The Story of my Perfect Promposal:

This is me:

And this is my BFF Kelly, aka impalas-companion

We’ve known each other since we were maybe five, but we only started really being friends in high school.

Finally, after wondering about it for a while, I decided that I didn’t just like Kelly, but I kinda liked Kelly.

So I decided to ask her to Prom.

Now for those of you who don’t know what prom is, it’s basically the big dance for students in the senior class (who are graduating) a few weeks before graduation. Everyone gets super dressed up and fancy. For example, this is me in my dress I’ll be wearing:

And asking someone to prom is a big deal. It’s become such a big thing, it’s called a “promposal.”

So here’s how I did it:

I started with these six notes:

As you can see, each one has a different ship. From left to right, starting with the top: Cophine, Destiel, BubblegumxMarcelene, Solangelo, JeanMarco, and Johnlock.

On the back, each one had a cute message relating to the ship:

They’re a little blurry, but it’s fine.

Anyway so I had a different friend give her each note on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week.

The last note said only this:

When she came out to where all the students waited for the buses, I was there, ready and waiting.

(Please ignore the random background folk :P)

So here are a few pictures of how it went. She came out, we hugged, I gave her a necklace with a little trenchcoat, all adorableness. These are the best pictures:

I am so so excited to go together. Kelly, dollface, put on your dancing shoes!


5-page preview of the collected edition of Trust! Also, we wanted to give a SFW version of the pre-order post, for folks who would rather reblog that. However, this is absolutely a 18+ book!

Kanji Tatsumi has been a simple and awkward pillar in Naoto Shirogane’s life for some years now, and she feels she can trust him in a moment of weakness.
But Naoto’s trust doesn’t run as deep as Kanji would like…  

You can pre-order here. This is a compilation of Trust: Book One, Trust: Book Two, the prequel webcomic Comfort, as well as some notes and sketches.

The art has been freshened up for both Trust and Comfort, so we’re very excited to offer this fancy new version! The original covers for Trust Books One and Two will be included as colour inserts.

We are offering a physical book + PDF, and a PDF-only version.

If you bought Trust: Book One, but were never able to get Trust: Book Two before it sold out, please email us at for a 30% discount.

Pre-order here! Very limited print run. 18+ for dark themes and explicit sexual content.


(…)I love the line work, love the style and love the flow of the story. The fact that you’ve taken a complicated couple of characters and made a story that keeps them in-character and made the way they play off each other natural all the same - with all their faults and what made them why we love them so much - has me reading both books multiple times! Definitely a recommended purchase for KanNao fans. Can’t recommend it hard enough. Thanks guys! - A.L.

I have to say that the way in which the Trust story closes is not your typical fanfic kind of storytelling. I think atelierMUSE did a great job of tying up all the ends that were left open in the first installment while also giving the fanservice for which most of the readers are here to see. I’m not usually one for comics with such graphic content, but I found myself enjoying the overall story so much that I didn’t mind the mature material. I definitely think fans who are looking forward to the conclusion should pick this one up! You won’t be disappointed, I’m sure! - R.W.

Amazing character development between these two. They know it’s not perfect, and their relationship is better because of it. Definitely not your typical H-doujin, and much better for it! The smut is about both the guy and the girl and helps them both develop, rather than being completely about the do. (Also, the breasts actually follow thelaws of physics!!) But seriously though, this is an amazing story and ateliermuse does a great job with these two very complex characters. Couldn’t recommend both volumes enough! -FFV

sabotage [ikea au]

name: sabotage

pairing: yang/weiss (freezerburn)

words: 1195

description: there was a clear line when it came to yang and what she was willing to put up with. messing with her bike was about a mile over that line.

notes: ikea au. neo is a little shit. yang is a bigger shit in response. based on this post. freezerburn isn’t the focus but you can tell yang has a giant crush on her cute friend lmao.


