (along with other Country music). He loves the Harry Potter Series and his favorite movie is Forrest Gump. If you want to plan out a cool spring or fall break trip with him, suggest Hawaii as it’s his dream vacation. For a roommate, “I am looking for someone who is organized and prefers studying and watching TV over partying,” says Justin, “I want someone who I can become good friends with but isn’t clingy. Also, I want someone who is willing to share their food with me, I’m a scavenger sometimes!” If you’re sharing your food, try to share gyros or a piece of steak because those are Justin’s favorites. Lastly, Justin wants to let you know, “I’m incredibly competitive and I like sleeping in and staying up late. I love the outdoors as well. I consider myself to be a jock and a nerd, but tend to be more nerdy.” Whether he’s a jock or a nerd, we know that Justin Filter is a fantastic young man and is going to be a wonderful addition to the Class of 2019 and Ripon College.

     Congratulations on being our Admitted Student of the Week, Justin! If you’d like to get to know Justin, join us online at the Class of 2019 Facebook page. Our next contest will start next Monday so be ready!

     Our Admitted Student of the Week, Eric Fels, is no stranger to Ripon College. Along with being a Badger Boy State participant who spent a week on campus last summer, Eric’s older sister, Amy Fels, is a member of our Class of 2017 and she was our first Admitted Student of the Week ever. But enough about Amy, this is Eric’s time to shine as our first Admitted Student of the Week for the Class of 2019!

(Eric, future Red Hawk, and Amy, Class of 2017)

     Eric attends Germantown High School and is an active member of National Honor Society, German Honor Society, and the unofficial leader of his high school-middle school tutoring program. In college he wants to pursue business and sports marketing. We’d say he’s well on his way too! “My favorite classes are (were) AP Economics, Physics, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, and Honors World History,” said Eric. “[My dream job is] a front office job for the Green Bay Packers or ESPN.”  Eric also has a natural gift for sports information, “I have a knack for knowing sports statistics and news, particularly NFL football.” With his skills and education it sounds like Eric will be the NFL commissioner in no time!

     Outside of athletics and marketing Eric enjoys playing bass guitar, participating in fantasy football leagues, video games, reading, and specifically watching superhero movies and TV shows. Currently his favorite movie is a tie between The Avengers or The Dark Knight (That’s some classic Marvel v.s. DC rivalry right there!). His favorite music is some AC/DC or Audiomachine. While he may like action packed movies and rock music, he also has flair for the realm of fantasy and adventure. “My dream vacation is to travel to New Zealand to visit the Shire from The Lord of the Rings, but it hasn’t happened yet,” said Eric. With his favorite book being The Hobbit, we bet he’ll make sure it happens sometime in the future.Wo

     If Eric sounds like the type of guy you’d like to get to know or have as a roommate, find him on the Class of 2019 Facebook page and start up a conversation. Congratulations on being our Admitted Student of the Week Eric. We know you’ll make fantastic addition to our campus and our incoming Class of 2019.

     As we get closer and closer to the new academic year, it’s almost time to move to campus and make new friends! One of these new friends could be Mike Lainberger. Mike, a graduate from Markesan High School, will be joining the Class of 2018 this fall at Ripon. “I am excited about meeting new friends and preparing myself for the rest of my life,” said Mike. “I also look forward to Greek Life and being in band.”

     In high school Mike was involve in band, choir, yearbook and outside of school he was involved in the 4H Dalton Doers. This summer he says he is working as he prepares for his first semester at Ripon. While being new to campus as a student, Mike has known of Ripon for some time. “My grandma used to work in the Commons and I live twenty minutes away,” said Mike, “So if I ever needed to go shopping, Ripon was the place to go.”

     As for future roommate qualities, Mike would like someone who “hopefully will be into the same type of music as me, and is okay with me staying up super late to do homework.” Don’t worry Mike, we’re sure you’ll be up a lot of nights having fun as well as doing homework! As for music he likes, he’s into Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, and 3 Doors Down. He may also be into a little 80’s music because his favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. While at school Mike will be pursuing his dream of becoming an Astrophysicist and hopeful future host of Cosmos. Also if you’re interested, the quick way to his heart is through waffles with peanut butter (his favorite food combo).

If you’d like to get to know Mike more, reach out to him on the Class of 2018 Facebook page. Congrats on being our Admitted Student of the Week Mike!

