I met Christoph Malin and Vincent Breysacher when visiting the LHC back in January 2013 when they started this project.

Amazing time lapse video of the ATLAS particle detector at CERN.


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What’s a kingdom?

It starts with the world,
and a war,
always a war,
always strife, always destruction,
always grief,
on the battlefield where love and life waste.
where the earth shakes under your feet and starts to crumble.
where you wish it would crack and swallow you up.
it doesn’t,
but your heart does.

and then you’re on the edge of the world,
and you’re holding everything you’ve been fighting for in your hands.
you hold victory,
you hold triumph,
you hold glory,
and you’re standing tall and proud and strong,
but then suddenly,
your shoulders bow.
you see the world on your back,
you’re screaming,
and you realise people aren’t just people-
they’re loss,
they’re pain,
they’re breaking.

What’s a kingdom?
you’ve conquered one,
now it’s time to carry it.

—  Atlas, do you think only the gods matter? v.g

So I heard it was black history month!

I saw a lot of posts and stuff today and it made me feel like drawing my black oc’s :3c (well the most prominent then)

Gyan and Oke are from Atlas

Amou, Devonte and Pam are from Les Normaux


New Portal music-video is up! =D

The Pit Song!