“Yang, this is probably the worst idea you’ve ever had.” Blake was running to keep up with her co worker, who was sprinting towards the office. They swerved around customers who were just trying to go about their day while shopping for some fancy Swedish furniture. Yang nearly ran over a tiny brunette that she vaguely recognized as a girl from her days in high school out shopping with her girlfriend. “No, you know what? This definitely is the worst idea you have ever come up with since I met you freshman year. I’ve known you for five years, Yang. You’ve had a lot of bad ideas in that time.”

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~ THNEED TIMES ~ issue 20

This is an underground paper providing news for what’s left of our fandom.

What’s the Dish, Hummingfish?
~After over a year-long hiatus, Mr. Unpopular and his imaginary friend return as kids to take part in Camp Weehawken. Burly has also come out of his own hiatus to join the scene as a camp counselor. If you’ve been thinking of participating too, better hurry, because camp officially starts on May 22nd.

~Speaking of rising from the blog grave, Graverob-ler made an appearance this week to continue his meeting arc with the Lorax.

~Things have been pretty eventful with Greed-ler and Broadway! A partnership, a hopeful solution, a birthday, and most recently, an anniversary spent getting re-engaged and re-married. And of course, don’t forget the fancy dinner date. Whew!!

Paparazzi Pizza
~Cief wrote a final goodbye note for mainverse Cold-ler, thanking everyone for their support and announcing that this won’t be the last we see of him.

~Former fandom artist Forgetfulthings was not only accepted into CalArts last year, but has just finished her first year film. Beautiful and expressive (just like her Once-ler fanart), it is a must-see!

This Booty Ass Town
~Daphne has set up a Patreon for her writing, and has started work on a novel about Mr. Ogleby. Check out her Patreon rewards right here!

~Get well soon, Dan baby! Being free of the ankle monitors at last, Jack and Tree can finally hang out IRL. And while one type of accessory came off, another type went in for Air and Sheep at the piercing shop. However, we have to give the fashion award to Matty for his fabulous bat nails.

Street of the Lifted Once-lings
~Never forget! Apr. 27th, 2012 was the day that Swag and Gent switched roles. Since they’ve always been known as bros on opposite ends of the politeness spectrum, this was an entertaining event for their mutual fans, and it proved to be quite the challenge for both Once-lers.

~Inspired by a picture of a Viking-style frying pan, Adori challenged the fandom on Apr. 27th, 2012, and the fandom accepted. It was a magical and proud moment as fandom artists collaborated to make something epic.

~Entre’s askblog began on Apr. 30th, 2012. He was (and still is!) a fan favorite for many reasons, including having a high entertainment value from the get-go with his expressive reaction images, well-thought-out responses, and Skully’s iron-grip hold on characterization. Also, Entre was just fun to bug. His presence in the fandom biggered over the summer, culminating in his lead role in a zombie apocalypse. But that’s a story for another issue!

15 Cents
~Just musing here, but what if the Once-ler fandom started another high school AU just like how we’re about to start Camp Weehawken again? All the teen angst, all the relationship drama, all the deoncelerization–okay, nevermind. Special thanks to Nova for contributing news this week!

Star Wars with Chinese characteristics

Jeff writes, “Chinese historian Maggie Greene has recently written about one of the strangest treasures in her collection: a Chinese comic book version of Star Wars from 1980, which she aptly describes (with scans to prove it!) as ‘a fascinating document’ that includes images she thinks may reveal 'a fanciful imagining’ of life in a then dimly understood America or generalized West. She notes, for example, a 'dinner scene where a duck (?) is being stuck into a toaster oven (!) & the table has not only a little hot plate, but a crockpot (or rice cooker) there, too.’ Whoever drew the pictures, she also points out, 'makes some amusing flubs – Chewbacca appears in some scenes in a relatively credible way, in others looking like an outtake from Planet of the Apes. It also often looks like something out of a Cold War-era propaganda poster, at least where the details are concerned. Were the actors really garbed in Soviet looking space suits? Was Darth Vader really pacing before a map bearing the location of the Kennedy Space Center?’ [For those who can’t get enough of this topic, there are related tweets by both @mcgreenesd Greene herself and Chinese literary translator and now Chinese studies grad student @bokane Brendan O'Kane”

Read the rest…

Season Four Premier

By cavacookie 

Oliver and Felicity will be staying in a countryside holiday home (NOTE not a Bed and Breakfast, as I suggested, because they need privacy) and they are going to be having a picnic on a tartan rug. There are mountains in the background with snow on the top. They are drinking some fabulous red wine, Felicity’s favourite!