    If you’re ever looking for our Admitted Student of the Week, Laurissa Johnson, it’s a good bet you’ll find her near Storzer. Laurissa, a future Red Hawk, will be joining the women’s basketball team at Ripon College and are we lucky to have her! Laurissa played at Little Chute High School where they were the Conference Champions this last season.

    While she’s not 100% sure what she wants to study yet, she has some ideas. “I am currently undecided, but I would like to do something with math or science,” says Laurissa. Her favorite classes in high school were Anatomy and Physiology. She is also interested in taking some music courses or being in choir as well. As for future career aspirations, Laurissa is interested in becoming a Forensic Identification Specialist (definitely going to need some science courses for that!).

   Laurissa is excited to make new friends and having college help her figure out her life after Ripon. She heard about Ripon from a friend who liked it. “I really like the close community and how much everyone is involved in the school,” says Laurissa. For a future roommate, Laurissa is looking for some with common interests and someone who can be  a good friend to go to when she needs help. Speaking of interests, Laurissa isn’t too picky! She likes any type of music and has too many favorite books and movies to decide from.  It is important to know though that her favorite food is sauerkraut. 

     Congratulations on being our Admitted Student of the Week Laurissa! We’re so happy to have you (and your basketball skills) joining us as a Ripon College Red Hawk as a member of our Class of 2019. If you’d like to get to know Laurissa, join us on our Ripon College Class of 2019 Facebook page and start up a conversation! We’ll start a new Admitted Student of the Week contest next Monday so join us online!

     As we stated earlier in our movie poster, William Penterman is in the midst of his college search journey. Willie, as he prefers to be called, is from Kaukauna where he attends Fox Valley Lutheran High School. In school he participates in: track, soccer, forensics, Student Council (where he serves as Student Body President), Peer Leadership Group, and the National Honor Society. Outside of class he is a member of 4-H, he is the Outagamie County Youth Leaders Association President, and he works on the family farm.  When he has free time he enjoys following the latest political news and hanging out with his friends.

     Speaking of the latest political news, Willie is interested in pursuing History, Law, or Business while in college which makes sense because his favorite high school class is Honors United States History. What would he like to do post college? “[My dream job is] becoming President of the United States of America,” said Willie. “[I] strive to be someone who makes genuine impact in the lives of others.”

     Besides his political aspirations, Willie is looking forward to college for the challenge. “[I’m excited] to meet so many new wonderful people and competing on a college level in sports and forensics,” said Willie. “I eagerly look forward to my next phase in life.” In that next phase is a roommate who is easy going, relatively neat, but not overly tidy, caring and ready to do their best in college. It would also help if this person liked listening to Hard Rock from the 80’s, which is Willie’s favorite. Other favorites of Willie’s include mashed potatoes and gravy, the movie Ghost, and “cats!!!” Willie will most likely have a Presidential First Cat instead of First Dog.

      Congratulations, Willie, and we can’t wait to see you on campus next year!

     Now, when it comes to cool high school accomplishments we’ve heard a lot of different things. Winner of the Science Fair, Champion Athlete, and even being related to a famous actor, but this week’s Admitted Student of the Week, Mitch Port, may have one of the most interesting yet.

     “My favorite accomplishment was writing a speech to introduce the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, when she came to my school to introduce her “Drink Up” campaign,” said Mitch. “I never even dreamed that this could happen and am grateful that she wanted me to speak. That experience will be one that I never forget.”

   Now if you know Mitch he was just the man to introduce her too. He is serving as the President of his School’s student council, is involved in Academic Decathlon, Model UN, International Club, Healthy Youth Healthy Community and participates in two show choirs, Carolers and theatre. And if that wasn’t enough he also is the Vice President of his youth group and member of the praise team at church. All of that doesn’t even include any of his classes or school work.  When he does have free time Mitch really enjoys making short films with his friends.

    Mitch heard about Ripon through the WASC (Wisconsin Association of School Councils) leadership camp that was on Ripon’s campus last summer. “I really liked the campus and after some research, [and] thought I should apply.”  Speaking of summer, Mitch is looking forward to graduation, but has a lot to accomplish before then. “It will be a lot of pre-planning for me because I am on student council and we plan things that go with the ceremony,” said Mitch. “This summer my youth group is going to Cincinnati, Ohio for our mission trip. I’m also applying to be a junior Counselor for the WASC Leadership Camp so I might be around campus this summer!” (Move-in early maybe?)

