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DILF Eren AU where Levi's father was best friends with Eren and Kuchel in university. Eren introduced the two of them and the 3 of them were inseparable. Eren is always over for family dinners, holidays etc. Levi's dad is a bit oblivious, but Kuchel can totally see her son makes eyes at Eren as Levi gets older (she thinks its kinda cute). Eren's always the perfect gent, but what happens when Levi finishes university himself?



Sargent Detective Kenneth Hutchinson apprehensively fighting crime part two.

I found another one guys….

You really need to work on your game face Hutch. And stop hiding behind your husband when you guys bust through doors.

Just kidding…Your face is perfect and so are you.

Collin was beaming. Standing in front of his wife, he couldn’t help but beam with pride just looking at her. After watching the majority of his siblings have their own kids and being Uncle Collin for years now, it was finally his turn. He was a dad. And to make matters even better, he a dad times two. Nobody knew, of course, and that made it even better. Taylor was holding Dawson as he was holding Nina, and everything just felt so perfect. They were a family, their own little family. “Are you sure you don’t want to rest in here with them while my family shows up?” He didn’t look up from resting his gaze on his daughter, but Taylor would know he was talking to her. This would be the first time since the twins got home the night before that he wouldn’t be holding one of them, and he didn’t know if he was going to be able to keep his hands off of them for long. 

Every posted TMP fic reviewed in 140 characters or less - Day 93

A Different Kind of Language by cells55

A perfect illustration of two people who feel deeply and say it different ways. Recommended.

Fuck Me, You Idiot by jaythenerdkid 

The smoking hot story we all wished for and were ultimately denied. Recommended.

Fainting Spell by Bethofbells

Cute piece basically formed around a ‘The Office’ prompt. Recommended.

Lets go to the Zoo by Mindiangrowl

Future fic with kids, so not for me.

Baby on Board by cells55

A big moment on a plane that is a little irresistible. Recommended.

**disclaimer, these are my personal opinions, take with a grain of salt. I’m me, you’re you.**

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For the love of waffles around the world pls write a becissar fic and fill our humble hearts with joy 4 realsies you are the bees knees so it would be awesome kthnxbi

I can’t disappoint the waffles. And I’m not disappointing the waffles. I think I’m going to try something new and post a short chapter a day. It might be a train wreck, it might not. It is break after all. But moral of the story here, I’m posting the first bit later tonight/morning so be on the lookout for that.

Let's Go Camping - A Families First Camping Trip

Hello All. I Am the-lace-ribbon, aka Ahdlai. You guys know me and what I posy and reblog. I’d appreciate your guy’s help if you could donate to my families camping fundraiser. We want to go camping, but we need the money for supplies and the like. We have two dogs and a few other animals, we need supplies for them, and we also need sleeping bags, food supplies, toiletries, etc. So if you could help me out by donatin, that’d be perfect!
We have 4 kids, we’d need the supplies for all of us. (one is me, haha.)
I’m also doing commissions for cool astrology things, if you send me your sun sign, moon, and rising, I’ll draw you an age of your signs with cool effects, etc.
If you want one, each one is 5.99, and 2 for 16.99. If you want one, you can donate what it had cost.
So here’s the link, please share and donate!

Lol shit… vikinghiccup tagged me in the beautiful people selfie tag srsly check out hers she’s my best friend and I kid you not she’s flawless.  So here is my only two successful selfies two favourite selfies

I tag my beautiful kpop friend giraffyness like you need to see this girl she’s perfect. And also one of my favourite blogs rap-son cos sometimes her selfies pop up on my dash and I just have to stop and appreciate how stunning she is

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( asktehdoopliss is still answering asks, so here you go: )