Oliver proposes to Felicity, in a “special way” with a fancy ring, not a diamond ring but one he has made himself, out of an arrow head.

Then Felicity says yes. 



We are hosting a Beach Party raffle!

I was just going through and reorganizing the storage chambers when I realized we have quite a lot of stuff that nobody uses. Rather than try to sell it to any wandering traders, we have decided to host a small party!

Entrance fee is 1000 treasure, 2 gems, or 1 holiday currency per ticket. More tickets, the more chance to win something lovely!

Due to my conten countin ongoing difficulties balancing historian and clan leader, the party has been left in the claws of MaozTzur and Konig.

Note: I told them to dress fancy but I am not sure they understand

Potential prizes include far too many bears, some retired apparel, and chests I have not opened but have been assured are very valuable.

For more information, see here.

……as you see here, this is a Very Srs Business GOF reread going on here. a very serious reread in some very serious(ly atrocious) handwriting. I am now very acutely remembering why I never did the “notes” that my AP English teacher gave us in all of her classes.

partly, it’s because… my handwriting has been unfavorably compared to hieroglyphics, a doctor’s prescription pad, and an illuminated manuscript. and mostly because this is the sort of thing that I find interesting with books — world-building stuff and character development and things that I can dissect and pick apart and possibly turn into fic or headcanons —

but MKG was looking more for High Tone And Fancy To Do literary analysis, and I was all like, “uhhh… I guess I like Mr. Orwell’s use of these various analogies that seem to invoke some of the widely touted high points in British history, or Arthuriana-esque things that are like… kinda very important in British culture and/or history?

"but uh, tbh I’m really thinking more about how Emmanuel Goldstein has the same surname as one of my RP characters, and how I can apply this to making some new ideas for my precious bb high-strung Ravenclaw, Anthony Goldstein? and like, I have no *idea* what this stuff is doing for the text overall or why Orwell did the thing? so what am I even supposed to talk about??? :/”

…You can only hit a machine with more bulk than your entire army on a 6.

And it’s immune to haywire.

That’s… Both means of actually defeating it gone. Walking away from combat makes sense, being impossible to hit doesn’t. It has 30 hit points, it can already take a few Warscythes to the ankle before it has to panic.

Which takes out any fun that might be had playing it. Like, if I had one of these things I would note that it’s main two weaknesses had been completely removed and all the joy I could have potentially drawn from facing off against someone who’d built an army specifically around trying to take it down would be gone.

I mean, I know that it’s a fancy showpiece unsuited to actual play, but still: You’d whip it out for the hell of it at least once, right?

What I’m saying is: What.

echidnaopolisguardian asked:

2 3 10 11 15

 2. What does your character usually dream about?

Julie usually has some pretty weird dreams – mash-ups of real life plus her flights of fancy. Think Julie riding a unicorn across the galaxy, yes, that kind of weird.

On a more serious note, she does have the occasional nightmare about her time in the legion – this usually contains some kind of torture or abuse that she has been subjected to. The dreams are so vivid that she wakes up screaming. (I actually have a fic in process about one of said nightmares).

3. How does your character feel about those who are physically weaker than themselves?

She doesn’t care too much if someone is physically weaker than her. Julie does pride herself on her physical prowess and general fitness, but she would never judge others based on their strength, body or whatever.