    When he has time to think about college Mitch isn’t sure 100% what he wants to do in college. “I’m considering Sociology, Spanish, Music, or Theatre,” said Mitch. One thing he knows for sure is that he wants a roommate who can kick back and relax while watching movies. Also it wouldn’t hurt if they were passionate about RV’s. “One of my life goals since I was little was to travel across the U.S. in an RV,” said Mitch. He could maybe tie that life goal in with his dream job of being able to travel the world and eat delicious food? An RV traveling Food Network talk show host, that sounds like a great job! It would probably have to be a show about pizza too because it’s his favorite food because of the limitless amount of different toppings you can put on it.

    As for a few other facts about Mitch, he really enjoys the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky and his favorite animal is the White Bengal Tiger. In our questionnaire, he said you’ll be able to find one of these in his dorm room next year, we’ll let you guess which one?

Congratulations Mitch on being our Admitted Student of the Week this week! For more info about Mitch, join the Class of 2018 Facebook page and strike up a conversation!

     People hear about Ripon in all sorts of ways. Some through email, othersby driving through town, but the most common way people learn about Ripon is from other people. Our Admitted Student of the Week, Marianne (Mari) Laska, is connected to Ripon through a few different people in her life. “I actually heard about Ripon College from my boyfriend, Zach,” said Mari. “Zach currently goes to school there and it’s nice because I can ask him any questions I have or I can just come visit him and see how campus really is.” Also Mari’s favorite teacher, Mr. Ruppert, is a Ripon Alumnus who teaches math at her high school. From her conversations and visits, Mari has discovered quite a few things she likes about Ripon. “I love how close all the students are,” said Mari, “They are more of a family rather than people who go to the same school.” Since Mari is from a small town, she wants to continue her education in a similar community style environment.  She’s most excited for making new lifelong friendships and to be on her own, even though she’ll miss her family. “I have a cousin that I am really close to. Her name is Hailey,” said Mari. “We have always been best friends, our moms actually used to call us partners in crime because we do everything together.” Luckily before coming to college, Mari is planning on a summer filled with friends, family, and sun (and hopefully not too much ‘crime’ with her cousin!). 

     As for roommate information, here is what you need to know. Mari’s favorite food is Chicken Alfredo, it’s her go-to choice on menus that offer it. She isn’t terribly picky when it comes to music, but really enjoys Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi, Maroon 5, and Rascal Flatts (quite the variety!). She loves to read Nicholas Sparks books and her favorite animal is Munchkin cats. She is a night owl so she may stay up pretty late studying or hanging out with you. Now, if you plan to be her roommate, you need to know something important, she can be a little klutzy, but to her credit she has been improving. “This [is a funny accomplishment], but it seems like that almost everyone either falls up or down the main set of stairs at my high school at some point,” said Mari, “And I can say that I have not done either, for me that is a major accomplishment because I have the worst balance ever. I have literally tripped over my own feet before.” Hopefully, she’ll continue this non-tripping trend at Ripon!  Her dream job is maybe the toughest, but most rewarding of them all, “My dream job is to be a stay at home mom,” said Mari. “I know this isn’t a paying career, but that’s honestly what I am looking forward to most in life. I want to be able to spend time with my children when they are growing up like my mom did when I was younger.” Academically, Mari is interested in studying social work or business, both excellent fields to get into if you’re looking to become a full-time parent (especially for negotiating bed-times and chores!).  Lastly, Mari says, “I am pretty laid back. I also am a very open person, you can talk to me about almost anything or ask me anything and I will answer without a problem. I love getting to know new people.” Thanks for sharing with us Mari, you’re a fantastic member of our Class of 2019 and we can’t wait to have you on campus in the fall or whenever you visit us again!

If you’d like to be our Admitted Student of the Week, join us on Facebook at the Ripon College Class of 2019 Facebook page and participate in our bi-monthly contest! We hope to see you there!

P.S. Here is a Munchkin Cat since we weren’t 100% sure what they were at first! Great choice in favorite animal Mari!

