Via Vauxhall - Unbound Copy

An unbound copy of the upcoming book has arrived from the printers, Lecturis and I’m really pleased with the quality. The final bound copies should be here next week. A little more information on the book - it will be hardback, cloth covered, just short of A4 size, 350 copies, 72 pages, 48 images. Cost will be £15 plus P & P, available through my own website, Amazon and on the launch night.

The launch will be on 19th March in Covent Garden, London. If you fancy coming along, or even if you just fancy an invite and can’t make it, just drop me a like, note, message, fax, telegram, etc. I won’t be doing a Facebook event page or anything similar, so don’t be shy, get in touch! Anyway, I’ll be emailing throughout the next couple of weeks. Thanks everyone for your support so far, it’s really appreciated.  

My Bullet Journal

I’ve gotten a few requests to do a post about my bullet journal, so here it is! Thank you guys for showing interest! Also, I’m sorry the pictures aren’t awesome quality, but I did my best! :)

This is just a little brown moleskin I got at Barnes and Noble in a three pack. There are tons of different colors and styles you can choose from, but I just chose this one because it has grid paper on the inside (which is super helpful if you want to make everything line up perfectly!), I thought the brown color would be fun to decorate, and it is the perfect size to fit in any bag or even my back pocket.

I decorated the outside by just gluing on a flag sticky note that I got from Target’s dollar-section and writing “remember” on it in black pen. Nothing too fancy, but I think it’s super cute! :)

In the first page a have my symbols key on a sticky note so if I come up with a new system I can just replace the key by taking it out and putting in a new one. It’s pretty simple: I just do a box for each task I need to complete and fill in the box as I make progress. I put arrows inside of the box to show that I have postponed doing it for a while, but when I do get around to doing it, I go back and fill it in and write the date I ended up completing it, just for record-keeping’s sake. I have also seen a lot of people color-code different tasks, which I may start doing later. At the bottom of this page I wrote my name and email because I would be devastated if I ever lost this. Devastated.

Every Sunday night I draw out a little weekly calendar on a new page in my journal so that I know how the week will go without having to reference my big monthly calendar (which would be really hard to carry around in my pocket) all of the time. I always write events on here in pencil because stuff gets moved around all the time and I hate scratching things out with pen.

This is what most of the pages inside of my bullet journal look like. Every day I just list all the things I need to get done so I don’t forget about anything. It also feels really nice to get to cross things out as I finish them, which is another reason I love this system so much!

Bullet journals are a great and simple way to stay organized. If you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend it! Happy studying! :)

I was tagged by the lovely kaloso16 and sgisims! :D Thanks for tagging me you lovely people ^3^ *hugs*

I was unsure whether to do this since everyone here has either really cute handwriting or fancy, cool handwriting….seriously everyone has such cute, cool handwriting. Mine is so plain and a pain in the butt to read *cries*. Note that this is me trying to be neat…my real handwriting is how the title is written as lol xD. I tried to make the quality a little better, hope it helps with the reading!

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I will tag fyachii, nisukiye, mckatsims, toys-of-dukeness, and then I thought of some other ppl when I finished this lol. queenofrandom96 and starlight-inspirit :D Of course feel free to not do it and feel free to do it lol 

Tasting Notes: Orphan Barrel Project's Forged Oak

Orphan Barrel Project: Forged Oak Bourbon Whiskey

90.5 proof; 15 years old

Suggested retail price: $65/750ml

The story: Forged Oak is the fifth release from Diageo’s Orphan Barrel Project, in which the company creates fanciful names and back stories for whiskeys it has “discovered” in its warehouses and sells them in distinctive bottles - in this case, with a silvered label featuring a majestic elk whose antlers form the branches of a tree. This straight bourbon, “a pillar of strength rooted in time and wisdom,” was made at the New Bernheim Distillery and spent 15 “contemplative” years in Stitzel-Weller rickhouses, Diageo says on its website, Like all Orphan Barrel offerings, it was bottled in Tullahoma, Tenn., home of Diageo’s Dickel

Aroma: Toasted oak, vanilla, leather.

Taste: Vanilla, cedar, smoke, leather, dry cocoa on the back; long, peppery finish - more spice than I expected with a mash bill that is only 6% rye (86% corn and 8% barley).

