All those moments will be lost in time, like… tears… in rain. Time to die…” – Blade Runner (1982)

Painting (titled “Soliloquy”) from my solo show! Inspired by Rutger Hauer’s beautiful (and partially unscripted!) final scene. I nearly died working on this, it was so difficult… but I’m happy with how it finally turned out! Limited edition prints are available here.

ive watched like all the next top models and tbh africa’s ntm is the best one ive seen so far the structure of it was so good and being able 2 see african countries from like an african perspective was really good bc ive only really seen africa through western media before and oluchi was gr8! I got really into asia’s ntm for a bit but im tryna rewatch it now and honestly idk what africa’s ntm got so spot on but it was something. it felt like v unscripted and they were all SOOO beautiful. 


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New TV Forum post: Good Morning Britain - 2015 Refresh/Tweaks (TV Home Forum)

Nice bit of unscripted banter from the team this morning at end, it was the kind of unscripted laughter you’d have seen on The Big Breakfast. You even heard the crew laughing with them in the background which is a first I think! (Latest post by JasonB)

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Wedding Venues That Are Not Usual – But Worth The Try!

The wedding venues that people choose are of many types and they are outrageous at many occasions. The venues that people choose might surprise you. Even the venues at beach wedding, destination wedding are simply astonishing. Here are some of the venues that you don’t hear about every day.

You’ve presumably seen a portion of the incredible wedding venues individuals pick, on the off chance that you have ever viewed unscripted television. The larger part of us won’t skydive or scuba plunge inside our weddings and that is impeccably fine. Yet, many individuals today wish to achieve something a bit energizing and unordinary, all for the sake of remaining notwithstanding the swarm.

Religious Traditions

In the event that either individuals holds solid religious feelings, check to make sure that the wedding venue you’re considering will work for your officiate. You may need to utilize a little private religious function alongside a bigger open service. On the off chance that confidence is crucial for you and your friends and family look into this. The grating and pressure that could be brought about simply isn’t justified regardless of an unending length of time of disappointment and sorrow. Strange wedding venues have a tendency to be open; on the other hand, a few religions oblige members being hitched under particular circumstances.

Booking to begin dating?

As for the weddings venue in Dubai you have in your brain, it could be less demanding, or perhaps all the more difficult to book the date you need when contrasted with established wedding venues like temples or social corridors. When you’re certain, address authorities in the area you discover alluring. In the first place, figure out if being hitched is conceivable, and after that, find what’s expected to hold it there. Make a point to get any agreement composed when you can.

Pay any store as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, and make certain you perceive the steps you will need to take to have your store discounted if permitted.

Accommodating Guests

Some bizarre wedding venues may have bunches of offices accessible - restrooms, seats and tables are necessities. Others may well not! Confirm whether it is conceivable to bring versatile things along, and make certain to judge the expense before booking any administrations. Consider sustenance needs as well - outside venues can be precarious if there isn’t any icebox adjacent, obviously, in the event that you have got nourishment which needs to be held at particular temperatures for security reasons, guarantee you make a technique to take care of business. The exact opposite thing you need your irregular weddings in  to be associated with, is visitors with nourishment harming!

Exclusive wedding packages in Dubai is something truly extraordinary and obviously there are such a large number of contemplations and stresses that escape alongside it. All things considered arranging is the best option. You won’t discover a superior approach to handle twelve of undertakings than arranging the entire idea some impressive time prior. This will help you stay away from all such frightful a minute ago issues.

So its better you right it down all the actualities and get them completed one by one. Picking a wedding venue brings bunches of inconveniences and there is need of a fitting exploration work that is to be done for wedding venues . Short rundown few of them that you think are fit for your needs. And after that book an arrangement to talk about and the valuing and necessities with the powers.

investigatorofspooks asked:

Say something in a different language for the meme :D

((might want to turn down your volume (esp. the second one) to be safe - the recording’s a bit fuzzy))
   I’m reading a bit of the described storyboard I re-recorded for thescientistproject;
   I had to translate it into French today for an application anyway so.
   …and here I am just talking unscripted about how cold it is here :’P