     One thing we can say about Tyler Sturzl, ournewest Admitted Student of the Week, is you better remember his name because you’ll be seeing it on TV one day. Tyler, a senior from Crandon High School, has aspirations to become a politician (President Struzl in 2040 maybe?) or a producer for film or television. In high school he has a plethora of experience being a president already as he’s President of student council, President of the school drama department, forensics team captain, and editor-in-chief of the school district’s paper. We could keep telling you his accomplishments, but they never end (good job by the way, Tyler!). Plus in high school, social studies is his favorite subject, “…I love learning all subjects; however social studies have always been so appealing to my interests,” said Tyler. “Mainly civics, American politics and government, and sociology have really peaked my interests. It’s interesting to see the effects that people have on their world and community, how it all works, and how it can change.” And if all that experience and interest wasn’t enough, Tyler was a representative for his high school at Badger Boys State, a week-long leadership experience which takes place on Ripon’s campus every summer and focuses on being a citizen of your city, town, state, and your local community. Now in preparation for his political career, maybe Tyler will be like President Reagan and start out as an actor. “My hobbies probably revolve around being in theatre,” said Tyler. “I have too much fun acting and it’s mostly what I do in my free time.” Tyler, between your experience, passion, and multifaceted personality, we think you’re bound to do great things in college and in your future (whether it be in the Oval Office or on the Silver Screen is up to you).

     As for college, Tyler is excited, but for a different reason. “I would have to probably say that I am excited to be more of ‘myself.‘ In high school, we’re always pressured into fitting in or following the trend. I really don’t think I am that type of person,” said Tyler. “I like to do new things and kind of ‘go against the grain.’ They’re always new ways to do old things. So I guess I could say that I am pumped to have the freedom to reach my full potential and give as much as I can possibly contribute.” Continuing the contributing mindset, Tyler says he gets a scholarly feel when he’s on campus and that is looking forward to working closely with his professors from day one on Ripon’s campus. “I guess Ripon just has that small scholarly feel that makes me want to contribute to something bigger.” We’re eager to see how you help shape our campus in the next few years, Tyler.

     Now, to the nitty-gritty stuff: roommate information. Tyler loves alternative music like Alt-J, Imagine Dragons, and Panic! at the Disco, but he’ll listen to everyone from classical to rock. He’s a huge movie fan, but enjoys anything by Christopher Nolan the most (Batman trilogy, InceptionThe Prestige to name a few.) As for food… well, “I love eating all together. I should probably but that into my hobbies considering the amount I spend doing it,” said Tyler. His favorite is Italian food, especially pasta! Now to get the elephant out of the room, his favorite animal is an elephant. He is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. Someday he hopes to travel to all around Europe absorbing as much history and culture as he can. If Tyler sounds like a future roommate for you, reach out to him on the Ripon College - Class of 2019 Facebook page or find him on the Ripon College – Class of 2019 Facebook group which is run by our future students.

     Congratulations on being our Admitted Student of the week, Tyler. We’re so happy you’re a future Red Hawk and can’t wait to see you on campus.

Our next Admitted Student of the Week contest begins Monday, February 16!

One of the coolest parts of working in Admission is seeing friendships develop among our incoming students every year. One of these friendships started between our Admitted Student of the Week, Mallory Krumrei and her future roommate, Gabby. “I met my roommate, Gabby, on Accepted Students’ Day. Since we were both from the Madison area, our admission counselor [Emily Sheeks] set us up to carpool!” said Mallory. “We drove together to orientation as well, where we meet our suitemate, Megan. I’m so excited to start college with them!” As you can tell, Mallory is excited for college so she can make new friends as she prepares for this monumental step into adulthood!

(Left to right: Mallory, Gabby, Megan)

     Mallory, an Oregon High School alumna (20 mins south of Madison), comes to Ripon interested in the science, particularly in molecular biology. “My favorite classes from high school were science classes and Spanish classes,” said Mallory. “However, my all-time favorite class I took was biotechnology.” With all her science skills and background, Mallory hopes to work in a medical research lab someday. Outside of the sciences, Mallory is excited for her FYS course. “I’m looking forward to taking my FYS course, Vices and Virtues: Improvising the Deadlies and the Heavenlies,” said Mallory. “Theatre is completely new to me, which is why I wanted to take it. Part of my excitement over college is being able to try things I never have done or never would have done before.” That definitely sounds like a fun first semester of coursework Mallory!