The verdict: The Orphan Barrel Project is marketing at its savviest. It capitalizes on the current thirst for rare whiskeys by creating these “new old” brands, implying that they are in very limited supply, referencing Stitzel-Weller and Bernheim whenever possible and pouring them into eye-catching bottles. So far, I have been less impressed by what’s inside the bottles; Rhetoric, the third release, is the only one I’d seek out again. Forged Oak is my second-favorite of the bunch, and at $65 the most affordable of these curiosities. But unless your curiosity is seriously piqued, I’d say you could spend that $65 better elsewhere.            

theguppydream asked:

in regards to the water thing (a more serious ask than my previous one) i genuinely did take your advice and now drink a lot of water, infact i no longer drink fizzy drinks at all, but this has caused a problem, i now get intense cravings for sweet things, any suggestions on how to fix this which are not counter intuitive to the whole giving up fizzy drinks thing?

Ehhh, I’m probably not the best person to ask on that note. When I want sweet things I eat sweet things. *shrugs a lot* Remember that sweet things don’t necessarily have to be unhealthy.

EDIT: Nicc told me to add this but coffee with those fancy creamers can be super sweet and taste like desert. But if you’re drinking it often, make sure to go with a dark roast or decaf so you’re not pumping your body full of caffeine all the time. (TOO MUCH CAFFEINE WILL DRY OUT YOUR SKIN KIDS) We use coffeemate usually, you can get their flavored creamers in the refrigerated section. These taste 100 times better than any half and half shit or powdered creamer in my opinion (also you don’t have to add a shit ton of sugar to make it taste sweet). My coffee always tastes like a desert and I just mix a couple flavors of creamer. My current flavor mix is Italian sweet creme and chocolate chip cookie. 

Life updates:

-Stuck inside my school dining hall because it’s sleeting, or something.

-#NoModernAsylum post has 1,066 notes. (Yes, this counts as life update.)

Also, I looked fancy earlier for advocacy things. 

[image is Kit in a grey pantsuit with a white ruffled top under the grey blazer.]


Haymitch Abernathy:  DINNER

(gin, olive)

Now why would you go and say I always drink straight from the bottle?  It’s just not true. Sometimes I get fancy and I pour a shot of white liquor, and then I add an olive.

- - - - 

[OOC note: In general, Spirited Characters has a house rule that characters recovering from addiction are never given cocktail recipes.  However, in Haymitch’s case, his relationship to alcohol is complex and it is difficult to say whether he is even struggling from addiction, let alone whether he is in recovery by the end of the third book.  In his case I thought it most respectful to the character and to what the character represents to keep alcohol in the recipe.]

my aesthetic is the “Photocopying prohibited” on top of the photocopied sheet music your teacher hands you

Last night I spent entirely too much money on a fancy, glorified, character sheet called the Player Character Folio. (look, I normally use Pathfinder’s online SRD stuff, I don’t have much of an issue paying too much for something on occasion). 

Dudes, it’s actually the coolest shit ever. It’s 16 pages long, beyond the normal character sheet stuff it has places to document your adventures, sketch out your character’s house, space for family members. The cover has pockets for handouts (not a big thing currently as I’m playing at Roll20), and quick reference for various conditions and character leveling stuff. 

I know it was kinda silly to spend $10 on a fancy character sheet and all, but it’s really cool. 

ded noot review

animer summer: a 37 episode anime about a boy who finds a notebook that allows him to kill people by writing down their name in it. he starts to use it to punish criminals, fancying himself a god, and most of the series is about him trying to do this without getting caught by a very greasy-looking detective (pictured). it also has really cute looking shinigami.

should you watch this: yes. death note isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s a part of your general cultural education. the series is pretty long (but not as long as naruto), but relatively easy to watch and i won’t judge you if you quit after around ep ~25 (nothing really interesting happens after that)

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Badass Hancock...

So earlier I wrote (in regards to things I’d like to see in a maybe SoL sequel)
  1)Hancock being badass.  In a physical manner.  Maybe he’s a ridiculously good shot with a pistol, maybe he’s an expert horseman, maybe he knows fancy tricks with that walking cane of his.  Mainly I just want to see the WTF expressions on everyone else’s faces. 

  And then I got this in reply: (note-part has been snipped)
a-lifetime-looking-for-you said: Anyway, Hancock being BAMF with the walking cane: OMG I WANT THAT! 

Hancock delivering a beatdown with his walking cane would be damned interesting.  But I have something more interesting and more likely; I can’t for the life of me figure out why I didn’t write it in the first entry. 
 Hancock probably knows something of fencing/swordfighting/dueling.  And to up the badass quotient, I’m going to headcanon that it’s probably not the version where the blades are dull and you count points for hits.  I much prefer to think of him knowing the kind where you draw actual blood, inflict actual wounds and can kill someone with a well aimed thrust.  Because even in the well heeled circles of society there are still bastards.  And just because the rules say they should play nice doesn’t mean they will. 

studytilltheveryend asked:

what planner do you have? i love it!

