#BlackWomenMatter (4/2/15): Far too often, I see responses to my post asking why our Black men only seem to be under attack by the police. The sad truth is that both our women and children face harassment and death from those sworn to “protect and serve.” This past weekend, Meagan Hockaday, a mother of three, was killed with in 20 seconds of the police arriving to her house on a domestic dispute call. Her children witnessed her death. Like Janisha Fonville earlier this year, police chose to shoot-to-kill rather than employ de-escalation tactics for a situation they receive extensive training to handle. Little to no answers have been provided at this point. Her death also comes in the wake of allegations that the police force who killed her gets tattoos to symbolize every shooting they’re involved in and life they’ve taken. Help raise the call for justice. Meagan Hockaday, we fight for you now too! #staywoke #farfromover



: 148 christian students massacred in Kenya. Where’s the outrage from world leaders?


hi everyone, i asked tumblr to reconsider this image removal and they wrote ”Thank you for your note. That content seems to have already been removed.” :/ anyway, i deeply impressed from each and every share, you prove there is hope for humanity in this sad cruel world, you can find a link to this image here (warning graphic content) in my photojournalism page, i’m adding relevant photos to this post.

i have just heard there are 7 million homeless kids due to the Syrian conflict, this so is hard to perceive: The world is so advanced and modern, but the West act as only cares about how to take advantage of the weak. Please be involved, be the news, search for Hashtags on Conflict countries, human rights, the environment, endangered animals, pollution etc.   Make a change By sharing on the information. Knowledge IS Power.

pictures caption:

Samuel Kimata © flanked by his mother Regina Nyambura and father Raphael Githakwa mourn as they carry the coffin containing the body of Angela Nyokabi, a student killed during an attack by gunmen at Garissa University, in Wanugu village, Gatundu near Kenya’s capital Nairobi. THOMAS MUKOYA / REUTERS

Schoolmates mourn during the burial of Angela Nyokabi, a student killed during an attack by gunmen at Garissa University, in Wanugu village, Gatundu near Kenya’s capital Nairobi April 10, 2015. Strapped with explosives, masked al Shabaab gunmen stormed the Garissa University College campus in a pre-dawn rampage. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

People look a board displaying the pictures of some of the students who were killed by gunmen at Garissa University College, as Kenyans continue to pay their respects at the “Freedom Corner” in Kenya’s capital Nairobi April 9, 2015. REUTERS/Noor Khamis

Rosina Nafuna © carries a portrat picture of her daughter Selpha Wanda, a student killed during an attack by gunmen at the Garissa University, from the Chiromo Mortuary in the capital Nairobi April 9, 2015.  REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

A relative is assisted by Kenya Red Cross staff as she reacts where bodies of the students killed in Thursday’s attack by gunmen are preserved at the Chiromo Mortuary in the capital Nairobi April 5, 2015. REUTERS/Gregory Olando

Garissa University students carry their belongings as they leave for destinations out of Garissa after an attack by gunmen in their campus, in Garissa April 4, 2015.  REUTERS/Noor Khamis

A woman holds a candle as she walks past wooden crosses placed on the ground, to symbolize the people killed by gunmen at Garissa University College, during memorial vigil at the “Freedom Corner” in Kenya’s capital Nairobi April 7, 2015. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

A woman holds a candle as she walks past wooden crosses placed on the ground, to symbolize the people killed by gunmen at Garissa University College, during memorial vigil at the “Freedom Corner” in Kenya’s capital Nairobi April 7, 2015. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

University students join a demonstration condemning the gunmen attack at the Garissa University campus, in the Kenyan coastal port city of Mombasa April 8, 2015. REUTERS/Joseph Okanga


My dad passed away today. So for blackout day. I will post my dad. He was the nicest, the kindest man, I ever knew and all he wanted was for everyone to be happy. Especially me and my sisters. To honor his memory I will let everyone know about him. Because he really was the best. Please reblog.

When Other people die they don’t show their freshly dead bodies. I work in a funeral home and we don’t even let ppl take pictures of the dead in their casket. That really bothers me.

media & society be like...

racist white boy chants racial slurs and promotes segregation: everybody has messed up, we learn and we grow, don’t destroy his life over this one mistake 

black kid is unjustly murdered: he deserved to die because…here’s a picture of him giving the middle finger 72 weeks ago…oh and his father stole a pack of gum 

Brazil has a horrible history of abusing its Black citizens, which now make up over 50% of their population. In the US, the police murder a Black person on an average of 1 every 28 hours. In Brazil, their average is 1 every 4 hours!

This time last year, the Brazilian police killed 38 year old Claudia de Silva Ferreira. The Mother of four had been hurt in a shoot-out in the shanty-town where she lived on March 16th, 2014.
Policemen threw her into their patrol car’s boot, which opened by accident when it drove off.
She was dragged for more than 1,000ft before the car stopped at a red light.

Two policemen then got out of the car, put Ms Ferreira back in the boot and drove to a nearby hospital, where she died.


