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lmao don’t be upset bby, sm is just being salty as shit and they are just having a hard time letting their exes go 

like their reasons actually don’t seem like they will get them very far in the lawsuit tbh. but that’s just my opinion. 

-Miss R

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Let's imagine that EXO really had their powers! I think Chanyeol would use his fire powers to bake cupcakes and stuff and getting frustrated when they come out burnt until he realizes that he should bake things for like half a second because he's fire and fire burns things when it cooks to long

1000% behind this idea that yeol would try to be some baking wizard and instead burn the whole city he’s in down lmao poor bby <3

-Miss R

Dear Meaty like a Baozi,
First and foremost, we are also very proud of his weight loss because, yes, it did seem to give him a well deserved confident boost<but i secretly wish he’d eat more because I worry about his health>. Secondly, there is no need to be self conscious about your weight! Everyone is beautiful! I’m sure you are perfect just the way you are now. However, if you are trying to lose weight, healthily, we actually do have some tips! Or, well, I do! And if you’d like, I can share them with you. But before I share them with you, I want you to make sure that you are losing weight for yourself and not for anyone else. It’s like my older brother used to tell me, "If you’re doing it to make others happy, then you’re never going to be happy." So if you are going to do this, do this for you, ok? And remember that everyone’s body is different and even if yours is slightly larger or smaller than someone else’s that doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful!!

So with that being said I will share with you what I usually do and if you want, you are free to try them out as well.

Every morning, I replace my breakfast with a smoothie. I use:
2 oranges
3 strands of parsley
4 baby carrots
2 reasonable sized pineapple chunks 
1/2 celery stick
and then i put that into the nutri bullet we’ve got here and mix it all together before I drink it, and then follow it with my morning coffee. It’s very filling and nutritious so i usually don’t get hungry until the late afternoon. 
For the rest of my meals, I generally try to stick to smaller portion sizes but that never works which is why i work out a ton.
I do usually:
1-2 1/2 hours on the elliptical
or go out for a run with my dad. 
If you are serious about losing weight but don’t really know what to do, or hate the idea of exercise, try finding an activity you love, dancing, swimming, tennis, soccer, etc even if you’re not the greatest at it, just do it. have fun with it! 

But please, everyone remember, your weight is just a number and in no way does it define who you are as a person, ok? xx

With love,
Miss Exo

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Can you imagine exo as toddlers at daycare and they are blowing bubbles. Xiumin blows bubbles in luhans eye and luhan runs away crying, chanyeol is drinking the bubbles, lay is upset wondering why his bubbles won't work, Kai just tipped the bubbles on kyungsoo's head and now he is being strangled, Chen and baekhyun are spilling the bubbles on the ground and watching suho slip on them and then laughing at him!

This is so cute omg but where are Tao Kris and Sehun?!
-Miss R

I’m on my mobile now I can’t tag or add gif sorry sorry Please this was so cute tell me about the rest of toddlers or write small story about this

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Who is your exo OTP? And what is your fav gif of them?

ahhhhhhhh my otp is chanhun! wait shit is that their name? i think so, i haven’t used that term in so long i dont even remember BUT I LOVE YEOL AND SEHUN TOGETHER OK LIKE OKOKOKOK and my fave gif is

because of that sehun’s smile like i am 
i love them so much i actually have like so many gifs of these two but i am not sure you want me to spam you with them so i will just give you this one but yea ahhh!!!!
-Miss R
Come tell Miss R all about your EXO otp

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Let's be honest Kim Minseok's hips are rude and disrespectful but I still love him

Miss K wanted me to tell you that she agrees with you 10000000000000% lol
-Miss R

*i feel like he’d give you a nice rough fuck look at this

Dear Not Rich Like $uho,

You should feel absolutely normal. Lots of people actually can’t afford exo merch because of how pricey it is, so you are not alone. You shouldn’t feel bad because of the fact that you don’t have any, or just not as much as other fans. If anything, I’d say try to look at the bright side of things, have you ever tried getting dressed with a bunch of posters staring down at you? It’s really awkward and you should be happy you are spared of that experience<unless you have posters in which case nevermind you are not spared haha> Just keep in mind that the amount of merch you have, or lack, does not determine how much of a fan you are. There are lots of other fans out there, I’m sure of it, who are also unable to purchase tons and tons of merch, But none of you should feel bad. Think about it this way, there are more important things than band merch out there. You could be saving up money for school books, or your education or even a car! So you see, you shouldn’t feel ashamed or upset because you are not rich like suho, You are not alone. &always remember, there are more valuable things in this world than some posters, cd’s dvd’s or whatever and not being able to afford them does not devaluate you as a fan, ok?

With love,
Miss Exo

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So one time my friends and I fit 4 people in those little tiny ass college standing showers. It was really funny. We were all in bathing suits though. I really hope exo has a big ass shower. lol four people was tough enough… and at least we were in bathing suits.

are you guys really small???? dorm showers are like two feet wide what the heck??? lolol but yea like if you guys were normal height and all then i can see how it’d be tough to begin with, but everyone in exo is p much giant like

you can split this photo in half and like ?????? how did 6 fit in there? i need some answers like pronto please
-Miss R

i know we are inactive a lot

i can see we are losing followers because we are so inactive and i am going to fight you guys later lol jkjk
ok but in all honesty, i’ve been neglecting my own blog too because i find myself with like zero time for myself. i am really busy with spring semester and my internship and trying to get my credits so that i can get my teaching certificate and i’m really drowning, ok? Miss K is also going to college and she has a job and so both of us sometimes have a hard time logging on and updating or playing games. i hope you can all forgive us! we are trying our best but we are also only human so yeah.
i just figured i’d log on and give you an update before my next class starts.

if you want, you can still apply to be admin, except idk where the post is but i’ll look for it later and link you to it if you want. uhm yea ok. i hope you are all doing well ok? ily!
-Miss R

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Miss k should be the leader of exo k and miss R you should be the leader of exo r, a subunit standing for exo Rock and roll and it should have chanyeol on drums (ermagerddddd) lay on electric guitar and Jongdae being the rebellious main singer smashing out vocals

ahhhhhh ok but what parts of the group would Miss K and I have??? like besides leader role i mean. BUT I am only 20 how am i supposed to be the leader of my own sub-unit???
really though, can you imagine me and lay and yeol and jongdae out on stage, like tell me we wouldn’t kick ass ok we would win all the awards on the music show lmao 
-Miss R