Pairing: Sam (early seasons)  x Reader

A/N: I’m having insane writer’s block. So this one-shot was definitely a lighter type of writing, nothing like how much time I spent on Serendipity. But if I get my head together tomorrow, there should be another one-shot out during the weekend.



“See you then” I tossed the phone onto the table before banging on the bathroom door.

“We’re going to Ellen’s!” I shouted through the flimsy motel door and heard Dean say something in response. We were passing through the area, and once Ellen found out there were three new voicemails on Dean’s phone.

Maybe Jo could help; it’s a simple salt and burn. And maybe it’d be good for Dean. When he’s with Jo he’s more patient and calm. I know she likes him, and he does too.

I shoved another shirt into my duffel bag.

Sometimes though I’m happy we leave the Roadhouse. Ellen and Jo are safer that way - everyone we, well I, touch dies. And I’m not ready to send the only other family I got to hell.

The ride there was mostly silent, except Dean kept switching out the tapes.

“Sammy, pass me the box” he reached towards my side and I shoved the cardboard box into his arms.

“Touchy” Dean muttered and tossed the Zeppelin tape into the box and fumbled around until he found the Metallica one. I rolled my eyes and opened my book, falling deeper into the leather seat.


The sun beat down hard against your back, only covered in a baggy t-shirt. Your face and arms were coated in grease and sweat, and you tried one more time to start the engine before returning to your work under the hood.

“Here” Jo opened the cooler and tossed you a beer.

“Thanks” you said, gulping the cold drink down.

“I don’t know much about cars, sorry I can’t help” she said and you laughed.

“Neither do I, but I’ll fix this damn thing if it’s the last thing I do” you said and she nodded, walking back inside the Roadhouse.

You only hunted as much as Jo did, which meant rarely. Somehow though, you always found yourself back at the bar, helping out with whatever you could. Jo had been an old friend of yours, but hunting got the best of both of you.

No parents, except Ellen, who seemed to mother you also.

“Y/N” her voice rang, “Get in here!” she shouted and you exhaled, wiping a greasy arm on your forehead.

You had to blink a few times to finally see indoors after the bright sun outside.

“Yeah?” you asked, grabbing a towel from one of the chairs.

“These are the hunters I’ve been telling you about” she said and you looked up, finally noticing two men, the taller one awkwardly waving.

“I’m Y/N” you stook out a hand then placed it back at your side, realizing how dirty it was.

“This is my brother Sam, I’m Dean” the green eyed man said. “What are you working on?” he walked in front of you and you followed.

“My car won’t start” you said and he began to take a look at it. “If you could f-”

“Give me thirty minutes and a beer” he said and you nodded, half running back into the bar. You hardly had any time to ask Jo before you saw her walking outside, towards Dean.

“Oh, are they like- a thing?” you asked, lazily pointing towards the door she walked out of. Sam raised a brow and smiled, his dimples went deep into his cheeks. “It’s complicated” he said.

“Ah” you smiled, “How about a beer? On me”.

“Perfect” Sam said and dropped a bag onto the table. While you grabbed the drinks you watched him slide out a laptop and open it, typing furiously.

“Here” he moved it towards you, “Thanks” Sam grabbed the beer.

You sat on the chair, skimming through the information Sam compiled about the spirit. He watched you, while you read. Sam saw how you began to subconsciously tap on the table, creating a soft rhythm. And how your hair constantly got into your eyes - he wanted to move it. But each time you’d tuck the hair behind your ear yourself, and continue reading.

“How’s it going” Ellen came up behind both of you, placing a hand on each of your shoulders.

“Good” Sam began.

“I think I’ll join them” you said, looking up at both of them.

“Are you sure? I mean it’s just a salt and burn- it’s nothing-”

“I’m coming” you said. “It’s been awhile since I hunted, I need the practice” you said and Sam nodded, looking up at Ellen for approval.

“Get packin’” she said and took your beer, taking the last of it for herself. You smiled and passed the laptop back to Sam. You walked outside to see Jo helping Dean out with the car, passing him his tools and making small conversation.

“You wanna come?” you said loudly, so she’d hear.

“I’ll stay here” she said and you nodded, then looked at Dean.

“You and Sammy are going?” he asked.
“Yeah, it’s easy. You can stay back if you want” and saw Jo’s lips twitch upwards.