     If Mallory sounds like someone you want to hang out with, here are some important facts about her. She’ll listen to pretty much all music, her favorite book is Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, 500 Days of Summer is her most-watched movie, her favorite food is peanut butter, she has two older sisters (7 and 9 years older), and one time she won a limbo contest. “I won my school’s limbo contest in 8th grade and won a pineapple, so that was pretty cool.” Mallory is a thrifty person. “I don’t really like spending money, but one thing I’ll always spend money on is t-shirt memorabilia from places I’ve been or TV shows I like.” Mallory is also a total board game enthusiast so make sure to bring your games to campus as we’re sure she’ll be up for the challenge!

Congrats on being our Admitted Student of the Week, Mallory, and we can’t wait to see you (and, of course, everyone else!) in LESS THAN A MONTH for Move-in Day!




     Congratulations to our first “Admitted Student of the Week”: Amy Fels.

     A Senior from Germantown High School, Amy lives with her parents and her younger brother Eric, who is a Sophomore in High School. She is the co-coordinator of a tutoring program between her high school and her district’s middle school. “[I] frequently attend Cups of Controversy meetings, a sort of discussion-style debate group,” said Fels. Recently, Amy, a member of National Honor Society, has gotten involved with her school’s politics club.

     Ripon College caught Amy’s interest when she heard about one of the more unique programs offered on campus. “I became interested in Ripon when I noticed the museum studies minor, because none of the other colleges I had looked for had offered it,” said Fels. She toured campus a little while later and “completely fell in love” with Ripon College. “I just knew it was the right place for me.”

     Besides the museum studies minor however, Amy is thinking of pursing a History major, English minor and even perhaps the Pre-Library Science program. “I had the amazing experience of competing at the regional level of National History Day my freshman year; it really introduced me to the world of historical research,” said Fels. “My ultimate goal is to become an archivist, but have always enjoyed the notion of becoming an author.”

    We’d say she could be well on her way to being an author by the amount she reads! “I have read way too many books to pick one favorite; some of my favorite authors are John Green, Patrick Ness, J.K. Rowling, and Ann Rinaldi, just to name a few,” said Fels. “I refuse to read more than one book at a time, unless it is required.”

     While she’s an avid Packers fan, she proudly admits she’s a huge history and sci-fi geek! “Are there any Whovians or Browncoats out there?”

     Again, we’d like to congratulate Amy on being out first “Admitted Student of the Week” ever!  On behalf of the entire Ripon College Office of Admission, we’re excited to welcome you to the Class of 2017! 

      While there are many languages spoken throughout the world,music is the most universal. To some people music is for relaxation and others it’s for motivation, but to others it is the stuff life is made of. The latter group includes our Admitted Student of the Week, Katherine (Kate) Cichon. Kate, a Senior from Appleton, WI, is involved with five different music ensembles in school, she plays the clarinet, and was chosen to be Drum Major for her high school band. It’s no surprise that with all her love for music she plans to study music with aspirations to become a high school band director. “I’m planning on pursuing a degree in music education,” said Kate. “I’m looking forward to taking music theory because I love seeing how music comes together. I’m also excited to learn how to play piano.” Outside of her musical pursuits, Kate is also very interested in studying Psychology ever since she took an AP Psychology class. As for activities not involving music, Kate is a forensics participant and involved in Key Club. No matter what she’s doing though, Kate is ready to learn more. “When it comes to college, I’m so excited to study and surround myself with subjects that I’m interested in and want to take,” said Kate. “I’m also looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing a new environment.”

     Now, if you’re looking for a future roommate, Kate has many wonderful qualities and varied interests! She loves scrapbooking, watching romantic comedies, hiking, biking, and of course, playing with her cat. Speaking of hiking, Kate told us, “My favorite vacation I ever took was to Colorado. I adore the mountains, fresh air, and the people there.” When she can’t go hiking in Colorado, she enjoys biking and hiking at High Cliff State Park and is looking forward to camping this summer. Some of her favorite foods are staples of a traditional college diet: Ice cream, Chocolate, and French Fries. While she loves many varieties of music, some of her favorites are John Mayer, Eric Whitacre, Frank Ticheli, Parachute, Cold Play, and Taylor Swift. For literature, she enjoys books like “Perks of Being a Wall Flower,” The Fault in Our Stars,” and “Will Grayson, Will Grayson.” Also, it’s important to note she is as she describes “a whopping 5 ft tall,” she owns two “Elf on the Shelf” elves, and (we thought this was really cool) she has raised enough money to buy two ballistic vests for two K9 officers of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department. So to recap: She loves the outdoors, has the perfect diet and taste in music for late night study sessions, and may need a taller roommate to put her elves on higher shelves (just kidding Kate!).

