jean-huh-kirschnickerdoodle asked:

"Hey uh so I know its like three hours late but," jean mumbles, shoving a book with a ribbon around it against erens chest; 'over the garden walls.' "Saw the title and thought of you. Happy birthday, dickbag."

“What’s three hours l-” With a grunt, Eren looked at the other wide eyed. For a moment, he thought Jean had hit him and was about to retaliate. However, when he looked down, he saw a gift in Jean’s hands. Three hours late…his birthday? Oh god. “You remembered?” Asking because honestly, Eren assumed the other couldn’t care less, he took the book with nimble hands and ran his finger over the cover and ribbon. Eventually, a smile stretched on his face and he even felt the need to walk over to the other and nudge him with his shoulder. “Thanks, Jean.”