{o sinners, let’s go down, down to the river to pray. }

Another flower series of sorts. Inspired by this. and by Down To The River to Pray by Alison Krauss. 


Some of the different styles I’ve been experimenting with today and originally posted on Instagram. Which works best? :0

1.Kiku : ink wash + attempted ink lineart 2.Arthur : ink wash + multiliners+markers  3&4 . Alfred : copic multiliners + finer lineart 



idk if you’ve already seen this bUT THIS IS IMPORTANT

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Uwah! Super excited for you, I have high hopes. Can I request the morning after they had their first time? ( Axis and Allies + Romano if that's ok )

(I’m trying to keep the character limit to 5, so I just used the Axis and Romano. Feel free to request the Allies once I open up the Ask again! -Mod Apple)

Germany: He would be tender and doting. You’d awaken to him totally wrapped around you. Your head would be resting on one of his arms, the other around your waist, with your fingers intertwined. Your legs would be tangled together, one of his feet absentmindedly rubbing against your calf. His breath would be warm on your neck. The moment he knew you were awake he’d kiss your cheek, rising up onto his elbow so he could look down and admire your face. He would have a soft, genuine smile on his mouth as he told you good morning, leaning down to softly kiss your lips. He would have no reason to discuss the previous night, unless you wanted to, he was content knowing he was the luckiest man in order to wake up next to you. This morning he’d allow himself to linger in bed for longer than usual, appreciating your warmth. Otherwise, he’d long ago have been up and beginning his day (he’d even skip his morning training just to be with you a bit longer). After some time, he’d demand you both get a start on your day, but not before he could make you a nice breakfast.

Japan: He would be shy and affectionate. You would not wake up enveloped in a close embrace, but he would have some part of him touching you somehow, whether your feet locked together or simply a hand resting comfortably on your arm. Once you woke up, he’d suddenly get quite shy, his cheeks pink as he remembered the events of the previous night. He’d wish you good morning and promptly ask how you were feeling, just to make sure things were still good between you. He might feel a touch self-conscious, still bare beneath the covers, but one smile from you and all his insecurities would melt away. He’d lean forward and kiss you softly – he would be as forward as he wished in the private of his own home. One of his hands would reach out and touch your face, running his thumb along your jaw. He’d tell you how beautiful/handsome and wonderful you were to him, just in case you had forgotten. Like Germany, he would like to make you a nice meal once you decided to get up; however, he’d enjoy eating it on a breakfast tray in bed.

Italy: He would be giddy (almost bursting with happiness) and affectionate with a hint of mischief. He’d be star-fished on the bed next to you, snoring, in the morning. The moment he woke up, however, he’d curl his entire body around you, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, grinning. “You are the most beautiful,” he’d tell you happily. He’d pepper your face in kisses, murmuring how happy he was that he got to be so close to you. After a few minutes of playful affection, his kisses would quickly turn from innocent to suggestive, and he’d chuckle low in his chest, hands trailing over any exposed flesh (he might ask if you would be up for another round, depending on how you were responding to his advances). He would be more than happy to spend the whole day with you in bed, limbs tangled together, drifting in and out of sleep and sloppy kisses. He’d make sure you felt loved for as long as you were willing to stay between the sheets with him – you were his special prince/ss, after all. He would cook something for you to eat if you wished, but he’d be more inclined to order in to give him more time at your side. 

Romano: He would be tender and uncharacteristically tranquil. You would awaken, similar to Japan, with only a part of him making contact with you somehow. He’d be too shy to totally wrap himself around you while you slept, although he’d want to. Once you were awake, he’d pull you closer to him, one of his hands gently trailing abstract patterns on your back. He would be a little nervous, and would likely wish to talk about the previous night and know how you were feeling about the events that had transpired. Once assured that all was well, he’d kiss you deeply, maybe even a bit roughly, making it clear that he wanted you again. Like his brother, he’d be more than happy to spend at least several more hours tangled up in the sheets with you. He would happily make you breakfast, but would need to be reminded, his mind far away from food.


Can we do the whole fandom a favor and bring this back?

Sweden and Japan - unexpected cultural similarity

So I just found out in both Sweden AND Japan you have to take your shoes off at the door. I’d like to see Kiku’s reaction to finding out about this cultural similarity so could someone please write a short drabble between him and Berwald (and possibly Tino)?

[Magazine] To The New World of Love: Groom-to-be Q&A

From  Otomedia 2015 June Issue
scanned by kurukurumaki


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“As long as I get YES for an answer, I’m willing to take the challenge and propose in any way! (unless it’s scary or if it hurts) But if I am to propose in my own style… I’ll probably just do it casually without being too stiff and formal, like usual!”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“Well~ I want a ceremony that’s wow and glamourous, yay yay and lots of fun, and with lots and lots of delicious food! ”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Germany, of course!  He’s just too straight-laced… eh, wait, nooo your face is too scary stop glaring at me like thatttt!!! (cry)”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“Since it’s about two people making an important decision for their lives, I’d like to organize it properly by first making an appointment with my partner and dressing in formal clothes.  The location… should be somewhere indoor, so it won’t become affected by the weather.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“I’m not particularly picky about it, but I think it’s a good idea to have a solemn ceremony in a church.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Probably… Japan. The fact that he’s attracted to those who aren’t in the same dimension as him… tldr”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I have a strong yearning for a love confession under a Tree of Legend.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“A traditional Japanese Shinto wedding ceremony in Kimono would be lovely.  It’s about time I become more serious with developing technologies that will bring my bride out of the computer screen.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“It would be terribly rude of me to answer such a question… I am very sorry but I cannot answer that.”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I think it’d be rather nice and romantic to propose on a ship, while reminiscing the glorious Age of Discovery.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“A grand wedding ceremony full of majesty and style of the Great Britain Empire.  After vowing eternal love to each other at the cathedral, I would like to hold a splendid wedding reception at the Buckingham Palace Ballroom.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“He’s not one of the five guys here, but France.  Because he’s naked.”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I want my proposal to be during Superbowl halftime or right in front of Times Square with national tv live stream, it sounds like fun and a total blast!”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“I just want it to be something cool!  Maybe we can combine all the resources and technology of NASA and have a wedding on the moon?”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Hmm… probably England? He becomes too obsessed with everything he does, so he can be too overbearing.”