Sorry this was a bit late, I had a kinetics exam to do.

BUT to the point

I have a Sugar Paper LA planner from Target. It is the Planner Notes version with the Weekly and Monthly Calendars and it has the navy and white stripes design. It starts on the month of January and ends in December.

If you’re a student and don’t want to dish out a lot of money for a fancy planner, this is a great option. It’s super pretty, very light weight and it has ample space for writing down things. Plus! It also has a pretty decent notes section at the back so if you’re trying out bullet journaling but still want the ease of monthly and weekly pages, this is a good planner for that is what I’ve heard!

Written today

"The Pit" - Sam imagine edited/reposted. When the reader returns from Hell (and from being tortured by Sam lookalikes), her reunion with Sam is less than apple-pie. Fluff.



Alright minions, I’m off to hang out with my friend. It’s probably best if I just get to the basics and head to sleep: Join a Barrack! I’ll be able to notify you when I write for your favourite character, all you have to do is read the instructions and information on the "Barracks" page and drop me a line! This is super beneficial if you’re a regular, or if you just want to know when the next fluff or smut has been written for whomever may hold your fancy. For a compilation of links sorted by character, genre, and listed in chronological order, check out the "Masterlist" page as well as the Mobile Masterlist that was updated yesterday for all of your reading needs. That’s it for me tonight, minions. I’m exhausted. May you have the sweetest of dreams, and may you walk among your fantasies, even if it’s only for a little while. May your morning be filled with a lovely light. Over and out, minions.

Here is Sara’s fancy new hairdo, acquired at the fancy salon at Bergdorf Goodman, where I acquired a case of class rage.

Side note (from Sara): My hair stylist (Lucy), who has done hair for everyone from Princess Di to Brad Pitt, told me I was nicer than J-Lo.

Continuing with more of this shit

- Note that we’ve already had monsters with an area-of-effect… effect before, like the chopsticks one and the de-aging one.

In either case the Press Society, or as least Mister Fish, are still real aliens who came to Earth to find out what the fuck Kinshiro has caused to happen, just in the latter case Zundar is real as well (though Kinshiro’s monster powers might have gotten out of hand and brainwashed Zundar, at least temporarily, so he has no idea what’s really going on). Kinshiro created whatever backstory/legend/history/we the Caerulas Adamas and Battle Lovers powers have, and if he didn’t create Wombat entirely then he brainwashed another alien or transformed an ordinary wombat or something.

In the finale Kinshiro will finally go full despair, turn into a monster without Zundar’s help (since he’s already been hit with a needle), and expand his closed space to begin to take over the entire world and rewrite it as he desires… you know, just like Haruhi.

Also, I expect the RyuuxIoxAkoya love triangle will begin to reflect the EnxAtsushixKinshiro triangle… which means Akoya is in for a world of suck. … No, not that kind. The bad kind.

… Unless Akoya actually gets with Io while Atsushi still isn’t giving Kinshiro the time of day and Kinshiro loses it over that. That’d be fun.

This note is from mobile so sadly no fancy header but I just realized we haven’t given you guys a lowdown on the cities or major groups (company, post human etc) so maybe that’s part of the reason no one has reserved ? I’ll try and put the stuff up later when I’m on my computer

Defending Platonism in Mathematics pt 1: Intro and Existence

First, we will look at what it means to be a contemporary platonist towards some domain. Being a contemporary platonist means to affirm that such things called Abstract Objects exist, that they are neither physical (sensible) nor mental (mere ideas), and that they therefore exist independently of us.  The term abstract object is meant to umbrella various objects of philosophical interest and not only mathematics but properties, relations, propositions, and possible worlds. This series will only be looking at Mathematical Objects (a fancy word for numbers, sets, and basically anything mathematicians study).
Historically, platonism with regard to mathematics has been affirmed by the great German philosopher Gottlob Frege, well known British Atheist Bertrand Russell, the highly influential Willard Van Orman Quine and the famous mathematician Kurt Gödel.

Again to be a platonist with respect to mathematics is, as Standford Encyclopedia (from here on SEP) notes, to be committed to three claims.

1. There are mathematical objects. (Existence)

2. Mathematical objects are abstract. (Abstractness)

3. Mathematical Objects exist independently of our ideas, beliefs, feelings, practices etc. (Indepdenence)

This post will be looking at the reasons why we should believe 1 (that these objects, however they exist, exist nonetheless).

