I wish I could hold pieces of time
in the palm of my hands and I wish
I could have a pocket where I can
keep all the eternities of the world
because then maybe I would have
a chance to say ‘I love you’ over
and over again until the clock takes
you away and hides you in a place
where goodbyes are as unnecessary
as the seconds that go by.

I wish I could steal all the elements
of time to bring me back to the days
when you would smile and I could
say ‘I’m glad we’re together, please
never go away’ because now that
you’re gone, I can’t help but feel
the rock of your void where my
heart should be and I just wish
that I could go back to the day
when I could say ‘I love you,’
before you got away.
—  I wish for another day when I can see you again

anonymous said:

I saw your tags on the Hinata picture... Do you know why Hinata gets hate? I don't understand it either.

Hello anon!

For starters, she is incredibly shy and people do not like her for the fact that “her life is spent revolving around Naruto”—which.. is hilarious and I feel the need to smash that argument right now. 

This is going to get pretty long, so I’m adding a read more~

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anonymous said:

Oh my god, I just realized something. Sasha eats potatoes, right ? The story happens in a sort of Middle-Age universe, right ? In the Europe of the middle-age, there are no potatoes, I think this is a proof the story is set in America (it's where the potato comes from).

That’s a good point and I chuckled when i read it.

But I have to disagree about this being location proof. Every time I see a post discussing the location of SNK I want to jump in.

Here’s what everyone needs to know: This story does not take place in our timeline or on our planet. As you mentioned, it’s a science fiction fantasy in an alternate universe setting.

With that in mind, Isayama doesn’t have to hold to our geography, eco systems or time periods. He could allow iguanas on Antarctica if he wanted to — if there even is an Antarctica in his universe!

The only way it’s our planet is if SNK is a post apocalyptic tale, in which case the radioactive fallout of WWIII could’ve cause coach roaches to become Titans - who knows, right? Anything can happen in dis-utopian post-apocalyptic tales, which is why I love them so much.

Thank you, lovely anon, for the ask and giving me a chance to vent about this :) I know you were being cute and funny but I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for awhile.

anonymous said:

No, but imagine older Kenma giving her girlfriend this fanmade Pokemon game that he made, and it has really cute secret messages in the signs and battles and everything, and when she finishes the game theres words formed in flowers in a middle of a flower garden that says "Will you marry me."

anonymous said:

oh man gon would be so oblivious, and killua would be so embarrassed because he just confessed!! to his best friend!! and kind of ashamed with himself because he doesn't want to ruin what they have, and when gon brushes against him to tell him he likes fireworks too, killua can feel the heat on his skin even when gon pulls away. and killua is kind of relieved gon didn't notice bc killua is so happy just staying by his side, killua would do anything to stay, and anything for gon.

{you’re killing me}


But the thing is Gon did notice and he was thinking of replying to Killua’s confession but seeing how tense Killua became, his eyes a little frightened, then the sudden relief when he thinks Gon didn’t hear, Gon thinks it’s better not to answer. At least not right now. Gon was happy as they were and Killua didn’t seem ready for whatever could happen once one confessed so he figured it wasn’t time. He didn’t want to rush things then have them become all awkward with each other so they stay as friends for a while longer.

Gon is the one who confesses first, officially. He starts the conversation with a talk about fireworks. Slowly he starts hinting at the memory and Killua catches on quickly enough, panicking when he realizes Gon has known all along. Gon takes his hand and smiles reassuringly leaning in close to whisper into Killua’s ear. Killua is blushing hard, his face beat read and eyes teary. Gon whispers “I love you” and Killua almost feels his heart stop.

anonymous said:

Ask: part one. I just want to say thank you. Personally, there's a lot of shit going on in my life, and I don't know what to do or how to fix anything. Which turns into anger, frustration, etc. And being able occasionally RP with you, even reading your other RPs. It just helps greatly. Because its like I'm actually talking to McCoy, who is my biggest hero. I don't even know how to describe it. I have this feeling of inadequacy, that I can't make it in the world, something like that.


I hope you don’t mind my including both parts, Anon, and that I’m publishing this - if you’d prefer this be kept private, I’ll gladly take this post down, but I wanted to answer this.

First off:


For all the threads I do, for all the little dreams of canon that I get to make real at least for the people I follow, and for all the friends I’ve made … messages like these, the idea behind them, are among the most meaningful.

Words that I type at an old Ikea computer desk make people happy. They help them through the day, and through very dark moments. And I can’t tell you what that means to me because I’m not sure there are words so much as inarticulate blubberings, but … take it from me, it means a lot.

So, you’re welcome. Welcome to everything I can give you. And thank you.

I hope things pick up for you, because I know that you more than deserve it, but if they don’t? I’ll be here. And so will Hank. Ready and willing to help you when things get tough.

Stay strong, my friend.

anonymous said:

You're not trash, I love what you do! Just pointing stuff out, it's okay to have a mistake, what you do isn't that easy as I would take it. Have a nice day cx

ahh but the guilt….

but i think i messaged all the people that reblogged the mis sourced one.

And again, i can’t thank you enough for pointing that mistake out to me!

anonymous said:

Wow I absolutely love your rinharu screencaps materlist. You are a blessing to the rinharu fandom haha thanks for contributing so much and making other rinharu shippers like me happy people!~

It’s a pleasure for me to be able to contribute to such a wonderful fandom, anon! Being part of you guys makes me as happy as RinHaru does 


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who are your best tumblr friends

i have a lot of friends on tumblr and i love them all and i’ll probably forget some people but right now all i can think of is:

scptember, sassykidneys, augustsuwaters, youarethefirstdreamofmysoul, andcosima, irornman, kateargernt, city-of-boners, hephaetsus, meduesa and like 4000000 other people i had to stop myself before the post got too long you can check my updates tab for more. uwu.

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your art is like going into a used book shop in late autumn to escape a downpour and running your fingers along the spines of the stories that made up your childhood. Like finding a sequel you didn't know was written smashed between a cover-less dictionary and the 'Secret Garden' and sitting down in the corner of the shop, smelling the worn pages and entering the worlds that mean so much to you, but that you haven't been to in years.