MORE THAN 140 PEOPLE WERE KILLED IN KENYA IN THE NAME OF RELIGION. HUMAN BEINGS ARE SO FUCKING CRAZY MAN. So more than 140 people were killed in Kenya due to religious extremism and nobody really cares that much… But when 17 people in France are murdered for the same reason (Charlie Hebdo) then everyone loses their minds? Fuck the Media.

The Charlie Hebdo incident attracted international world wide coverage everywhere, but the Kenyan victims don’t even get a god damn hashtag. Around the same time of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, more than 2000 Nigerians were killed in Nigeria because of religious extremism. You know what Nigeria got? An announcement that didn’t even last 10 minutes on the BBC. Yeah moving swiftly on, right?

The Media: If it’s not Western, it’s not important. 2000 Nigerians and 147 Kenyans aren’t as important as 17 white individuals, even though they all died because of the same reason.


This is Eduardo de Jesus Ferreira. He’s a 10 year old kid who died yesterday, killed by the police who was in confrontation with criminals at a chanty town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was sitting by the door at his house, reading, when he was suddenly shot in the head by a police officer, who alleged he had a “gun”- actually his smartphone. When his mother (picture on the left) protested, the police officer threatened to harm her too. The citizens of the chanty town went out to the streets to protest and were cowardly put off by the police, who used pepper sprays and gas bombs. Eduardo is the sixth innocent person to be harmed by the police in the last 2 days, and the third one to die. We cannot allow this to go unnoticed. Please reblog and help spread this! May our best thoughts be with all those harmed. #GuerranoAlemão

Capitalism has literally killed hundreds of millions of people
  • Treatable disease
  • Preventable famine
  • Leaving homeless people in the freezing cold while houses sit empty
  • Imperialist wars
  • Suicide due to alienation
  • Crimes of desperation committed by working-class people
  • Ecological disasters such as the gulf oil spill
  • Environmental destruction such as global warming
  • Dangerous consumer products
  • Wage slavery, sweatshop labor and other forms of genocidal work
  • Colonialism, and the murder and enslavement of native peoples
  • The preservation of a patriarchal, white supremacist, hetero-normative, ableist social order under the guise of “free speech”

When I say, “abolish the police,” I’m usually asked what I would have us replace them with. My answer is always full social, economic, and political equality, but that’s not what’s actually being asked. What people mean is “who is going to protect us?” Who protects us now? If you’re white and well-off, perhaps the police protect you. The rest of us, not so much. What use do I have for an institution that routinely kills people who look like me, and make it so I’m afraid to walk out of my home?

My honest answer is that I don’t know what a world without police looks like. I only know there will be less dead black people. I know that a world without police is a world with one less institution dedicated to the maintenance of white supremacy and inequality. It’s a world worth imagining.

The Hanged Man

The Ghost Walk in Princess Anne, Maryland is the only walk where children are not permitted to attend. This is due not only to the harsh content shared on the walk, but also to the strange things that occur on the ghost walk. The picture above was one of the first “strange” occurrences that happened on the Princess Anne Ghost Walk. Getting the image of what appears to be a man hanging from a tree is rare indeed, but it is particularly rare when you get it in a town famous for two lynchings that took place there. 

Two days ago my sister passed away suddenly. She was only 16 years old and was a strong member of JROTC and an active member of GSA. She struggled with bullying and depression throughout school but was really trying to get herself back on her feet. Unfortunately she could not shake the endless sadness she felt and took her own life.

Now we want to put her to rest but the total cost is about 15K to take her back home to Kenya along with the cost of the funeral and memorial service. Please help us by spreading this and if you can donate to this site:

We are accepting all forms of donations whether it’s a dollar, five dollars or one hundred dollars.

If you have any questions or concerns about donating please email me at

Thank you so much for your support

trans women are becoming increasingly visible, especially twoc, and the murder rate of trans women, esp twoc, is increasing

visibility itself is not inherently a positive experience

There has been an attack on a university in Garissa, Kenya today carried out by Al-Shabaab, at least 17 people are confirmed dead although the actual death toll is thought to be higher, and so far 65 have been hospitalised. There is currently a hostage situation going on as the militants standoff with the Kenyan army and police. Please keep them in your prayers.

Update: The death toll has risen to 70 with at least 79 injured as the siege still continues, making this the most deadly terror attack in Kenya since the 1998 US Embassy bombings

Second Update: The siege has ended, the police and army are now clearing the hostels and checking for explosives, the final death toll is 147 and 4 gunmen have been killed.


Hey everyone, 

This lovely woman in the left picture is Keysha Youngblood. She was only 36 years old when she passed away on March 31st 2015 because of a heart attack. She was a single mother and she has left behind her daughter that’s in the picture with me, Shay Youngblood and 5 other children, the youngest being only 5 years old.

It hurts me that my Auntie Keysha passed away so unexpectedly and at such a young age. Keysha deserves to be laid to rest surrounded by her loved ones. 

Her funeral costs 7,000 dollars and we are trying to raise 2,000.

 If you can, any amount counts, please donate. 

I would greatly appreciate if you share this, too. 

Thank you so very much.