Let’s review how we generally talk about things and truth in the world before I present the Singular Term Argument developed by Frege.

Example: When we say “That Sally is a girl is literally true”,

We seem to be saying…

"There is some actually existing girl, whose name is actually Sally."

From the above we derive a “principle of ontological commitment” which is explained by our first premise.

Premise 1. If we say of some A, that it is F, and that this statement is literally true, A must exist.

Not convinced? Suppose I were to say:

“Here I am speaking literally about a person, her name is Sally, and it is true that she is a girl, but she does not exist.”

We would likely wait for a qualification. Perhaps Sally is a fictional character? Or perhaps Sally is a metaphor or again, a symbol? But of course, if Sally was fictional or symbolic, one would not be speaking literally.

In the example, Sally stands for a Singular Term which is defined by Frege as a term that is inherently about the object to which it applies, and I should add that it is uniquely about that object. “Sally” (the term) is about the unique object Sally (the actually existing girl).

So if we accept as plausible this “principle of ontological commitment” we move onto the second premise, again I will quote SEP.

Premise 2. There are literally true simple sentences containing singular terms that refer to things that could only be (mathematical) objects.

SEP’s example of a sentence that fits premise 2’s description:

"3 is prime."

Therefore, from premise 1 and 2, it necessarily follows that mathematical objects exist.
Again, this only proves our first claim, that these mathematical objects exist in some, as of yet, unspecified sense. This isn’t extraordinary, there are many non-platonic philosophical accounts of mathematics that accept that numbers exist at least in some sense, and accept that there are mathematical truths, so this first claim isn’t so controversial as the platonists’ other two claims.

But before we move on to our second claim, can’t it be reasonably asked
"Why should we at all accept that we are speaking literally about mathematics in the sense of actually existing objects, aren’t there other ways of accounting for math talk?"

To entertain perhaps that math talk is just a game of language and metaphor, we ought to ask what exactly such a game would be about, and if a metaphor a metaphor about what? The answers to this will usually be that math is just a language game or a way of speaking about our ideas, or our experience. I will address this in the next post.

More controversial but possible, would be to question why we should even assume that we are speaking truth when we talk about mathematics.

Such an account known as Fictionalism can be summarized by saying that mathematical talk is nothing more than ‘useful fictions’ and ‘irrefutable errors’ (as Nietzsche would say). Fictionalists deny mathematical truth in general, to them all mathematical statements are simply false. While they agree that our way of speaking seems to commit us to the existence of mathematical objects, and so if such sentences were true these objects would exist, such objects do not exist, so any statement that seems to purport a mathematical truth must by default be false.

I find it hard to conceive of someone denying that “2+2=4 is true”. I would assume that they must not have understood what I said, or lacked the intellectual capacity to carry out the operation. Nonetheless the Fictionalist will say I’m no better than a myth-teller. Well, to such a position how can a platonist respond?

The trick is to meet them where they are, Fictionalists do not deny that mathematics is useful. For instance, maths is heavily relied upon and has been extremely successful for discovering truth about the physical world through the sciences. Now, the platonist will argue that if there is at least one truth in science that relies upon mathematics, then it is possible for mathematics to lead us to truth.

Fictionalists that deny that mathematics can lead to truth would seem, to my mind at least, to commit them to a three views which are inconsistent if held at the same time:

  • Our best scientific theories represent the objects it studies through Mathematical concepts and derives successful predictions about these objects and thus the physical world through mathematics.
  • We should believe that the success of our best scientific theories are a result of accurately representing the truth about the physical world.
  • There are no truths that can be derived from mathematics.

It seems obvious that the Fictionalist cannot commit to the first bullet point and also affirm both the second and third. The first is undisputed, this is simply how science is done, so this cannot be denied. To deny the second is to believe that the success of science is somehow not due to our models accurately representing reality, but rather extremely lucky guesses. The Fictionalist is committed to affirming three, so she must deny two and thus conclude that Science’s accurately representing the world is not evidence of the truth of it’s claims. I argue, they must give up belief in the truths of science, or accept that truths can be derived from mathematics. And if we can derive truth from mathematics, then the Singular Term Argument holds.

My argument for the paradox Fictionalists find themselves in, is only as strong as science and mathematics’ relationship.

