Tom “losing a bit of his temper” on the set of Only Lovers Left Alive

I thought I could explain why I made this gifset, but of course feel free to deleted my comment while you’re rebblogging this.

I didn’t make this gifset to harm Tom. Nor to show how he can/could look under a ‘bad day’ or wathever- I don’t even think it was a bad day for him. Nor to make a fuss about the fact he’s getting annoyed or frustrated. Nor even to satisfy a fantasy like ‘oh look he’s getting angry, omg that’s so sexyyyy’ and stuff. No.

I giffed that particular moment because I love it. I love it because even if I don’t understand everything that is going on here what I see is the ‘real Tom’, or ‘casual Tom’ if I may say so. I mean we’re used to see him being really nice, being very polite, being such a sweetheart and a gentleman to everyone and fangirling about the fact that he is so perfect. And I like that side. But I perfectly know (and I hope you do too) that he is not perfect ‘in real life’ (thank god he is not !). He’s human, he’s not smiling all the time, he gets moody, gets frutrated, angry and furious and whatever of course. And I like that. Thinking that he is not as perfect as he would like to show is very important to me, I love and need to keep that in mind. And I’m not gonna start to explain why I love that or what I think of him because that’s would be very very long and I suppose a lot of you would disagree and that’s not even the point here. But I just wanted you to know that I just giffed what I see as the ‘real Tom’, something I love. And that’s about it.

So yeah, I put ‘Tom loosing a bit of his temper’ and I’m sorry about that because maybe it wasn’t the proper way to say it, maybe other people would rather say ‘he’s getting a bit frustrated’ or I don’t know. I’m French and I’m not fluent in English obviously, I just put it the way I felt. Of course you can disagree, or feel another total different way but I just wanted to share my point of view.

Thank you for reading.