You know, now that TellTale is branching out and making games based on other games (Minecraft and Borderlands), I’m thinking that they reeaaaallly should do a game for Mass Effect.

Just imagine; the two biggest names in interactive narrative working together (they have to get the lore and concepts somewhere) to improve upon what is already an amazing IP. Imagine the sense of retribution that would give Mass Effect (especially with how people received the ending. I personally liked it, but that’s no matter). Imagine all the places they could go. The Relay 314 Incident (I personally prefer that over ‘The First Contact War), the Krogan Rebellions, the Rachni Wars, the Secession War, or, hell, they could even divert back to a previous Cycle!

Dear God, the more I think about this, the more I realize that I don’t want it.

I need it.

howlercon character appreciation graphic series: eaddy mays as victoria argent

(linden ashby/the sheriff)


Karl la Karl

I write to say a thank you
For the gift that you did pick
So thanks and never call again
You passive-aggressive prick

Reality is a lovely place.

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弱虫ペダル SPECIAL RIDE: yoshino hiroyuki as arakita, kakihara tetsuya as toudou, hino satoshi as shinkai, and maeno tomoaki as fukutomi (♡∀♡)

i’m late on this but i only just now watched the OVA after finding out my hakogaku boys actually SPEAK IN IT so here have the whole 20 seconds of dialog that came out of the third years’ mouths, to keep us impatient for the next three months until they actually show up in the anime (( and until abe!izumida and yonaga!manami actually speak sentences aaaaa ))

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* a 6 ft cockroach walks in your room* so you don't want to be our friend, hu? * pulls out massive cockroach cock out* then how about being our bitch?

….. A-Admin-chan?!



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☾: how i thought people would respond to the fic

☽: how people *actually* responded with: SLEEPLESS NIGHT

☾: how i thought people would respond to the fic

I thought people would like it just as much as they liked my normal naruhina prompts; and I get a pretty nice response from tumblr from my normal naruhina prompts that I put up here every now and then, but nothing too major

☽: how people *actually* responded

but I received a MUCH MUCH MUUUCH bigger response than I thought I would!!! more notes on tumblr/more reviews on and I even had some really sweet people draw art for it!!!!! I’d say the response was like 200% more positive and bigger than I anticipated, which makes me really really happy!

send me a symbol from this fic writing meme!!!


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I just wanted to let you know: you're one of my all time favorite blogs annnnnnd you sound like a super cool person to boot. I hope you have a swell day :)


you are too nice oh gosh. thank yoooou. ♥! i have had a much better day than yesterday and today is friday so it’ll soon be the weekend and I CAN RELAX YAY. but yes. thanks!! :D

We were freaking out getting gifts from the Swiftmas party tonight I don’t know how the people who actually receive gifts from Taylor actually cope. 

At the end of the day no matter what happens I hope when my day comes im remembered for the type of good person I am, no matter my skin color, it’s a shame how cops can kill people and receive paid leave, go to trial and get off free for killing someone and go about there everyday life, go home to hug there family and there wife or husband , while the other person is in a coffin. Where is that persons hug ? What will that persons children do? What will the widowed wife tell her daughter or son that asks “mommy when is daddy coming home”? How does she respond without breaking down ?. Hopefully change comes soon because the people are tired of it and the people outnumber the police remember that America, the people will always win. I just hope no matter what someone thinks of me and the color of my skin they can get to know me before judging , but I know that’s wishful thinking. To the small amount of people I talk to who actually have my # on here , for my lovely followers, I love you all, protect yourself , your family , your loved ones, because if the police and the government we believe in won’t provide justice then who will ? Thanks again for following me , I hope your all having a good night , your sleeping well and you all have a good day, remember if you ever need to talk my followers or anyone at all don’t be afraid 😊 goodnight my loves, sleep well and I’ll try to do the same.

i would like to apologize again for how many notifications people are receiving bc tumblr wont post my follow forever sorryyyy!!!

Hate and Furries

I’m always surprised when I find a furry on the internet hating on another fandom. In general, the furry community receives a lot of hate despite the good that we bring to the world. As somebody who is well-aware of this hate, I try my best to be positive and uplifting - even to groups that I don’t necessarily support. I guess not everybody is that way… perhaps they don’t understand that what they’re doing is causing others to suffer in the same ways that they have. That makes me sad :/

So next time you see a post you don’t like or if you’re about to write a really negative comment - make sure you stop and think about how the people receiving that comment will feel. If you can’t say anything nice or constructive then don’t say anything at all, just move on. Have a nice night/day everyone!

(1:29AM - I am a sleepy wolf… )

A new report gives Virginia’s workforce training programs the business, calling them fragmented, ineffective and almost impossible to measure for results.

The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission received a report from its staff that recommends 30 changes in how Virginia runs workforce programs, which are spread among nine agencies that distribute more than $340 million in federal and state funds for employee assistance and training.

Members of the commission expressed dismay at findings that the state has done a poor job of defining performance measures for the program or even collecting information from the programs about how many people receive training for professions that need workers, much less what the state gets for the money it spends.

“No accountability — that’s part of the problem,” said Sen. John Watkins, R-Powhatan, the commission’s chairman, after the presentation Monday.

Click on the headline to read the full story.

~ Richmond Times-Dispatch