What a fantastic trend today, hosted by stilettoroyalty, and freaking tweeted like crazy with over 2,395 tweeters (not sure if that’s just USA but it’s what the trend alert kicked up) putting out a massive amount of love and support for Felicity Smoak & Emily Bett Rickards.  According to another trend alert, over 114,400 people could have seen “I Love Felicity Smoak” since the first tweet went out.  How awesome is that?!

Even more exciting, “I Love Felicity Smoak” trending in the United States, Worldwide, and in Italy.  You guys nailed this and it was so much fun.  Thank you so much!

One hundred and nine followers later, this minor character of roughly maybe fifteen (generous) minutes of joy has gotten a lot of love, and gods above, I cannot thank you lot enough for this. I’m a giant fart, I’m not here often enough, but I love you guys so much. A lot.

So here’s to you all who really did do his namesake: gave him a chance.


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Naruto Headcanon Google Doc

Click here for the doc link!

Thanks to the lovely anon who reminded me to make this!

You guys know I like headcanons, but I don’t like to spam them, so this way is much more simple. In the above google document (you do not need an account to edit/add to it), you can put down your Naruto headcanons for you and others to see and be inspired by. 

My intention by making this was to help me and any other artist or writer to use the headcanons as inspiration and possibly topics for their pieces. But it’s also for fun. 

I’ll organize the document and I ask that you stay mature when you use it, and I encourage you to share your ideas. I doubt this little document will even be seen very much, but I think it’s a cute idea. (That could crash and burn, but who knows.)

I will be putting headcanons I receive in the document, too. :) 

In addition, I’ll be making mass posts once a week or so with the headcanons I really like, if that many are put on there. :D :D


"i want to be like the sun that makes it flourish and grow

i don’t want to be what i am anymore

why can’t i be good?


Make Me Choose → emily31594 asked S3 Outlaw Queen or S4 Outlaw Queen?

The episode with Emily and I, there was a turtle shell right next to us, when we were sitting on the porch and we were talking. And I stole that, and I wrote her a note on the turtle shell and gave it to her.
—  [x]