Jung Leo letting out his inner playful kitty~ 3/3

As requested by anonymous: Will tricking Hannibal

The bloodbath “Hannibal” ended with was a result of Hannibal’s unleashed fury triggered by wrenching feeling of betrayal. Before betrayal happened there was thoroughly knitted by Will deception, him becoming perfect lure for greedy monster so hungry for results of his experiments and nurture that at some point he didn’t care if Will’s pretending and simply acting out his mimicry. Hannibal desperately wanted to believe Will IS BECOMING an imago, an ideal of himself Hannibal so dearly harbours. And so he did believe and when the pretences have shattered and Will was exposed as not Hannibal’s beloved but an imposter Hannibal responded immediately showing his true nature to the world. The betrayal rips any remaining of human mask from his face because it came unexpected as the deception itself was so thorough. IMPRORTANT: It’s not Will’s fault to pay, these people didn’t walk into the bloodbath because Will led the monster to react in wounded, disappointed rage consuming them all. It’s them becoming  a necessary sacrifice in their heroic fight with malicious evil. This evil DEVOURS and it can only be caught in the act of devouring IT EXPOSES ITSELF THEN. Will became the food - final blow punching the veil letting it slide and show the monster behind but not before tempting the monster effectively enough to take interest, to follow, to hunt and finally to eat. There are no winners here. In a bloodbath where innocence is drown and justice never comes there is no triumph. But it goes both ways: all these people, Will too, gave their lives, some symbolically others literally to expose the evil and Hannibal’s whole composure has been rattled, ruined and shattered for the whole world to see what he is for real. No more person suit, no more hiding. He’s not a respected doctor of psychiatry anymore but a crude monster put on the list with petty criminals. And the reveal wouldn’t happen at all if it weren’t for Will’s deception to begin with. In this he remains victorious and heroic. In his own ultimate self-sacrifice he is the hero.

Still disappointed I missed the last Black Ice week and it seems I’ll be missing the hybrid week with Goldenfrost as well, but this prompt, guys. This prompt.

The best prompt.

I’ve always liked picturing these two living in a giant fortress-castle-thing on the South Pole, king-in’ it up and being badass together. I imagine this is what they’d look like at full power, Jack slightly taller and buffer, staff all pimped out, Pitch carrying around this huge-ass cape, which just kind of fades off into the shadows, no matter how bright the room is. And of course, Jack is upgraded to King Frost, having unofficially hooked up with the Nightmare King.

Reading my textbooks again.


First of all,

Second, meet my mess of a Hyuuchiha child, Honoou Uchiha. Name courtesy by renoa because I’m actually bad at naming things.

Brief description: actual flower boy who gets extremely nervous about things he doesn’t know of, but is a pyromaniac and a genius of fire techniques. he doesn’t have the sharingan or the byakugan, but his flames burn the brightest of blue, hotter than any Uchiha flames. His injuries though are not from his fire, but from being extremely clumsy. Villagers call him Bakuchiku, meaning “firecracker” due to his unusual love for the element, and to also associate him with good friend Shinachiku Uzumaki because Honoou tends to drag the poor boy into one of his many unfortunate troubles (troubles which Honoou accidentally caused and Shina is left to clean up after his mess D:<).

"Lily’s mince pies ‘ave not opened yet, she’s ah growing though ah mile ah minute, and there is no reason there be concerned over Redux. Boy comes ‘ome evry night, Though ah understand if he’s late comin’ ‘ome from prom or stays the night out. This must be ‘ard for the boy, right, havin’ ter deal with personal issues, I don’t mind if he takes some time off, right, though he’s never too far."


Connor, Miles & Monroe | 2.12

"Let me reiterate, screw both of you - with something pointy!"

i wanted to distract myself bc that usually does the trick so i cut open my stuffed bear and restuffed him bc he was originally filled with some cheap styrofoam chips and he was rlly deflated and now he’s all fluffy again it’s great