"Well, once you win, you can’t be turned down, right?" says Dongwoo. 

"I don’t think that will help," Myungsoo replies sheepishly to the collective surprise of the audience. 

"And why wouldn’t it?" asks Dongwoo, "you’ll be hailed as a champion, second winner to ever come from your district. A hero even."

Myungsoo flushes, eyes gazing towards Sungyeol’s direction despite him being hidden from view. When he finally replies, he does so so quietly Sungyeol had to strain his ears to make it out. 

"It’s because he’s here with me."

Myungyeol Hunger Games AU (HBD SARAH!)


broken hearted souls


luke/max || m || au-ish

a birthday gift for my beloved my twin my bestie skyeward-ho for her TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!!! Sarah loves luke/max and smut and unconventional smut so i kind of did all three for her! i also toyed with the whole “pastry chef” thing. anyway. I LOVE YOU SARAH!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! CAN”T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON HOPE THIS TICKLES YOUR PICKLE.

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Luke checks his watch a third time. She’s late. There’s still plenty of time, but he doesn’t want to take all night. He’s skipped dinner already to be out here, and he’s been up since dawn running errands. He stifles a yawn. There’s a comfy bed waiting for him at home that he desperately wants to be in.

She’s lucky he likes her.

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Went to school with Sarah today.
Walking down the memory lanes.
It made me realised how much I miss school life.
Anyway, happy birthday Sarah!
May Allah bless you, always.
Thanks for being my friend.
Hope you like the present that I gave you. Haha. 😄😘