     Congratulations Kate, we’re so excited to have you as our Admitted Student of the Week and as a future member of the Class of 2019!

     In life we often look at what people do to get an idea of who they are. Therefore, what would you say about our Admitted Student of the Week and Future Red Hawk, Andre’Anna Reed, if we told you that she sings/quotes Disney wherever she goes, has gone bungee jumping from 250 feet, and her favorite food is Mac and Cheese? We’d say that’s a pretty awesome person.

     Andre’Anna is from Niagra Public High School and can’t wait to join the Class of 2018 on campus this fall at Ripon. Until then she has some other summer plans, “Maybe get a job. I want to go to La Crosse to visit a friend for a few weeks,” says Andre’Anna. “Also, the Niagara Centennial is this summer. We’re having a week-long celebration—that should be fun.”  She also plans on going camping this summer.

     After she arrives on campus Andre’Anna would like to study Psychology and Pre-Med with the goal of becoming a Neuropsychologist or Neurosurgeon. As for programs on campus, there are numerous ones she could join.  In high school she was involved in cheerleading, band, forensics, choir, and One Act theatre productions.  Outside of the classroom she likes to go snowboarding, knit/crochet, and be involved in photography. Outside of academics and programs, she is most excited to live in the residence halls with her future roommate who is “Someone who has a good sense of humor and understands sarcasm,” says Andre’Anna. “Somebody who has a similar major would be fun because we could do homework together.” As for other roommate qualities, Andre’Anna loves dogs,  she likes pretty much any music, her favorite books are the Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr, and her favorite movie is Finding Nemo, but she hopes Finding Dory will be her favorite when it comes out!

      If you’d like to get to know Andre’Anna more, friend her on Facebook or reach out to her and start a conversation! 

      It will take you less than one conversation with Ceanna Caelwaerts, Admitted Student of the Week and member of Ripon’s Class of 2018, to want to be her best friend. Ceanna is an incredible young lady who says it best about herself, “I am someone who will literally drop everything for someone I care about who needs help. Is that overwhelming? Sometimes, but it is worth it.”

     Ceanna, a senior at Bay Port High School, goes above and beyond for her loved ones and community. She is a tutor for an after-school reading program with special needs students and tutors Spanish. She is a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Youth Service Learning, Spanish Club, ICan (Inspirational Jewelry Making Club), National Honor Society, and Fashion Club (which put on a fashion show which collected 2,000 articles of clothing which were donated to 3 different homeless shelters). Outside of these school related programs, you may find Ceanna ringing the bell at Christmas time for the Salvation Army or volunteering at various church events! When she has downtime from all her volunteer work, Ceanna loves to read romance stories, be with friends, work-out, watch movies, and pursue new hot chocolates. “I am obsessed with coffee shops, but mainly hot chocolate from coffee shops,” said Ceanna. Guess you’ll see Ceanna by the coffee shop on campus a lot!

      Ceanna is enrolled and ready for Ripon this fall and it seems like it was always meant to be. “I was browsing through college handouts for private colleges and found Ripon!” said Ceanna. “I liked the fact that it is farther away, but not too far away from home, so I decided to visit and fell in love instantly.” She’s excited for the move and meeting new people. “I am ready to experience a different way of life, college life!” And when it comes to meeting new people, specifically a roommate, Ceanna is looking for someone who will always be there. “[I’m looking for] a lifelong friend. Someone I can get along with [and] someone who is sweet and likes to talk and listen,” said Ceanna. “I am someone who will selflessly give up my beauty sleep in order to help a friend in need, I just love to help people, [and] I would love to share that quality with a roommate.” Other important roommate info is that Ceanna pretty much likes all music, besides rap. She is a jewelry fanatic, “I feel weird if I do not have jewelry on, and I love crazy jewelry. Big, unique earrings, necklaces and bracelets are my style,” said Ceanna. Her favorite books are ShiverLinger, and Forever by Maggie Stiefvater and her favorite movies are Safe Haven,The Lucky OneDivergent, and The Hunger Games. She may be a bit shy at first, but after you get to know her “Then you wish I was shy!” said Ceanna. Someday she hopes to be a teacher, perhaps in English or Creative Writing. Also, she enjoys ice cream, chocolate, strawberries and noodles.