10. Do they have a healthy diet or are they tempted by treats and unhealthy snacks?

The bulk of Julie’s diet is healthful – plenty of carbs, lean proteins and good fats. She has a particular appreciation for fine food and does go the extra mile when it comes to meal preparation – she’s a decent cook. Julie will eat pretty much anything, and she does eat a lot, but she needs to anyway – her cybernetics and general lifestyle means she burns food like firewood. That is a good thing, considering Julie loves rich foods and treats - cakes, chocolate, takeaways and restaurant meals. One could consider her diet balanced, even if she does eat far more than the average echidna.

11. Do they have a preference for what colour they like to wear? Any reason for that preference?

Not particularly – Julie doesn’t bother much with fashion, so she wears whatever is functional and suitable for the day.

15. Any physical ailments?

No. Julie’s in excellent physical condition. She does have surgical and battle scars, but they’ve long since healed. However, if her cybernetics were interfered with then she would be severely compromised – she has implants in her eyes, ears, some of her internal organs and her arm.

auster20 said: Kendall writes the most love letters/messages out of the two. He has so much to express

      Probably-although you’ve got 2 ideas coursing through my imagination right now: 1. Logan having fancy, elegant embossed stationery from a bygone era with a family crest at the top, writing torrid love letters to Kendall that get delivered via the postal service; or 2: Kendall encouraging Logan back in their songwriting days to try writing him love letters to help him get in touch with a verbal form of expression…and being delighted with the results.

But you’re right-Kendall’s probably the love note sender while Logan expresses himself physically (and thoroughly).

STORYLINE: Maximilian Spyder was the first democratically elected leader in the history of Cursed. He won in a landslide against his arch rival Kaiser Kruel. He wasted no time sweeping in massive reforms to the thunderous applause of the inhabitants of Cursed. But it was not all glamor and idealism. Max has to make diplomatic efforts to try and bring together all the diverse branches of Cursed Nation, including defeated forces of Kaiser. Perhaps his most challenging was his dealings with the Elusive Vampire Squids. They lived deep under the ocean in eerie gothic shrines with bioluminance.

<b>Don’t Miss You Shriek LIVE in SL on May 26th, 8pm at World Goth Fair</b> For more information, go to:

<i>(Note: I’m using a borrowed computer right now so I am not able to do my usual fancy image style)</i>

Events: World Goth Fair, Cosmopolitan Sales Room,

Designers shown:7 Mad Ravens, Dark Prophet Designs, Dark Water Designs, Del May, Devin Vaughn, DURA, Epia, Spyralle, TABLEAU VIVANT, Win Factory,

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seanoftheundead asked:

You're having a dinner party and you want to kill one of the guests. When you get groceries which of these should you buy for murder purposes: Rhubarbs, castor beans, elderberries, or bitter almonds? Note: The fancy store you go to has produce fresh from the farm that hasn't been touched in anyway.

Uhh… bitter almonds is a cyanide thing. I remember that.  Castor beans can make castor oil? Which might induce vomiting.  Rhubarbs are fruity (I like rhubarb pie) so I don’t see how they could be bad.  The only reference to elderberries I know is from MP&tHG.  So in short  I guess castor beans, because they might make the target violently ill?

Vico Scents;

Vico would wear Billy Jealousy Illicit regularly. I’m going to copy to description just for kicks:  While we can’t condone anything truly illicit, every guy has to break the rules now and then. This fragrance toes the line with a spicy, citrusy scent, blending top notes of bergamot with spicy ginger and a base of tea and ivy. It sets the perfect tone for a little bad behavior —assuming you’re not the type to get caught.  Yup. That’s Vico. It goes on strong, but is quick to even out into spicy aroma that lingers for a while.

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This will be a rant so read if ya want.

My parents asked me if they could borrow my phone. Of course I said yes, I’ve nothing to hide from them, so I gave them my phone and went upstairs. Some simple online shopping, they said. My mum has one of those indestructible Nokia phones, so no searching on that. My step-dad had some fancy ass Samsung note thing, he said it was dead, I gave it no second thought, they’re my parents, so why would I?

