The Evolution of Aaliyah by Jerron Couture

  1. Rock The Boat
  2. We Need A Resolution
  3. More Than A Woman
  4. Try Again
  5. Are You That Somebody?
  6. Hot Like Fire
  7. One In A Million
  8. 4 Page Letter
  9. If Your Girl Only Knew
  10. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number
  11. Back And Forth

August 22, 2001 — 13th year anniversary of the filming of Rock The Boat.
The days and hours preceding the crash had been happy and productive ones for Aaliyah. Work on the “Rock the Boat” video had begun in Miami on Aug. 22 with a nine-hour shoot on a soundstage, followed by a late-night trip to a local outdoor pool, where Aaliyah was filmed underwater in a sheer black dress with a long train. “At first she was real nervous,” says production assistant Norman Sadler, 33. “Once she got comfortable, she was in the water for four hours. She was a real pro.” — People Magazine {Sept. 2001}.