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Mr. Tweedy: What is it?

Mrs. Tweedy: It’s a pie machine, you idiot. Chickens go in, pies come out.

Mr. Tweedy: Ooh. What kind of pies?

Mrs. Tweedy: Apple.

Mr. Tweedy: My favourite!

Mrs. Tweedy: Chicken pies, you great lummox! Imagine. In less than a fortnight, every grocers’ in the county will be stocked with box upon box of Mrs. Tweedy’s Homemade Chicken Pies.

Mr. Tweedy: Just “Mrs.”?

Mrs. Tweedy: Woman’s touch. Makes the public feel more comfortable.

-“Chicken Run”

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Pythagasaurus (2011)

Directed by Peter Peake

Two cavemen seek the Pythagasaurus, a math-loving dinosaur who can solve their problems.  This was described to me as Ice Age directed by Seth MacFarlane.  And that’s accurate.  It seems like Aardman is doing more and more great stuff and really branching out to explore new genres within animation and I am so consistently impressed with their work.  This short has such quirky British humor and is quite enjoyable.

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The NEW Morph episodes are now being shown off by Aardman Animations!

Here’s the first one!