if you’ve ever met taylor, please please please don’t ever hold back from talking about it as much as you want because you feel like you’re bragging. there are some salty people out there who will do anything to bring you down because they’re jealous. meeting taylor is an absolutely amazing thing to happen to anyone and you’re allowed to talk about it :)


Love and Space Dust

5 Star Rated Poetry

“After spending over ten years in a literature club and hearing/reading more poems than I could count, I thought I had seen it all. I have never been so wrong. Love and Space Dust contains so many beautifully written poems that brought tears to my eyes that I didn’t put my Kindle down until I had read every single one of them at least twice.” Amazon.de Customer Review.

“Lovely book.” Amazon.com Customer Review.

“I really enjoy all of the poems. They make you feel like never before. By far some of my favorite poems.” Amazon.com Customer Review.

“LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS!!” Goodreads Review.

“These poems are so full of Pain and Darkness, but so full of Hope and Light.” Amazon.de Customer Review.

“This book is absolutely amazing and i hope there will be more to come!” Amazon.com Customer Review.

“Love this book so much!” Goodreads Review.

“Made me smile and moved me to tears.” Amazon.co.uk Customer Review.

Poems from my anthology, Love and Space Dust. The full book is out now and available as:

** Amazon.com Paperback - Amazon.com Kindle - Lulu Publishers Paperback - Amazon.co.uk Kindle - Amazon.co.uk Paperback - Barnes and Noble - Amazon.de Paperback - Amazon.de Kindle - Signed Direct from Author - Framed Prints - Full List of Availability **


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FAVORITE BLOGS THAT U FOLLOW?? Pls I need more imagine blogs to follow!!! Thanks hehe love you 💜

(Oh god, anon, what have you done? I follow 150 blogs and like 110 of them are imagine blogs)

Hmm… I won’t tell you all of them (Because they are absolutely amazing) and I’m not entirely sure what show you are referring to so I’ll give you a few!

amoralyn - Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu!

bishiebar - Death Parade, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Free!, Haikyuu!, Hamatora, Hitman Reborn!, Kuroko no Basket, and Sengoku Basara



eternalsummerscenarios - Free!

fairytailheadcannonsandscenarios - Fairy Tail



just-keep-swimming-scenarios - Free! and Haikyuu!

kisekinodrabbles - Kuroko no Basket








one-piece-scenario-art (not really an imagine blog but they are so cute and everyone needs to know about their presence!!)






ouranimagines - Ouran High School Host Club

princeoftennisscenarios - Prince of Tennis

 thespiritworldscenarios - Avatar the Last Airbender (SHNEJKGNRW)

tgimagines - Tokyo Ghoul


xo-xo-xox - Kuroko no Basket

There’s so many more wonderful blogs that I follow but it would take too long so I hope you enjoy these blogs~ They’re all amazing~

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Ok... so I've never given a prompt before, but here goes... Oliver wakes up to an alternate world where he isn't the Arrow and Diggle and Felicity don't know him... but he knows them and he's wondering what the hell's happening to him. I hope that's not too long, looking forward to what you do with it. Btw love your other stories :D

A/N: Believe it or not, this was supposed to be super quick but somehow morphed into a 3,500 word monster. And also thank you so much Anon! Your words mean a lot and this prompt was absolutely amazing! Come drop by my ask box to tell me what you thought! 

Tagging my babes! (you are all getting tagged whether you like it or not sorry!): emmajadex1989  cellardoors-and-petrichor  olicity-beautiful-dreamer dontaskmetosay-idontloveyou nothinglikeolicity prettysmoak hopeful-warrior 

**Want to read on AO3? Click here!**

→ → ← ←

This was wrong; something was wrong. Oliver couldn’t quite figure out why or how. It was a gut feeling, one of those heavy, relentless sensations that resided in the pit of his stomach. He turned aimlessly around Central City Bank’s rooftop, bow clutched tightly in his gloved hands.

A scream to his right rocked him to his very core. He knew that scream. He heard it briefly in his ear during the Undertaking. He heard it when the Count held Oliver’s very soul in his grip, two needles to her neck. He heard it when Mathis pulled her into the alley, a hand trying to smother the piercing sound. He heard it when he tended to her gun wound in the car on the way back to the foundry; her teeth sinking into his leather jacket.