“Yeah, alright” he passed a rag between his hands, dirtying it. You retreated into Jo’s room and grabbed your duffel.

“Where’s Dean?” Sam asked when you came back towards the bar. He was sitting with Ash, who was working on some weird gadget.

“He said he’ll stay back, I’ll fill in” you said and Sam shrugged. He grabbed Dean’s jacket off the chair, grabbing his car keys before going back outside.

“Dean will kill me for driving his car” he said and you laughed, “I’m serious” Sam turned to you, making you smile even wider.

You leaned back in the seat, watching out Sam’s window. When he thought you weren’t looking, he’d steal glances your way.

“How do you know Ellen?” he asked while making a right.

“I’m an old friend of Jo’s and Ellen practically raised me, so I find myself there a lot” you said. The day was darkening into a peaceful evening - pink and orange strokes painted the sky, and you couldn’t help but find yourself not wanting to hunt, but instead pull over and watch the stars.

“What?” he asked moments later, a hint of a smile playing a devious game on his face.

“Hmm?” you didn’t realize how long it’d been since you spoken.

“Something wrong?” he sounded genuinely concerned. It was rare to meet hunters like Sam. You looked at him and saw a glint of hope in his eyes, and you found hope in it too.

“No. It’s just beautiful” you said, “See up there? The stars are making a giant star”

“Or maybe just a devils trap” Sam said and you laughed.


You reached for the music control, turning the knob until you finally settled. Falling asleep became a harder task than it usually was, and the night chill was settling inside the Impala.

You wrapped your arms around yourself and leaned your head against the window, stretching your legs out.

Sam began to drive slower, avoiding as many potholes as he could. He didn’t even realize he was doing it until he shrugged off his jacket at the gas stop, and placed it over you. In your sleep you pulled it up and he smiled when you nuzzled into it and let out a deep breath.

Sam paid, and got back into the car in time to pick up Dean’s call.

“Almost” Sam whispered, looking over to you.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked.

“What? Nothing” Sam hissed into the phone, “We’re not too far. I’ll call you when the hunts over”

“Alright, see you then” Dean said and Sam heard the tone ring before shutting it off. He pressed down the pedal, speeding off towards the spirit house.

It wasn’t much longer when you woke up, feeling a weight on you. You blinked your eyes open, pulling Sam’s jacket up higher.

“Thanks” you whispered. He looked over and smiled.

“We’ll be there in five minutes I think”

“Alright” you said and stretched your arms as far as they could go without hitting Sam. “I’m keeping this though” you said, and slipped it on, letting the warmth encapsulate you. Sam chuckled and pulled into a small development of abandoned houses.

“Creepy” you muttered, grabbing your duffel from the backseat.

“Yeah” he said, letting his hands hit his sides once he got out of the car. “You got the salt rounds” he began but his voice faded away when he took your gun, checking for himself.

“Sam, I got it” you said, sticking your hand out for your gun.

“Sorry, just wanted to make sure” he said and gave you these puppy dog eyes that made you melt inside.

“Thanks” you said and clicked the safety off. “Now let’s go” you followed Sam towards the house. He took a lighter out of his pocket and signaled it towards the backyard, where the bones were.

“Who buries people in their backyard?” you exclaimed and he placed a strong hand over your mouth. Your eyes went wide at the motion and you smiled, both of you stifling your laughs.

“I’ll go upstairs, try and dig quickly” you said and opened the door, listening to it creak open. It was as if the ghost knew you were there - because there she was - her dirty clothing hanging off her body and her wiry hands flying towards you.

You let out two rounds in her before moving further into the house, buying Sam time.

“Sam! Faster!” you shouted out one of the broken windows.

“I’m trying!” he shouted, and you heard the comforting breaking of wood.

“Get out of my house!” the ghosts shrill voice pierced your ears and you hardly had time to react.

“Damnit” you exclaimed, letting out another round. She disappeared before it hit her, and you felt her presence behind you. Quickly you turned around, but her hands were wrapped tight around your neck.

“Sam!” you croaked, but you doubted he heard. “Please!” you cried, hoping he’d drop the lighter any second now. You forced a hand up, but your vision was turning black at the ends.

“You. Bitch” you spat with the last of your energy before a bright light shone in your eyes. She went up in flames, screaming and clawing the entire time.

“Y/N” Sams voice came from downstairs, “Y/N!” he shouted louder.