“Well, as a representative of the Too Many Asks cast, I would like to say that you would be a great addition to our little family! And I have the perfect job for you! See that plant over there? … No, the plant behind that plant. We need that plant to emote a little more, so I’m going to give you these two branches to hold. Now go stand over there and stay veeeeeery still. … Perfect! You’re on your way to stardom, kid. I know it may not seem too exciting at first, but I assure you that the role will grow on you. Yuk yuk yuk!“

re: waveguide spoilers
  • What should happen in two weeks -
  • Ste:Listen, I love you and all that (which I'm sure is hard to tell given my flippant disregard for your dignity), but I think I'm developing feelings for someone else, so maybe we should take a break so that we, who are so traumatized, and our children do not have to bear the brunt of a messy break-up when I inevitably cheat on you again.
  • John Paul:Sounds good. Love you too, but you're kind of toxic tbh. I'm going to focus on my family now, but let's stay friends and still talk and still spend time together since you're technically my son's parent and your kids love me too.
  • What will happen in two weeks -
  • Ste:Let's commit to each other forever and ever. Now that Hannah's born everything is perfect. We're going to be the perfect little family, me, Sinead, Hannah, Leah, Lucas, Scott, and......... I want to say Michael? OH AND YOU OF COURSE HAHAHA.
  • John Paul:k.

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You + END make a cute couple [[Pfft had to and he's already seen 'em in action so XD]]

    ❝— Hell we are!❞

     A long tail would move around showing on how  p l e a s e d  he was with this, of course they were perfect together and no one should doubt about it, but  cute wasn’t really the word in the least how he would describe both, maybe a badass couple?  

       he’s already seen ‘em in action 

           he’s already seen 'em in action

               he’s already seen 'em in action

                he’s already seen 'em in action



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hey, do you do tag updates on request? (I may or may not have read through all of your kid fics)

Harry is six and Louis is eight, and Louis has ADHD. A lot of kids pick on him, but not Harry.

There was no way he could let it happen, the prospect of working with Harry for the next two months or so seemed like a nightmare specially designed for him. From hell. By the devil himself, probably. Perfect torture, fit amazingly well with the self-destructive path he’d been on for a year now, Louis clearly had to say no.

“‘Course, yeah, I’ll clear it with Simon then, brilliant, cheers mate,” Fuck.

Or, Louis is a primary school teacher, Harry has a 7-year-old son in his class, Louis has a 1-year-old crush on Harry, and they have to put on the school’s Christmas play. Brilliant.

Harry’s sister has a baby. When he goes to meet her, he finds more than one new love of his life at the hospital.

Harry wakes up in the middle of the night to an empty bed. He goes to investigate why that is.

There are six Tomlinson children. Which means six beds, six seats in the car, six school bags, six Christmas stockings and six stars on Harry’s right arm.

The Tomlinson’s also include two husbands, a dog and a cat. But the kids outnumber everyone else.

AU. Louis and Harry are married, but they haven’t had sex for six months. Between busy jobs and children they just haven’t had the time, so their observant friends arrange a date for them to change that.

Features Nick Grimshaw as an asshole.

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Delete or Miss Perfect?

If two characters were drowning and you could only save one, which would you save?

I am so amused that two people asked me this, haha. I’m just sitting here like “….why must you guys make me pick between the terrible kids dsakdf”

Um.. I think I save Miss Perfect here b/c Miss Perfect is a less horrible human being than Delete and SINCE BOTH THE FANDOM AND CANON TREAT HER SO HIDEOUSLY SOMEONE HAS TO BE MERCIFUL, RIGHT? 

steamrikaplastyc Sooo, let’s explain you the three wonderful wedding days :)^^
And the wedding of my brother will be here, in Germany (most of my parent’s siblings live also here). And I just don’t show my clothes bc I am a special kid. :3 Haha no, jk xD Idk I just want to keep them a surprice since I am the grooms sister xD

First day~ We call it ‘Mehndi’. It’s like an pre-wedding celebration where the two families (bride and groom) do it seperately. You might know Mehndi also under the name 'Henna’. That painting on the hands? Maybe you know? Well, you paint that on the bride hands so her hands look perfect for her wedding (since it is usually on the next day) :3
So while some professional relatives are busy doing that, the others sing (romantic, but funny xD) songs and dance. And you actually wear clothes in the colour same like the Henna one, so yellow-greenish type? I really like that day, it is really relaxing :)

Day 2~ This is like the 'actual’ wedding, it is called 'Shadi’. This celebration is organized literally by only the brides family. They organize everything, choose their guests etc. And we have like a big stage and in front of that many tables for the guests and just like usual. Also, the colour of the bride is red, so she wears her tradiotional clothing in that colour. And the stage is decorated beautifully, often in comparison with the clothes of the bride.