Felicity. His Felicity.

Oliver didn’t have the time to chastise himself for claiming her as such. She wasn’t his. Sure, they were something; connected to each other in ways he couldn’t explain. But he didn’t want to risk her safety. He would be lying if he said he didn’t expect the stubborn blonde to fight back, to push him to think straight.

But to him, he couldn’t possibly think more clearly. How could she not know that if he lost her, there would be no more Arrow and no more Oliver Queen? How could she not know that her simply being alive gives him so much strength he feels invincible? How could she not know that if she dies, so does he? How could she not know that he couldn’t lose his partner, his love, his soul, his light, his best friend and survive?

Keep reading

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ok can we. can we just. warpartment karaoke nights. or movie marathon nights. or mario kart competitions that get out of hand. or just literally any community events that a few people always get way too serious abt. just. pls.

mario kart? check

board game night? check

weird ping pong matches? check

incredibly serious get down mr president? check

there’s a karaoke machine which ~mysteriously turned up and they have fortnightly karaoke battles, theyre incredible and dangerous

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I went vegan about a month ago and at first my parents were like it's not right we don't want you to be vegan blah blah but after talking to them everyday about where I get my nutrients and things, they are actually Turing vegan them selfs, they say they are supporting me and want to help me ( I've had anorexic issues in the past) and it's so amazing i just wanted to share that you can change your parents views If you show them how passionate you are

That’s absolutely amazing! I’m so happy for you and your family xx


So, I’d like to talk about this a second.

Now… Anita Sarkeesian, as I’m to understand, is still not producing content related to the series of 12 videos (3 of which she’s finished in a… what, 3 year span?) she was paid ~$150,000 to produce, to detract to her own projects. Okay, that’s cool. At the pace Anita Sarkeesian is producing the videos she was paid to do, she’ll be finished with her ‘Tropes Vs Women in Video Games’ series will be completed in 2021. so, enjoy the wait.

Now, she’s started another series. ‘Positive Female Characters in Video Games.’ Which is absolutely amazing. Up until I noticed this video, I thought Anita Sarkeesian was completely unable to be satisfied with any interpretation of a female hero. (I mean, she criticised Classic Lara Croft of Tomb Raider for having large sexualized breasts, then said that New Lara Croft was a bad character, because her breasts were made smaller, to ‘masculinize her’. You can’t give her what she wants, because when you do, you’re obviously doing it for the wrong reason.)

So, I’m pleasantly surprised to know, she does NOT have an impossible standard.

No, in fact, there are characters within the gaming industry she DOES approve of! And first on the list is: … The… Scythian from Sword and Sworcery? Wait, hold on. The Scythian has no defining characteristics. None. She has no ascertainable history, she has no motivation, we are told absolutely nothing of the character, or her reason to undertake this quest. What positive characteristics are there here?

Oh no, this is rich, hold on. Anita herself called The Scythian, and I quote: “A blank slate that the player may project themselves onto.”

Let me get this straight, Anita. Your ideal female character is literally a character with NO character. She is a character that LACKS character of ANY form. She’s your first choice? The only defining characteristic of The Scythian, throughout the entire game, is that we are told she is a female, and she goes on this quest.

That’s it. There is absolutely NOTHING that denotes a character in this playable ‘character’, and they are your ideal ‘female character’. Anita Sarkeesian’s ‘Ideal Female Character’ is a character with no character at all, that the player may project themselves into.

How the fuck do you people put up with this stupid shit?

‘Kay, There are legions of female characters that are tons better, that Feminists will just dismiss entirely, because ‘Their too sexually attractive’.which upsets me greatly.

How about Alex Wesker from Resident Evil: Revelations 2? She is a strong, and interesting female character. And she doesn’t adhere to the ‘Ugly = Evil’ trope that Feminists will cry over. She might be sexy, but she’s strong, she’s independent, and she’s hyper-intelligent. And she’s a villain. No, she doesn’t get much screen time, and she’s not a female protagonist, but goddamn if her CHARACTER isn’t fucking amazing.

Hell, I’d argue that ANY Resident Evil female character, while often underused, or ‘cliche’ in some cases, would have been a better choice.

I seriously cannot believe ‘feminists’ these days.

anonymous asked:

Darling you seriously run an absolutely amazing blog. And in order to run such a great blog you must be an incredible person.