As the minutes progressed, I began to think, should I have done that? Step dad could have just put his phone on charge and my mum could have used her iPad, so was it really a good idea? I think of the things they’ve done before and, yes, they have searched my phone before and, yes , they do go through my texts when I put my phone down.

And, no, they didn’t believe me when I said my councillor and school nurse said that I should be referred to a professional, and no, they didn’t believe me when I said “help me, I’m hurting”, it’s for the attention, they said. And, no they didn’t believe me when I said that my self harming was helping me, “attention” they said, “you were going to blame us for that shit and try to make us feel bad”, they said. Even when I couldn’t physically leave the house because I was afraid of people at school, “you too lazy to go in today” they said.

I have nothing to hide from them, but it’s MY phone. It’s like my own personal diary. I have friends on here that I message. I have my drawings to keep me company. I have my stories that I use to escape reality. And I have my writing on here to release my imagination.

And I’m realising how truly fucked up this is. How fucked up it is that we can’t trust our parents, the ones who are “supposed” to lead our way in this world. I wanted to trust them, and I did. My first thought was, of course my parents can use my phone, but the realisation hits and I panic. I realise that I don’t trust these people, they have lied to me, they have failed as parents. They guilt trip me into thinking things are my fault, even as I’m writing this step dad asked “who you texting” and I told him that I was writing for my blog, “bollocks” he said. That was his instant reaction, there was no thought to his answer.
I really can’t trust these people. I’m afraid of them. I flinch at the raised hands, at the increased voices. This isn’t where I want to be.

tonkinwrites asked:

ship thingy (sorry i suck): peter and carina. ps. they need a ship name

  • who takes longer showers? Carina
  • how do they make up after a fight? They don’t really fight much, but when they do, He always hides from her and gives her a lot of space, but usually leave what he calls, the forgive me kit, which has playlist, macaroons, chocolates, wine, and leaves a lot of post its with notes to make her smile around the house.
  • who prefers rain and who prefers sun? Peter is all about the sun, but Carina has teach him how to love a rainy weather too.
  • what’s their favorite place to go together? Is not a place but a thing, they try to at least one a year have this roadtrip where they forget about fancy things, work and they just ride hours in a car listening to music and acting like they are totally different.
  • who’s more likely to be voted prom king/queen? Carina, no question, pretty sure she was.
  • do they celebrate anniversaries, etc.? Peter loves doing special things to make those days count.
  • who’d pressure the other into singing karaoke? Peter probably, because he things Carina looks amazing when she sings
  • what’s their nightly routine? They shower together, is like their way of cleaning everything that might bother them or don’t want to take to bed. Watch an episode of a show on netflix or a talkshow depending on their mood, cuddle and sleep.
  • who’s more likely to burn dinner? Peter, he has done it way too often because he probably is all high from watching one of those chefs tv shows.

Important headcanons incoming:

The question of clothes and how my characters dress, has come up. And so I’d like to point out some important notes.


Dresses generally very conservative. If we’re in a classsical fantasy setting, she would wear something out of the european 1700-1800s. Not too fancy but neat and clean. If it’s a modern setting, she dresses close to the 1930s or 1950s, but with a conservatve shape to it. 

Generally, she will dress outdated. She has a nightgown. Girl tries to follow the times, but it’s hard for her because of her ideals. Never pants, never short skirts and never cleavages. She might have been more provocative during her time with Tenzin (LOL), but not now.


Dresses with inspiration from all kinds of places and eras, but will often use robes, loose jackets and loose asian pants. He also has a leather coat with fur, alike something similar to traditional Tibetan clothing. Loose chinese robes, and embroided shirts, are things I see him wearing. 

In a modern setting, he embraces the suit and dresses very fashionably. 

It’s also important to remember that he tries to blend in with the locals. When in Rome, do as the romans etc. But at the same time, loves to try new things and new clothes.