sneak peak at RGB’s next outfit to make up for the fact that I am too tired to do anything tonight blaaarghhhh (also sorry I haven’t been able to give my inbox a look through I’ll try to get on that when I’ve had a rest)

I suppose it might be kind of a spoiler but not exactly I mean it’s only going to be another thirteen hundred pages before you see it anyway… or less than that… maybe ;D


"No. Listen to me. It’s not your fault."
"But… I let them die."

Obligatory crossover for my baby boys. AU: Nacchan joins the Recon because he wants to help people, but ends up facing the deaths of his 6 closest friends, one by one… What if god wants to take Sacchan away next? How do you continue when you don’t know if you’re right anymore?

I draw a lot of happy art for them, but actually SaNa is my tragic OTP. You don’t know how hard I cried for them in the original game…;;

Also if you want to rip your hearts out and be trampled upon repeatedly, I highly recommend Shingeki no Kyojin.



quick sketch of an hc I have that karin has a hard time reawakening her chakra chains after the war? until juugo & suigetsu run into trouble and are incapacitated and she manages to reawaken the chains to protect them??


I am not sure that I want any single part of this
any single part of any of this shit


I have really long fingers and a bad habit of using “Le”

fuuuuuuck i am so tired and like i could totally go to bed rn but i have to wait for my acting partner to get online so we can finish this project we’re working on.


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how often do insults/etc. have to be said for it to actually count as emotional abuse? what intensity do the things have to be? what if they’re true and a natural reaction to how you’re being in a situation (e.g., you won’t do something you need to, so the person gets angry and calls you selfish and lazy in response)? if it was only a few times each week or like, for a handful of days in a row and then didn’t happen for a few weeks, is that really “abuse” or is it just normal parent behavior when punishing?

sometimes i wonder if i should quit gaia. but i wonder if i can