*curls up in a pile of sand and meeps softly for 6 hours*

lyssa-defined asked:

Not a concert story, but I flew to Auckland from Sydney by myself to see The 1975. Sat in line for 14 hours to meet them at the signing. Met four guys in the line, hung out with them the whole time, ended up hanging out with them at the concert and the next day. Now we're all basically best mates and we're moving to England together next year so they can pursue music and I can work as a Speech Pathologist and travel.

That is absolutely amazing. Like seriously, what a story man!! Like yeah I can relate I’ve met some of the coolest people at/through concerts and man that is amazing how all this has happened with them for you!! Good luck in your travels x

Tell me your cool concert stories!!

[SIDE MISSION] Starlights want VIXX in Australia Petition

You heard it here Australian Starlights! Thanks to a fellow agent for the idea, VIXX Australia are now fully endorsing their idea to get the word out! A petition to get the word out about VIXX coming to Australia.
Like so, nothing has been mentioned by VIXX, ROVIX or Jellyfish Entertainment themselves about ever bringing VIXX to Australia so we at VIXX Australia started taking matters into our own hands by doing whatever means necessary to bring attention to the growing number of Starlights in Australia. This petition being one of the many means we are using to try and get attention. As much support as possible would be absolutely amazing! So please sign the petition -> here <- and bring our Australian Starlights together once again! Let’s bring VIXX to Australia! #VIXXinAus

- Agent Zack

Associate accounts:
Twitter: VIXX Australia | #VIXXinAus 
Facebook: Bring VIXX to Australia
Instagram: Coming Soon

P.S Don’t forget about our current main mission “Happy 3rd Anniversary VIXX!
- Love, your Australian Starlights
” so check it out!
And thank you to another agent for the visual!

Rupert Graves and Andrew Scott

Yesterday was just amazing, I literally miss it so much already. I got to meet Andrew, who is just amazing and was so sweet. But can I just say how bloody lovely Rupert is, like what an absolutely amazing and sweet guy, I got to meet him twice and he was so kind and made the effort to make conversation, he even started acting all silly and jokey when i got his autograph, He’s so cute and funny, just an absolute genuine guy. I cannot speak more highly of him. If anyone out there is meeting him today, just be yourself and make conversation, you’ll be fine. Both Rupert and Andrew are absolutely lovely. 😊💕

A snapshot of last night at my hen party. Had an absolutely amazing time with the girls! Really grateful to all those who contributed and made an appearance. Thank you! 😘 Unfortunately I can’t share pictures of my outfit, since I wasn’t wear hijab, but I really want to 😅 #nofilter #instafood #hendo #henparty #mocktail #dessert #chocolatecake #cake #cupcake #biscuits #jamtart (at Radstock Social Club)

oceansentiment asked:

Hi!! I'm going to be going to Ecuador for two months travelling on my own! (V scared tbh) but I've seen that you posted a photo of the Santa Lucia cloud forest reserve. I was thinking of going there so I was just wondering what you thought of it or if you have any other recommendations :) thank you! X

Hi!   Oh my god=- that’s amazing.  I absolutely loved Santa Lucia.  It is such an incredible and unique place.  If you go, I would spend time in Maquipucuna, right down the mountain.  If you do book there, look up #LoveMaqui on Facebook.  Katherine is very knowledgeable on the area.  Mindo is cool, but small.  It’s a little village, so less rainforest than the other 2 locations.  I spend the majority of my time in Tiputini in the middle of the Amazon Basin (Yasuni National Reserve).  That by far is the most incredible place I’ve ever been to.  But it’s 8 hours away from Coca in the middle of the jungle, and I think you may have to have special permission to be there.  It’s a research station so it’s mostly biologists.  You should look into it though.  I will be there from June 22- July 20 if you do happen to go at the same time- be sure to say hi.  You can help collect spiders…haha

Anywhere you go will be awesome.  It’s an amazing country.  And the food is to die for.   Enjoy your popcorn soup!

demonlordlouis asked:

Your art is absolutely amazing!!! Such a beautiful style; and the colors you use, plus their facial expressions with the way you pose them--all together--is honestly perfect. You certainly are the best Phanart artist. You're my favorite out of my 3.