Vas happenin boys

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bby ;; it’s not falling apart i think a lot of ppl are busy with school and stuff. i feel the same sort of but you’re the admin so it must be tough. but i am nooot leaving ok

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u shut ur cute little face i love you more than anyone okay and im coming off my hiatus today bcos i miss everyone and daeil and ur lovely

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shh don’t ever think that okay? i love this place to bits and honestly i’ve never felt more at home. And I mean it when I say that! You can always come to me bc you know i’ll be there for you, yeah? Cheer up boo :* don’t let them get to you

you guys :c please don ever desert me okay ill cry <3

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hi Marley! I ship you with mikey (marley and mikey so cute) and he would like hold your hand and kiss ur cute little face and love you and tell you constantly that he loves you and that you're beautiful and he would give you his sweaters and cuddle you UGH

oH my god this made me so stupidly happy. Thank you! I’D CRY BECAUSE i  love michaels sweaters oh my goodness im not okay. (Mikey and marley holy shit thats cute) 

5sos ship: Mikey | Lucas | Cal | Ash
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1D ship: Niall | Harry | Lou | Liam | Zayn
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blurb with your ships: Lucas would love your smile and he’d love to hold you in his arms as close as possible. He’d make sure to place light kisses on your forehead or your cheek all the time, little things to let you know that he cares about you so much and that he loves you. Niall would try to be careful with you. He’d never want to hurt you, and he wouldn’t want to rush you. You two would be dating for a bit and you’d want to kiss him but he didn’t know if you’d want to. When it finally came he was careful, slowly leaning in, in case you changed your mind last minuet, which you didn’t as you leaned in, kissing him for the first time.
5sos best friend : Mikey | Lucas | Cal | Ash
5sos secret admirer: Mikey | Lucas | Cal | Ash
5sos brother figure: Mikey | Lucas | Cal | Ash
1D best friend: Niall | Harry | Lou | Liam | Zayn
1D secret admirer: Niall | Harry | Lou | Liam | Zayn
1D brother figure: Niall | Harry | Lou | Liam | Zayn
Compliment: You’re soooo pretty!
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Sickly ships!

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i like the nerdy way you love the yam and the goofy way you make me smile bc ur a GOOF BALL NERD. i love how little things make you happy AKA BIOCOCKS AND MONAS AND STUPID MEMES UR A FUCKIN MEMER. i love ur cute little face and ur cute little hair and the shitty way you paint ur nails. i love u a lot egg `v`