“I’m here” you hardly said, rubbing a hand on your bruised neck. “Nice timing” he grabbed your hand and nodded.

“Are you alright, let me see” he began to fuss around you.

“Sam, I’m fine just-” you tried swatting his hands away, “ugh” you said and let him look. You craned your neck to the side and let him run his fingers along your neck.

“It’s bruising” he said, almost to himself.

“Yeah, no kidding” you said, but still didn’t push him away.

“I should’ve dug faster, I just didn’t think that-”

“It’s fine, I’m fine. We’re both fine” you grabbed his hands and squeezed them in yours. “Now go call your brother, let him know”.

He nodded and walked in front of you, constantly looking back as if you wouldn’t follow him. You wrapped his jacket tight around you in the night wind that hit you in strong gusts.

“Hey” you heard Sam say into the phone once you sat inside.

“Yeah, no were good”


“Dean, no- I- the spirits gone”

Pause. Sam looked over at you and made a funny face. You bit your tongue not to laugh so Dean would hear.

“We’re two hours away. See you in the morning” Sam finally hung up and you let out the laugh you’d been holding it.

“What? This is funny?” he said, turning and sticking his tongue out.

“A little” you said, before mimicking his face. He finally smiled and you eased into your seat. Music filled the car once he turned on the engine, and you turned on your side, facing Sam.

“Try to sleep” he tried to cover your face with his hand while still looking at the road. You squirmed under his touch, giggling like a child.

“Move your hand!” you exclaimed, laughing while he palmed your face. “Or I’ll lick you” you threatened but he still didn’t move. So you did.

“Oh- really- that’s sick” he wiped his hand on his shirt and you laughed.

“Victory!” you raised your hands as high as the car allowed and settling back into the seat. It wasn’t long until the car lulled you to sleep once more. Sam lowered the music and heard your deep breathing as he drove. It was comforting; you’d survived another hunt. By the time Sam rolled the car into Ellen’s parking lot, it was near five in the morning.

“Y/N” he placed a hand on your shoulder, but you hardly budged. He sighed and looped an arm around you, and one under your legs, carrying you into the Roadhouse.

“I got a present for you” he said when he saw Ellen was still awake.

“Lay her down there” she pointed to the pool table and Sam turned quizzically toward her. “Oh it’s only temporary” Ellen said and Sam laid you down carefully, turning your neck so it wouldn’t hurt in the morning.

“Don’t you go hurting her” Ellen passed Sam a beer.


“I can see the way you’re look at her. And boy if you even make her frown I’ll kick your ass” she threatened and Sam couldn’t help but chuckle, before raising his hands up in surrender.

Ellen shut her laptop and retreated into her room, leaving Sam to sit alone at a table, nursing his beer. He heard something drop behind him and turned around quickly, raising his gun.

“It’s just me” you said sleepily, looking over at the pool pocket you accidently hit a ball into.

“Sorry” Sam said and you rubbed your eyes, walking towards him.

“So that’s it? You’ll be gone in the morning” you said matter-of-factly.

“Well, I don’t know. It all kinda depends on Dean” he said and you nodded understandingly but really, you didn’t get it.

“Thanks for the hunt, I really needed it” you finally said.

“I just wish you didn’t get bruised from it” he said, looking at your neck.

“How about you make it up to me by staying one more day? And I bet Jo would love Dean’s company” you said.

“Well there’s no denying that” Sam said, taking another swig of his beer.

“Then it’s settled. See you in the morning” you said and walked past Sam and towards your room.

“I hope so” Sam whispered, watching you walk away. He drank down the last of his drink, and fell asleep not soon after. It hadn’t been this easy to fall asleep in months, but knowing the faster he did, the faster he’d get to see you in the morning. So Sam shut his eyes tight, and pictured how tomorrow would go.

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idk if this would work but... v & z are planning on how they will reveal they're in a relationship? OR v (or z) accidentally lets it slip they are together in an can decide if they cover it up with "big bro" language or just go with it?

Just a quickie fic, because this prompt makes me smile, but I don’t want to take the time to write anything extensive for it. >___< Hope you like!


Val’s sitting in the sofa across from Ellen feeling pretty relaxed, honestly. Maybe the most relaxed he’s ever felt in an interview before. He and some of the cast of DWTS are doing a brief interview about tour, and the past season, and normally he’d be counting the seconds until he could walk out but he and Rumer are really working the circuit promoting SWAY 3.0 and so far things have been really good. Ellen’s been giving ample opportunity to advertise their various side projects, and Val’s more than happy to talk about SWAY every chance he gets.  

