Adam Levine's Birthday

A noo artikle ha dunben wrote uhn

thar’s a noo artikle ha dunben wrote uhn calt

87th Academy Awards: The Show, The Winners


Meenwhile, t'nite’s top prize o'Bes Pitchure wint ta t'cas an’ crew o'“Birdmun,” wit t'Michael Keeton an’ Emma Stone starryun’ film also garneryun’ Bes Dierektor, Bes Originull Screenplay an’ Bes Cinematografy honers. T’ star-studdet Dolby Theetre helt celebrashun also feeturet…

I show my dad this and so he sits and thinks for a second before asking, “What do you want for your birthday?” “Well, since Alan Rickman has a life partner, Mads Mikkelesen is married, Tom Felton is with a super model, Adam Levine is married to a Victoria Secret super model, Jason Isaacs is married, and Matt Bomer is gay, then you can’t really get me anything I want.” He blinks several times then replies, “Alan Rickman is the bad guy in Die Hard, right?” Palm meets forehead and I nod. “Oh ok, I got you now. Well honey, if you finally get out of your creepy obsession and figure out what you want for your birthday, let me know.” And that, is my life. The struggle is real people.