I tried to finish this. I really did. But honestly I’m so stuck and you have been waiting so long. Please take what I have of this fic, darling-im-just-a-painter. Maybe I’ll finish this one day, but not today.

For the Lietpol secret santa. A request of a model AU, in which Nyo!Lithuania is Nyo!Poland’s new assistant. Enjoy. /)vq;;

(The titles were supposed to have pretty flowers on each end, but tumblr won’t let me have anything.)

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[Blog Update] Japan-san and etc.

Japan-san with his fringe cut to the same length.

Fem!Poland and Fem!Lithuania as requested.
I’ve changed the design a little.

Thank you for reading my serialized manga!
I will be adding more characters very soon, so I’m been coloring some mini characters.
Also, it’s difficult designing the emperors!

And because of that, the emperors end up in tummy wraps or looking like rpg warriors or dressing in cool bad-boy style, it’s a little out of control like that…