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Laura's been goin' mano y mano with this little gnome A L L N I G H T!!! She literally throat punched a VAMPIRE in season 1! She's got it covered like freakin' all state insurance, no she doesn't need savin', she's probably gonna slit Lief's throat with a chipped teacup saucer if he gets too pushy! Ellen, don't bother answering any more of these "Laura's dumb, Laura's weak, Laura blah blah", you just link em to this ask!! LAURA IS A BADASS Y'ALL!!!

This is a thing of glory

me to my friends
  • me:have you watched tyler's latest video, it's hilarious
  • me:did you know that tyler was on ellen? yea he was. you should watch the episode, it's amazing
  • me:there was a new psychobabble episode yesterday, tyler and korey talked about clubbing boys with club sandwiches, I nearly got kicked out of class for laughing too much while i was listening to it
  • me:guess what? tyler wrote a book, it's called Binge, I can't wait to read it, you can preorder it at
  • me:tyler's coming here in september, on his tour, you've gotten tickets right, you can book them at so we can go together
  • me:tyler got a snapchat, it's hilarious, make sure you're following him okay
  • me:tyler was on ellen, he was on ellen, did I say that he was on ellen, i can't believe it, he was on ellen
  • me:tyler-
  • friends:okay thats enough
Solangelo ness pt 3