      If Ceanna sounds like someone you want to get to know better add her as a friend on Facebook and join her on Ripon’s campus next fall! (Only 120 days until move-in day!)

     This upcoming fall we have students coming to Ripon from all over the country. Our “Admitted Student of the Week,” Sierra Landholm, might be making one of the longest journeys. “I think the biggest challenge [of college] is going to be living so far away from my family and friends because I’ve lived in Fife, Washington my entire life,” said Sierra, “I am looking forward to meeting new people and making those new connections.” Some of those new connections will surely come from her future participation on the swim team!  “I’m really looking forward to swimming for Ripon! Coach Wahle has been very helpful and I think it’s going to be a great season!” Now, Sierra has a very interesting life story. She was adopted as an infant from South Korea, and she was born missing her right leg. Sierra began swimming in school and in 2012 she participated in the 2012 Paralympic Swimming Trials in Bismarck, North Dakota. “I took first place in the 1500m freestyle, 7th in the 400m freestyle, and 8th in the 100 backstroke,” said Sierra. Sierra was also named the Tacoma Athlete Commission Athlete of the Year for her school and the 2012 Swimming State Disability Champion in the 50 yd freestyle and backstroke.

      When she’s not at swim practice, she can be found body boarding in the Pacific Ocean, working at a movie theater, being involved in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and spending time with her family.  Academically, Sierra is interested in Politics and Government. “My favorite class is AP US Government because it’s challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun,” said Sierra. “I love learning about my country and how it works, and it’s what I plan on majoring in!” Now while she loves America and traditional American dishes like Biscuits and Gravy (her favorite food!), Sierra also has some travel plans in her future.  She wants to visit, “South Africa or Paris. South Africa because I want to experience the culture, and Paris because what girl doesn’t want to go to Paris one day?” Maybe in her travels she’ll stumble upon the “Bridge to Terabithia” (which is her favorite movie). Either way, we’re excited for her to travel to Ripon this fall to begin her career as a Ripon College Red Hawk! Congratulations on being selected as our “Admitted Student of the Week” Sierra! 

    If you ever are in the wilderness and you hear singing, you may be near avid camper and singer, Lydia Nelson, our 11th Admitted Student of the Week and future Ripon College Red Hawk. “One of my favorite activities outside of school is camping,” said Lydia. “My family has been taking me camping since I was 4 months old.” Lydia, a soon to be graduate from Chippewa Falls High School (or Chi-Hi, as it’s often called), has been involved with choir since she was in middle school. Outside of her passions for singing and the outdoors, Lydia is a huge bookworm. “I love reading,” Said Lydia. It’s something I’ve done for as long as I can remember.” While at Ripon, Lydia plans to focus on pursuing an English degree. “I would love to become a book editor of some kind,” said Lydia. “Just as long as I can work with books, I’ll be happy.

     Speaking of college, Lydia is excited to graduate from high school and meet new people in college. “I cannot wait for high school graduation!” said Lydia. “[I am] looking forward to meeting new people at Ripon and participating in music programs they offer at Ripon.” Before Move-in Day though, Lydia hopes to, of course, take a few camping trips in between hanging out with friends and working. Now, you know she’s a camper, singer, and bookworm, but there are some other pretty important things to know about Lydia as well. “One of my weirdest quirks is my cleaning ability. In other words, I’m a neat freak to the core.” Lydia is also a fan of Chinese food, the movie Moulin Rouge, a fan of tons of music like Florence and the Machine & Mumford and Sons, and she is definitely a pet person.

     Congratulations on being our Admitted Student of the Week, Lydia! We can’t wait to have you on campus with us. Whether you’re in the library reading, the recital hall singing, or making excursions to the prairie for your wilderness quota for the day, you’re going to be a fantastic member of our Ripon College Class of 2018!

        If you’ve participated in any of the Class of 2018 Facebook page contests, you likely know Gwen Zubke. Gwen has answered every single question since the founding of this page. Congrats on finally being our winner Gwen! Now if you haven’t seen Gwen’s name before, it’s a name you should get to know because she is quite the astounding young lady.