Day 3~ This is the opposite to Shadi cause here the family of the groom organizes everything etc. It is called 'Walima’. It is like Shadi actually, just that the other familiy is the 'host’. And here is no special colour for the bride. For example, my sister wore turquoise on her Walima (random fact: my mum and me wore the same colour on that day but which was really randomely, we didn’t do it on purpse, just really liked our clothes^^). I would love to tell you what colour my sister-in-law will wear but you know… other people might read this too *cough* maria *cough* xD

So, I think this is the most important information xD I will later search for some pics and tag you in :). And you must wait till August to see my clothes for the wedding, sorry haha ;)

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4,10,25,29,34,40,58,22,69 :)

Oh, thank you very, very much!

4: Are you insecure?
I think so, yes. At the moment especially about my future.

10: When was your last physical fight?
I really don’t know.

22: Do you want to have kids? How many?
I want to have kids so badly, two would be perfect.

25: Do you miss anyone from the past?
I don’t know if I miss the persons or the memories and what happened.

29: Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
I don’t hope so, except for happiness.

34: Who/what was your last dream about?
I was a helper for the people in Asia who lost everything through the earthquake and my little sister visited me.

40: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
So often.

58: Favourite weather?
May and November, depends on the mood.

69: Do you believe in soulmates?
YES and I hope so much I’ll find mine some day.

Don’t forget to accept life. It isn’t what you think it is. It never will be. A handful of years ago, I chased down a whole bottle of Lunesta. I was afraid that what I had experienced in the short few years of life, would be all I had to look forward to. I had been in countless relationships looking for God knows what. I was only a kid, so what could I have been looking for anyways? I should have been studying, and setting my life up. Instead, I was focused on finding the end result. Now, here I am. I’m twenty-three with two PERFECT daughters, AND a very loving, caring, forgiving, and accepting best friend. This is what I wasn’t expecting from life. This is what I was looking for, and I never would have expected to find it. Don’t give up yet. If you’re only eighteen, and you think you have it hard. If you think you know pain, and you want it to stop. Then stop. Stop looking for whatever you’re looking for. It’s too early. You’ll find it when you’re ready. I’ve still got about sixty more years to go, and I have no doubt that I have no idea what will happen in those sixty years. I know I’m going to enjoy all of them though. Stay street. Stay alive.

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Hey honey! I'm Candida and I'm Italian, so sorry for my bad English :c. I think that you and Calum could be very cool and idk, you two are the perfect two, I ship you. I'll ship you till the end. So, have a good day.x

awww thank you! <3 x

  • Ship: mikey
  • How you guys met/Blurb: you’d be one of those kids that didn’t really fit in, one of the misfits, and you usually hang out with people who were older, and your after school activities involve you getting high with them and one day, you’d finally meet michael, he’d introduce you to new things, he’d lean in closer to you, his lips would land on yours gently and warm smoke would leave his mouth and enter yours
  • Cuddle buddy: mikey
  • In love with you: luke
  • Highschool sweetheart: luke


How to Ask Someone Out in Middle School

(This was originally for a thing that we have to do at school, but it was too amazing not to share. Enjoy!)

Asking someone out in middle school can be done using these simple steps. First, you must acquire a target. Do you see that fine looking kid standing in the corner? They’re perfect! Next, you have to STALK, STALK, STALK! Search up his or her Instagram and like all of their pictures. Yes, even that one. Then, find out who their friends are and stalk their friends’ Instagram accounts. You must LIKE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PICTURES THAT YOUR CRUSH IS TAGGED IN. This next step is extremely important. Find that one super popular, gossip-obsessed person that you honestly don’t like at all. Then, tell them your “secret” crush. They will be so excited that they’ll tell EVERYONE about you two. Eventually, you’ll be “shipped” which, for all of you that don’t know what that is, it means that people will support your relationship so much that it’s honestly kind of  creepy. Once you’ve got that accomplished, EVERYONE will be talking about you, which means that it’s time to make your poster dedicated solely to that person. You have to carry it around with you all day so that after school you can show it to them. When the time comes, it is imperative that you gather at least 50 people around you to take pictures. If the person says no, then they’re a terrible person and all of their friends will leave them. If they say yes, CONGRATS! You get to hold hands for three months before you go to different high schools and NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN.

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Kimberley and Zack.