If you haven’t read the others…

Solangeloness pt 1

Solangeloness pt 2

Four months later…
Will hadn’t known.
And he felt like shit because of it.
In his defense, he hadn’t known because Nico hadn’t told anyone. Nobody at camp knew. Nico probably hadn’t even known completely; he wasn’t keeping track of the dates, which meant that days, a weekend, weeks could have gone by without him realizing that time had passed and his birthday was well behind him. But, two days before, someone- Will forgot exactly who- had asked what the date was, and someone replied, “January 22nd!”
Nico stopped and startled a little.
“What?” Will had asked, after Nico’s face contorted into a look of recognition, and gathered a little bit of melancholy.
“Nothing,” Nico said, sourly, like he normally did. Will scowled at him. He was starting to get good at scowling at Nico, a habit he had learned from Nico himself.
Will let it go. Sometimes, he put in the effort to bicker with the infuriating boy. Other times, like this, he didn’t really find it necessary to.
Will now realized that Nico probably had then realized, at that moment, two days ago, that his birthday was in two days.
So, technically, Will couldn’t be blamed for not knowing. Nico hadn’t told him. Nico hadn’t told anyone.
But Will- still- felt like shit. What kind of best friend was he? And that's… hopefully… what he and Nico were. Best friends. And he hadn’t even known Nico’s birthday.
The fact that Hades appeared at Camp Half-Blood definitely contributed to this shittiness feeling.
And- Will wasn’t going to lie- he very nearly peed his pants.
You don’t expect the Dark Lord of the Underworld to manifest a foot in front of your face as you turn to run to your cabin.
Instead of peeing, Will gracefully landed on his butt and scooted away, staring.
Hades looked down, unimpressed. He gave a noncommittal grunt of judgment.
Will stayed silent and openmouthed for a moment before thinking, “This is Nico’s father.” And although, mostly, it didn’t really help, and almost made things even scarier in a way, his perspective of this ruler of the dead shifted in small details. That scowl was Nico’s. That hard shell is exoskeleton Nico pretends to have. And that bored look is the look that Nico tends to take on during conversations.
So Will swallowed before hesitantly brushing himself off and getting up, glancing around to see whether anyone happened to catch that. He cleared his throat. “Uh… Hello. Lord Hades. Nico’s father. Nice to meet you.”
And- as stupid and awkward as Will was- he dumbly stuck out his hand for a handshake.
The look on Lord Hades’ face changed into something Will also knew and recognized only too well- disbelief. The same look of disbelief Nico sometimes got when he clearly thought that Will was being a complete moron.
And as though he hadn’t just learned his lesson on keeping his idiotic thoughts to himself, Will just had to add, lamely, like his mouth was on autopilot, “I think you’re my great-uncle.”
Lord Hades raised his eyebrows and gave himself time to take a long, slow blink. “You are his friend?”
“Pardon?” Will didn’t normally use that word, but his mouth had already made it plainly obvious that it would refuse to function correctly.
“You are,” Lord Hades drawled slowly, confirming the fact that he thought Will was a total moron, “Nico’s friend? My son, Nico? You seemed to demonstrate knowledge earlier that you realize Nico is my son, I believe?”
“Yes,” Will got a little indignant, straightening up, coughing out his nervousness. He let the embarrassment fuel his irritation which fueled some motivation that fueled control over his mouth. “Do you need to see him? Can I ask why, exactly, you’re here?”
“Hmmph,” Hades said, unhelpfully, answering neither question. “I need to give a package to him, but I just can’t seem to be able to find him. But I’m afraid I must go back to the Underworld soon…”
Hades trailed off, looking at Will expectantly. Will blinked.
“You want me to… give Nico the package?” Will asked, hoping that it wasn’t a dumb question. Hades sighed.
“Yes. I would give the present to him myself, but really, quite a lot of stuff to do… Anyways, here. Tell him happy birthday. And that…” Hades looked Will over one more time, skeptically. “And that any alternative to Percy, I suppose, can’t be that bad, although his new favorite does seem to be a bit dull in the brain.”
Will blinked again, his face melting into shock. “Birthday? Today? And he didn’t say anything?”
Hades was fumbling through his sleeves, apparently already busying himself with his next task. “Yes, that does sound like Nico. Not telling anyone anything. Terrible recipe for future relationships.”
Will’s mind faintly managed to click some other pieces of what Hades had said together. “Wait. Any alternative to Percy? New favorite? What were you say- Can you repeat that part?”
Hades sighed, a long, slow sigh. Will couldn’t have felt more out of place. “Dull in the brain. That is what I said. And I continue to stand by it.”
And he promptly disappeared.
Leaving Will with a package in hand.
A gift. He needed a gift.
He had just about six hours to get it, before midnight.
And he had to avoid Nico during that entirety of that time.
He could always just say “Happy Birthday”, and apologize for not getting a gift, and get him a gift later, and be done with that-
No. No, but Nico had gotten him that flower. That pretty little sunny flower that gave him little butterflies every time he walked by it and remembered that memory- awkward and sweet and vulnerable and adorable.
And that was kind of the snapping point. When Will really realized, at least, that Nico cared for him back.
Which made Will’s absurd, weird, clingy kind of crush on Nico a little more hopeful and reassuring. That Will wasn’t being as annoying as he thought he was. That Nico was just as insecure about the whole thing as Will was.
He couldn’t follow up that moment, that amazing moment, with a lame “Happy Birthday, Nico”.
He would have to do more. For a split second, even thought it would never work and he somehow felt like Hades would track him down and chop him into little bits because of it, he was tempted to pass off Hades’ package as his own.
No, obviously. No. He had to get something on his own.
But what?
Damn this.
He was feeling shittier than ever.
Okay. He had a formation of an idea, but…
It was shitty.
But it was still an idea.
Maybe this could be good. Maybe… Maybe this was something different than what Nico normally got.
Maybe this could work out.
This is so lame. And stupid. This isn’t working out.
He can’t even cook. Or bake, or whatever. What was Will thinking?
Second time’s the charm, right?
Can Lou Ellen bake?
Will was going to need some outside help.

*the next one’s going to be the final and longest one, guys, no worries*

"You are the most beautiful thing" - wolfstar

Sirius lived for moments like this. Moments with Remus, clearly not knowing what he was doing to him, driving his mind wild,crazy, burning his skin with gentle touches of his fingers against his forearm, circles on the back of his hand, up the sleeve of his shirt, pressing his palm onto his shoulder before coming back down again. Every touch was lightning.


“Hm?” A soft sigh was the only reply

“You’re doing it again”

“Sorry” Remus whispered back but continued tracing his fingers along Sirius’ arm anyway

Jesus fucking christ was all Sirius could think because it was that sort of moment and Remus was just killing him with the slow, dreamy movements of his delicately pale fingers.

It was a gorgeous sunny evening and the two boys were at the black lake, lying on the grass and just taking in the fact that they were alone and together and being stress free for once. Remus had his head on Sirius’ chest and could feel him breathing, every breath hitching when his fingers slid up his shirt sleeve or his elbow and Sirius was simply entranced because fuck Moony are you trying to get me hard or something? And everything was okay.