     Gwen is a senior from Watertown High School. At Watertown she has participated in cheerleading, gymnastics, chamber orchestra, FCCLA (photographer), Tri-M Music Honor Society as Historian, National Technical Honor Society, Student Council and her school’s Ambassador Program. Outside of school Gwen works at a child care center in Johnson Creek as an assistant teacher for infants and toddlers and being the motivated achiever she is, Gwen is enrolled at Madison College where she is planning on receiving her early childhood education teaching license this June. During her breaks from school she volunteers her time at the Community Opportunity Club in Milwaukee with brain injury patients. “Also, two years ago I started up my own organization called Gwensday Wednesday. As narcissistic as this might sound, it is my community outreach program that focuses on primarily spreading love to everyone,” said Gwen.  “I sell shirts raising awareness for various diseases and situations and donate the money to charities such as the Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation, St. Jude’s, and Habitat for Humanity! Every Valentine’s Day I make it my mission to go around and make sure that every single locker in my school has a valentine. The message I incorporate on each unique card is that everyone deserves love regardless of your relationship status.”

     When thinking about college Gwen is excited by the prospects of starting a new chapter in her life story and meeting new people. While on campus she is hoping to join some Christian organizations and either cheerleading, the dance team or rrRumba! She is looking to room with someone who is “always optimistic, loves adventures, can handle my loud personality, is clean but not too neat…I’m not too picky, I just love making friends!” If you’re going to live with Gwen here are a few things you need to know about her. “All my clocks are 11 minutes fast in my room so I always believe I’m sleeping in when I’m actually waking up on time,” said Gwen. Her favorite movies are Little Miss Sunshine, Captain Phillips, Ruby Sparks and Prisoners. If you buy her anything decorated with a Koala or Llama, you’ll be awesome because those are her favorite animals. Gwen (as we know from her contest posts) loves food, and some of her favorites are chicken alfredo and enchiladas with of course smoothies or ice cream as dessert. Also, we need someone to help take care of her! When we asked her about her favorite accomplishments, Gwen said, “Breaking a picnic bench from standing on it and fist pumping, falling on my face during the pep rally cheer leading routine my freshman year, and being featured walking backwards into a wall during the final recording of our school’s music video lip dub.. essentially I’m a klutz.” While we’re not 100% about the accomplishment part, we love Gwen’s spirit, personality, and her dedication to helping others and we can’t wait to have her on campus next fall!

      Life can be stressful with school, work, family, friends and everything else, but all of that can change based off one thing: your attitude. No one knows this better than our Admitted Student of the Week: Katelyn Gilman. In the Ripon College Office of Admission, we all really admired Katelyn’s responses to our student questionnaire. When asked about her favorite accomplishment she had this to say, “My favorite accomplishment is probably having fun in life. It sounds kind of funny, but honestly what are you going to get out of life if you aren’t having fun.”  And she really takes that philosophy to heart in her life goals too, “My general life goal is to help people. When I feel like I have truly made a difference in someone’s life I will be absolutely happy.”

    Katelyn, a senior at De Soto High School, says a lot of her fun comes from being so involved in life, “I participated in volleyball for two years, took baseball stats for our high school team, am the president of student council, secretary of NHS, a member of biology club, and FFA.” Outside of school you can find her volunteering in her local community, working at Kwik Trip, hanging out with her friends, and reading some of her favorite authors like Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult.

    When thinking about the future, Katelyn, like many high school seniors, is nervous and excited! “I am very excited about graduating and starting a new chapter of my life,” said Katelyn. “I am most excited about getting the chance to be away from home and experiencing life independently.” As for college goals, Katelyn’s dream job is to become a physician assistant and eventually a volunteer first responder. She’s well on her way already by being a registered Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She’ll be able to take advantage of the local Ripon College internships with the Ripon Medical Center and others in the Fox Valley.

    If Katelyn sounds like a potential future roommate to you, she is looking for someone who is friendly, wants to meet new people too, and wants to have fun during college. As for other possible roommate knowledge her favorite movie is Brothers, her favorite animals are her two black labs, she enjoys Italian food, and she really has enjoyed vacations to South Dakota and California.

Welcome to the Ripon family Katelyn, we’re so happy you’re a member of the Class of 2018!