Anyone who’s played Minecraft with me knows I’m obsessed with the horses. So of course I was going to draw something like this.

I like to think I matched horse breeds to owner personalities fairly well!

I have a question for you guys

There’s a member of the RT fandom who’s trying desperately to raise money to save her mother from losing her house. Here’s that fundraiser! I’ve listened to her talk about this and I think it’s something I want to help with. There are 17,000 of you guys (which is amazing) and I think we can make a huge difference if even a fraction of us help out in any way that we can, even if that means just reblogging a post.

Anyway, here’s the question. If I held a raffle (raffle tickets being $1 a piece)   for some of the items that I make (AH Minimalist poster prints, Tower of Pimps scarves, custom beanies and scarves, AH Minimalist button pins, RWBY Minimalist posters and phone cases) would any of you donate to help this cause?


Best shortcut ever

This day in Rooster Teeth history: May 5
  • 2009: Geoff releases a solo Guide, and so does Burnie.
  • 2010: Go Behind The Scenes for the first time with Geoff and Jack for the Guide they released today. Geoff then releases a Guide with Gus, and the Podcast crew gives us 1.5 episodes. Podcast 59.5 with Geoff, Jack, Gus and Burnie, then Podcast 60 with Geoff, Gus, Burnie and Joel.
  • 2011: Geoff and Ray give us two Guides (x, x), then Ray teams us with Fragger for another Guide. Finally, Michael yells in another Rage Quit.
  • 2012: Ryan’s first Let’s Play with the crew, while Michael continues his own Let’s Play on his own channel.
  • 2013: Kerry hangs upside down for the RT Recap, meaning the crew are free to do with his as they wish.
  • 2014: Join the AH crew + Jon for this week’s AHWU, Ryan executes his Heist, Season 12, Episode 2 of RVB is released, and Ashley, Blaine and Joey keep us In The Know. (x, x, x, x)