Sirius sat up rather abruptly because 1) Remus was killing him slowly and 2) it was too bloody warm and a swim was in order

“What are you doing?” Remus asked with widened eyes as Sirius pulled his shirt off over his head “fuck” he whispered under his breath, trying not to make it obvious that he was staring at Sirius’ toned but not bulky torso. The tan lines reached the tops of his arms where his shirt sleeves had stopped and it made Remus bite his bottom lip because he would so love to trace them and just touch Sirius’ stomach because goddamn.

“Going for a swim, care to join me?” Sirius asked as he stood up, stripping off to his boxers before looking down at Remus again who was clearly hypnotised. Wide green eyes, lip biting. Sirius even noticed the large swallow in his throat at the sight of his boxers and God Moony stop staring you’re making me blush but not as much as Remus who looked like he’d sunburnt his whole face and then dipped in it red paint for good measure

“Uh-Uhm… N-no…I think I’ll…Uhm…stay here?” Is that what he was meant to say? He really just wanted to snog Sirius’ face off and although he had seen Sirius naked before, it was nothing compared to what he was looking at now, for it was just skims of his stomach as his shirt lifted up when he stretched (Remus lived for those moments) or that one time Sirius was sent to the hospital wing after a nasty bludger accident on the Quidditch pitch so he had to pull up his trouser leg and Remus swore he almost died, explaining to Lily afterwards of course, because he could trust Lily to keep these secrets.

“Suit yourself, but I’m pretty sure you’ll burn and shrivel to a crisp in no time” Sirius winked and sprinted towards the water, leaping off the bank and into the cool dark water, gasping for breath at the sudden temperature change even if it was welcomed. Sirius pushed his long dark hair from his eyes as he submerged from the water, waving over at Remus and shouting “come on mate! It’s not that bad!”

Remus gave up. He was warm too. Hot. But he didn’t think it was the sun. Jesus. It wasn’t the sun. Remus stripped off to his own pants and walked hesitantly towards the water. Watching as Sirius’ eyes followed him. Stepping into the water, Remus inhaled through his nose as the water made its way up to his neck, wading in towards Sirius.

“Did I ever tell you, you’re bloody beautiful Moony?” Sirius whispered, tracing one of the light silver scars that travelled across his thin chest and over his bony shoulder “because you fucking are” Sirius took his Remus’ hand below the water and ran his thumb along the back of it because fuck who is going to know? And Sirius was simply in awe because Remus was fucking skinny and weak but he was Remus so it didn’t matter and nothing was going to stop him loving this boy.

Remus could only turn red again.

And then they were kissing. And Remus was pushed backwards into the water, and Sirius’ hands cupped his face and stroked his jaw. And Remus had his hands on Sirius’ broad shoulders and he was doing that thing again, tracing his neckline and down, down, down, to where the tan lines stopped and started at the same time and further, farther, farther to his glorious hip bone where he traced that too. And the kiss was deafening. The kiss was wet. The kiss was hot. The kiss was made of love and admiration and even more love piled on top because kisses like this hadn’t been shared before and bloody hell Moony if you’re putting your hand on my hip I’m putting mine on your ass. And he did and there were gasps and moans and lip biting and finger tracing and neck kissing and love.

Future generation inspiration ☝🏼👆🏼 Been binge watching @ellenfisher on YouTube for the past day now and Im so in love with her lifestyle and family💘 Elvis isnt even in school yet and yet he already understands that animals are friends, not food🐮🐷🐥 “I love my fruits and veggies, you dont need to eat animals, like us! You just need to eat fruits and vegetables!” 👈🏼 this 3 y/o has more love and compassion than most of the world🌎 And congrats on Sandy being born! Please have a look at some of Ellen’s videos!! Cant wait to see this family grow 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🌟🌿

Mad Max: Fury Road is a fucking spectacular movie. Basically 2 hours of car chase that’s not boring, or laughably machismo. Instead it’a freaking INSANE, with enough world building and characterisation to give you the oppurtunity to imagine the world in which this is happening. A MAD world. It successfully alludes to the horrors faced by BOTH men and woman in a world like this, how shitty men at the top can be to the people at the bottom and features one of the most kick-ass but well rounded female action heroes since ellen fucking ripley. Also, one of the most metal things I’ve ever freaking seen & Hardy’s Max was actually kinda hilarious but in the best way possible, he totally rocked. Furiosa rocked. The old ladies rocked. Nux the Warboy rocked, the cars rocked. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ROCKED. 

i always read the tags, because they never fail to be the cutest thing ever 

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I think the thing I understand the least about the whole Joey situation is the trend #JoeyonEllen. Like the fuck does he need to be on Ellen for? He literally made a music video somehow distantly related to coming out and used it to sell his book. He literally doesn't need the publicity or the potential money from such a thing. He threw money away on a fancy "surprise I'm gay" video, which if you have half a functioning gaydar, you already knew.


