[thinks about bechloe]

[realizes an hour later that I am still on the same math problem and still thinking about bechloe]

ju1ianbashir asked:

I'm not familiar with tos, why is chekov so young in that art?

In TOS his age is 22 - so about a decade and change younger than the rest of the main cast (per the writer’s guide, generally speaking). But the art is actually referencing the reboot, where Chekov is 17 when he becomes the navigator on the enterprise - so he would’ve entered the academy at age 14 or 13. 

I ship chekov/sulu so having them hang out when Chekov is a minor is not really my bag. But that art was really cute and I do love the idea of a supersmart lil chekov annoying the shit out of Kevin Riley, who would’ve been about in the same graduating class, if you do math from some of the lore about Tarsus IV, which says Kirk was 14 and Riley was 4 when the massacre happened

Or at least, that’s how I do the math, because I like it that way – I apologize if this is way too much information I sincerely love trek meta

bunkerbound asked:

When you went to Vegascon what tickets/package did you do and what do you recommend? I'm trying to preplan for nashville so I can be prepared when tickets go on sale

I got the Copper weekend package. It doesn’t come with any autographs or anything but it’s cheaper than getting preferred seating for each individual day, plus you get complimentary admission into the Saturday Night Special, which you don’t get with preferred seating. I personally think it’s the best option, unless you want to spend extra for the better seat and the complimentary autographs. 

(The prices below are based on the Chicago convention, so there’s bound to be some differences, this is just for example.)

If you do the math, the Silver is about the same price as the Copper, but the additional cost (~ $260 more) ends up being the same as you would be paying if you just bought the autographs separately with the Copper package. The Gold ends up being the price of Copper, + $400 in autographs, + about $130 more for the closer seating and the special J2 Gold-exclusive panel. 

So, I went with Copper because it was relatively cheap and I wanted to spend the extra money on photo ops rather than autographs. So it really depends on what you want and how much you want to spend.

But yeah, I recommend buying tickets as soon as they go on sale. And you definitely want to get an aisle seat if you can!  (Also, this is kind of irrelevant right now, but the Karaoke party doesn’t have seating, so you want to get in line really early if you want to be close to the stage.)

I hope that helped! And I hope to see you there! c:

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same anon who asked about diversity here; more advanced math, science, humanities? riddles and the like? i recall SBARG had some equally interesting challenges of the same sort. color theory, string theory, chemistry questions, etc. all of that craziness. pop culture, trivia, etc.

This isn’t SBARG. I would barely classify it as an ARG.

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ahhh i've liked him for a very long time now, it's been about 5 months? we're in the same math class, he's a junior and i'm a senior... but it's not as if i like him in a romantic way?? i want him to be my qpp he's really nice and sweet and v smart, and i find it v cute when he talks about his schoolwork bc he's v eager about it?? idk he's a cute dumb nerd and i like him a lot

anonymously tell me about who you like

having a qpp is the fuckin shit lemme tell u !! that s so cute though goD ;;


equineleahh asked:

Honestly I feel the same as you about maths! Put so much time and effort into revising for it, even went to school on Saturday mornings for maths lessons which my headteacher was offering.. Hopefully they will lower the pass mark!

Hopefully they dp, I’ve signed the petition that’s been created to hopefully make it happen. God that paper ruined me :(

Hopefully it all works out! :)

That moment when your maths teacher uses someone in the class who sneezes as an example to tell how bacteria can grow. Then he countines to tell that the air is filled with bacteria and how we breath it in. 

*whole class looking at teacher and kid who sneezed in disgust. No one breathing for a minute.*

Same teacher who last week held a “so inspiring” speach about maths during class.

Have you ever had a song so jammed into your skull that you start thinking in the tune

*to the tune of baby*

“I really hate math, hate math, hate math, WHYYYYYYYY
I really hate math, hate math, hate math FFUUUCKKK
I seriously cant, handle, math, it, fucks my BRAIINNNNN….
who buyys 64 watermellons… for lunch…”

*after 5minutes of singing about math you start singing about how weird you are for singing a song about math… Then you start singing with the same tune but literally just saying whatever pops up into your mind, but still making sure its in the tune of this song…*


Expose children to classical music whether they like it or not, says Nicola Benedetti

Expose children to classical music whether they like it or not, says Nicola Benedetti

All children should be compelled to learn about classical music in the same way they must do maths and science, Nicola Benedetti has argued.

Benedetti, the award-winning violinist, said all youngsters should be exposed to classical music, whether they like it or not.

Saying the concept of letting children do exactly what they want in other areas of education is “alien”, she admitted she is…

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