To further strengthen this relationship, and support why affirming the third bullet point commits to a denial of two I will cite the influential Indispensability Argument from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy developed by Quine and Putnam.

i. We should acknowledge the existence of—or, as Quine and Putnam would prefer to put it, be ontologically committed to—all those entities that are indispensable to our best scientific theories.
ii. Mathematical objects or structures are indispensable to our best scientific theories.
Therefore,iii. We should acknowledge the existence of—be ontologically committed to—mathematical objects or structures.

Whether Science cannot get rid of mathematics in principle is a matter of contested debate in academic philosophy. Perhaps some will say that it is conceivable that someday it will be possible to do Science without mathematics, but I do not know how such a thing would be done. For now however, Science cannot dispense with mathematics, and that is all that is needed for the argument.

Next time, I’ll be looking at the different accounts of just how exactly Numbers are supposed to exist.
Perhaps numbers exist independently because (ignoring Idealism) there is an external world, and numbers are instantiated or tied up with the concrete physical objects of this world.
Or maybe they are abstract but only because they’re ideas, and therefore, being only concepts, exist because of us.

The committed Platonist must deny both.

To Shinpei,
I’m quite verbally skilled when it comes to writing lyrics or (as you probably know) a diary but somehow writing messages, notes, texts, mails or letters like this has always been extremely difficult for me. It’s not as much time consuming or challenging in an inspiring way but simply too bothersome and rather embarrassing. You know how I am with my straight-to-the-point attitude and unromantic blurts! Pretty far from some fancy words and earth shattering metaphors, isn’t it? I’m afraid I can’t make this one that beautiful either. I suppose I’ll draw a few hearts here to make up for it. ♥♥
It’s been over five months now since we started dating and we’re getting closer and closer to hitting the waypoint of six months. It’s quite impressive if you ask me. When I first met you I wouldn’t have dared to imagine that you’d end up as my partner in the longest (and possibly the deepest and hopefully the last) romantic relationship I’ve had. It wasn’t because I didn’t find you attractive or romantically interesting - I did, I admit it! - but because I took you as another guy who’d be way outta my league, who’d certainly have their eye on someone else, who would never even consider dating this bratty, loud person. Back then I was going down the dangerous road of growing disappointed and bitter, this close to giving up on anything romantic. I thought I had decided for good that I would never have my hopes up again because romance simply wasn’t my thing and such thoughts of optimism as “I got turned down now because something better is waiting for me” had started to feel foolish to me. Looking back to myself six months ago I feel like I’m watching a butt hurt kid throwing a tantrum. That’s how much I’ve changed (you’ve changed me) and grown (under your protection) and learned (being with you has taught me a new form of happiness). Meeting you saved a part of me but not in a way a god or an idol or a parent or a best friend would. I do feel gratitude but I know I’m not in your debt because (possibly for the first time in my life) I can say that I trust you. I trust you when you say you love me and when you say I make you happier than anything else and my curry tastes fine and my new shirt looks good on me. It’s not a clingy, desperate, blind kind of trust. It’s this simple, calm feeling in my chest and doubting it is not even an option.
You have given me so much yet you keep on giving more every day. I kinda feel like every day was my birthday but without the awkward “Happy birthday to Hikaru” and getting shitty presents part. Unlike in birthdays, there is nothing burdensome about being with you. I don’t have to pretend to like something I don’t and I don’t have to listen to horrible singing just because I happen to be blessed that day. I’m not worried about sucking out all the sunshine and fun you have inside you because when I look at you I feel how much I love you and how much I trust you and how much I respect you and these feelings inside me will protect you from anything, even from my exhausting quirks, my morning grumpiness and horrible impersonations and the tendency to kick you in my sleep. And I know you know that and when you look at me it’s suddenly your birthday too and knowing this makes me the happiest guy on earth.
You are more than I deserve but I’m not sorry or hesitant to have you. Falling in love with you (really falling, deep and hard, but with no crushed bones) might not have been what I was expecting but now it has happened without a doubt and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you. I love you I love you I love you.
Like I told you above, I’m really no good with letters. I wanted to make this a good one so I actually looked up some writing tips but none of them seemed right. I can’t promise you the stars from the sky and honestly said, your eyes are not glimmering like thousand jewels and your hair is not shinier than the stars. If I told you something like that I wouldn’t be writing from my heart and this whole letter would be pointless. I suppose it’s also far from any kind of passionate, dead serious approach and it’s not very beautifully written, either. However, I do have my honesty and love to offer and like it or not, this is how I’ll shove it down your throat.
I love you. I love you, you smug, sadistic, self-centered, loud, superficial, spoiled, lazy, possessive, fussy, childish, perverted, fancy-ass memory foam puppy.
I love you, Shinpei.
- Hika