Wow….My idol, I wrote an English paper on him, treasured my one and only like from him, watched his first video over and over…And now? He was on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I honestly can’t fathom how proud all of us are of him. He started his channel for entertainment and now it’s a career for his many fans. He has persevered so many things in his lifetime and if he wasn’t here with us today, he won’t not be able to share this wonderful experience. He says he’s like us but, I think we know he means more than that. He is an idol, a lifesaver, a celebrity meet-er and a friend - to us all. tyleroakley , we love you and cannot explain in words, how fortunate we are to have you. -Kay

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wait when did tyler say he's going to be on ellen?

He hasn’t mentioned it yet, but he’s on the list of future Ellen guests on official websites and will apparently be on next Thursday. The best part is that he’s one of the two main guests for that day, which means it’s not just a short five minute appearance. And Ellen is so pro-YouTube so it won’t be one of those shitty interviews where they basically ask “um so how the fuck do you make money from this?”, like he’ll get asked legitimate questions and meet Ellen and oh my god I’m so excited!!

Just so proud of tyleroakley he has come a long way since when he started :) #TeamInternet strikes again :) hopefully it’s the start of many youtubers going on the ellendegeneres show Hope mydrunkkitchen gracehelbig mamrie and every other youtuber that we look up to gets the chance to go on there. (Also freeking out as tyleroakley just liked my post 😱😱😱😱 )

Ok but what really breaks my heart is that you know if Death’s condition is for Dean to Kill Sam, Sam will be so relieved. Sam is so tired. I think even the remote possibility that he could go to Heaven and see Jess, Bobby, Ash, Jo, Ellen, Kevin, Charlie, John and Mary and 2390429 other people is something he would gladly jump on in a heartbeat. We know Death respects Sammy. If Dean gets to keep acting like a piss-baby at least give Sam a good death. 

Want to see more of Stephen Amell? Let your voices be heard!

Remember the fans’ voice is always important to be heard ( and very effective too), so if you want to see Stephen Amell on any talk shows, magazine, program…etc. Don’t hesitate to post on their twitter or facebook or email them, whichever is the easiest for you. Also fave/rt others’ tweets too & like/comment on the posts. Just spread the word and show support!

We have SNL, WWE, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Larry King, lots of Magazines for new interviews and photo shoots (GQ, Nylon, Men’s Health, MoreTVeMag…etc. pick your fave) . Even if schedule conflict hinder the process, it’s still nice to let everyone and Stephen himself know how much we want him there and how much support he gets.


I don’t know why this video gets to me so much. But whenever I see it I’m honestly in tears. This video was posted by my favourite YouTuber ( tyleroakley ) nearly 9 years ago. It was his 8th video ever, but the first one that’s public on YouTube. It’s kinda just him talking about how it rained and he walked to classes and about how it’s his freshman year of university.
I just wanted to say that, that was 9 years ago, so much has been accomplished, he hit 6mill subscribers, been on tour, been on Ellen, been on the radio, making a book, but most importantly inspired millions.
I am so proud and happy and yeah like he says at the end of the video “I guess I have reasons to smile.” tyleroakley you are my reasons to smile. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

oi nico, did you know that lou ellen might have a crush on you? what does will think of that?

HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHA I don’t like boys. Not even a little. -Lou Ellen 

If someone else had a crush on Nico, I would be fine. I trust him not to cheat on me, and he is the only person that I need to concern myself with. The other person can feel what ever they want. -Will

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What are your thoughts on Johnny and Winona like do you think they'll ever get back together? Do you think he still loves her since she broke up with him

I doubt that they’ll ever get back together :( but who knows! And yeah of course in a way, he said that he didn’t regret any of the tattoo’s that he has had on Ellen which means he did not regret the Winona Forever one how cute is that god bless