In the end, this story was about nothing more than a boy whose love for a princess drove him to corruption

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Fiona visiting Carl and telling him about Ian. And Carl getting upset and worried as hell because even though he doesn't care about himself being in juvie, he hates the idea of Ian being locked up. He starts asking all kinds of questions, "what are they gonna do to him?" "when is he gonna get out?". And Fiona tries to assure him that he'll be okay, and that Carl should worry as much about himself. "But Ian..." Carl says. And Fi reminds Carl that Ian is just as worried about him. Carl gets quiet.

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Is iggy attached to america? Like, he can't go anywhere with america being with him?

America:  “I guess he is with me a lot… and he gets upset when I leave..”

I imagine that Kagami’s reaction to Aomine in a dress would be laughing like crazy cuz seriously he don’t get to see Aomine Daiki in a dress everyday so he just laugh his ass off but then he starts making fun of him and making jokes cuz you know how Kagami can be pretty insensitive at times and so Aomine gets really upset and he’s like ‘that Bakagami didn’t have to laugh that fucking much, damn it!’ and leaves the room and Kagami doesn’t understand what the hell just happened cuz he can be very stupid too.

'Kagami-kun, you're an idiot'

'What?! Why?'

'You made Aomine-kun mad'

'Hah? Why me?

'Because you were making fun of him'

'But i wasn't the only one! Everybody was laughing!'

Kuroko just have to sigh because how is it possible for someone to be this dumb

'Haven't you realized yet that your actions affect Aomine-kun in a completely different way than everybody else's? You're his boyfriend after all.'

Ok, he might have been making too much fun of Aomine and his jokes weren’t exactly funny either so…

'Tch… jeez ok, i got it now… i'm just… going out for a bit'

'He's probably in the bathroom' Kagami thinks so he goes in and he was right, Aomine is in one of the booths.



No answer, of course.

'Aomine, i know you're in there, i can see your dress sticking out under the door'

Kagami hears something that sounds like a kick to the booth’s door.

Ok, maybe he shouldn’t have said that.

'Get the hell out of here, Bakagami!'

'Come on Aomine, i'm sorry, sorry for being such an ass back there.'


'I guess i'd be pissed too if i were you but i'm really sorry ok?'


'Besides… that dress actually looks good on you'

'Hah? What the hell are you saying? Is that supposed to make me feel better?

'Well, at least you look better than Midorima in a woman's kimono, that's for sure'

'Pfft hahaha, well… You're right about that'

Aomine opens the booth’s door and when he’s going out he steps on the dress and almost falls, Kagami has to use all of his strenght to not laugh and pretend he didn’t see anything because if he dares to laugh right now he’s dead.

But seriously now that he takes a better look, the dress really looks good on Aomine.

'You look really good in that dress'

'You can stop that already'

'No, i'm serious. Maybe we should take it with us so you can wear it later, you know… in private.'

'Ehhh Taiga what was that? i didn't know you had this kind of kink, you pervert'

'Or… Maybe i could wear it later… you know… if you want me to… that is'

'Heh as if i wanted to see you in a-'

Aomine didn’t now how much he needed to see Kagami in a dress until the very moment he imagined, just a couple of seconds ago, a very embarrased, blushing Kagami, in a dress that probably won’t fit cause Kagami is broader than him so he would have to hold it to prevent it from falling and… fuck, ok yes he wants to see Kagami in a dress.

'Listen Kagami, i don't know how but i'm definitely taking this dress with us, you do not worry'

Kagami just snorts at Aomine’s determination.

'Who's the pervert now, idiot.'

F2F → Heya

Heather couldn’t believe what she had walked in on earlier. She knew things were rough with Taylor, but she didn’t think he’d ever cheat. Especially in the house they shared together. It made her sick, not to mention Eli saw it all and while he had no idea what was happening and Heather refrained from yelling at Taylor so he wouldn’t get upset, she knew things were going to change now and she really didn’t want to see Taylor or for Eli to be around him if he was just going to do this crap. Thankful that Naya was home now too, Heather picked up some stuff at the deli before making her way to her place, knowing she’d help make her feel better. Once getting to her place, Heather just walked in, knowing Naya didn’t care either and tried to smile once seeing her on the couch. “Hey.”

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what do you think of naruto as a character?

um… i have some… weird feelings on him. i don’t know if i’d be able to be CLOSE friends with him. he’s a little too happy go lucky for me. and when people get depressed he usually yells at them about how they cant give up. and i wouldnt be able to handle the yelling. but i feel like he could also be very understanding and kind. so like i LOVE him but he annoys me sometimes because he’s *too nice* and too Good.
also something that rly upsets me is that he never gets angry at people for treating him poorly. he never got upset at the villagers for suddenly loving him after he saved the village. he is far too Good for me.

Currently, Charlie-cat is wedged in between his cat bed and the human bed, looking very scared. Poor baby! He tried to run and hide earlier, but his CH tremors get more pronounced when he’s upset, so he just flopped away and couldn’t quite get a grip on the ground. 

There will be pictures! Someday! When he feels up to being social.

my brother is getting into pokemon and its kind of upsetting me which is stupid because its targeted towards children and hes 5 also im 17 and shouldnt be getting upset by this but i am i feel like hes invading something personal idk hes literally 5 years old i suck 

my 6 year old brother has been crying for the past 20 minutes because my parents didn’t invite him to their wedding 19 years ago

When the Antagonist Becomes Your Fav Character

Me (episode 1): what a fricken a-hole. They need to GET GONE

Me (episode 5): wow thanks for that tragic backstory. i didnt ask to pity them!

Me (episodes 8 on): they are my life please i just want them to be hhappy STOP HURTING THEM


like little boys  


Andy Dwyer Presents: D.C. 101 with Professor Andrew Dwyer (x)