These two were the perfect couple from day one, and in all honesty, they were childhood sweethearts rather just high school ones. Their families were good friends, and when the two were forced into play dates with the rest of the rich little kids in the area, they got along instantly, and by age six, they were already married - they had the candy rings and everything. Their relationship never really ‘got’ serious, it just always was. They were always Kim and Zack - they never had to do the awkward ‘meet the parents’ thing, and even when Kim wasn’t home Zack would be at the Whitman-Taylor house, hanging with her brother, Hayden, in particular. It was only when they turned sixteen that they started to become an ‘on/off again’ couple. Between Kim’s ballet and constant extra-curriculars, and his internships in the city, they were barely together, and began to go for other people. Kim was figuring out her attraction to girls and stressing about whether or not she wanted to pursue ballet completely, and Zack was enjoying being rich and hot and having an abundance of girls to pick from whenever his girlfriend was on the East Coast. The first time they cheated on each other they were both pissed, but it fizzled away, and eventually, the golden couple of Newport became two people who just had hot hate sex. They actually broke up in senior year, just before the spring fling, and it wasn’t the most amicable settlement. There was a lot of bitterness for a while, but they got over it, and even ended up actually going to prom together. They went off to college and followed their separate paths, and whilst they’ve both grown up a lot in just a few years (leaving private school can do that to you) and know there’s a chance they could probably work again, it’s not going to happen.

Nate and Michaela.

Michaela is the closest thing Nate ever had to a serious relationship in high school, but really, it wasn’t all that serious. They were boyfriend and girlfriend, and sure they did actually date, but for the most part it was just sex and somebody to go to dances with. Michaela was the girl Nate lost his virginity to, and it was the same with her. They remained good friends, and if you asked her if he loved her once upon a time, he totally did, but it was completely platonic. He thought she was hot - and she was, and together they were the best looking couple in school - but that was about it. It wasn’t enough for them to last for a long time and they eventually broke up at the end of Junior year. It was then that Michaela started dating Nate’s close friend Luke, and to everybody’s surprise, Nate was 100% fine with it. The two don’t hang out too often for the sake of keeping everyone else happy, but they’re still friends nonetheless, they had way too much in common to just throw that away.

Hayden & Isabella

If there was any benefit to Kim and Zack dating, it was the fact that Hayden and Isabella got to date. These two were into each other from around age fourteen, and thanks to the two of them being fairly low-key and relaxed about it, they managed to date with very little intervention from their parents, and very little drama surrounding them. Everybody knew they were dating, but somehow they were both just left to it, and they were more than happy about that. Isabella was the only girl Hayden ever really saw himself caring about. She was sweet and kind and caring and he’s never ever fallen for anybody like her since. He’s fallen for other girls, but never anybody similar to her.

Noah & Laura

Noah has never had a serious relationship. Not one. However, he did get close to it with Norah. Before his first tour of duty, Noah was covering a shift in a bar for a friend who was ill but couldn’t really afford to miss a Saturday night pay-check. Noah had worked in a bar in college and had no problem helping out a friend. It was there that he met Laura. The soldier was more enamoured with her than any other girl he’d ever met. Laura was smart he figured out that he really liked that in a girl after dating her and knew what she wanted in her life and worked to get it - it was then that he realized he actually liked girls with brains rather than just a pretty face (not that that ever hurt). Honestly, he could see himself really getting serious with her, but duty quite literally called and he found out that he was going to be going to Iraq. He had six months notice and told her straight up. The no-nonsense brunette who was falling pretty hard for him herself definitely didn’t want him to go, but she didn’t want to latch onto something she wasn’t going to be able to have. They both knew how close they were getting, and neither of them were up for actually falling in love and then having to be apart. They called it quits after just three months of dating.


April Ludgate

We are very rare, two kids who knew about love before we knew each other’s name. When I professed my feelings for you, you said “what took you so long?” With a smile across your face… perfect. What’s our love without our inside jokes or sense of humor like we’re in a movie but we are the only actors, except this is real. You catch me staring at you every day and I imagine you want to know what I’m thinking and it’s hard to explain but I look at you when I’m speechless because I can no longer use words that I have previously said to other women to describe how I feel about you. So when we lay down at night and my arms are wrapped around you I mentally write a new poem before I fall asleep just in case I wake up in the morning and you’re gone because this was all a dream.