So she told me a story. A story about a boy who was born with very green eyes, and the man who was so captivated by their color that he searched the world for a stone in exactly the same shade.” His voice is fading now, falling into whispers so quiet I can hardly hear him. “She said the boy was me. That this ring was made from the very same stone, and that the man had given it to her, hoping one day she’d be able to give it to me. It was his gift, she said, for my birthday.” He stops. Breathes. “And then she took if off, slipped it on my finger, and said, 'If you hide your heart he will never be able to take it from you.'”

My dream is to find a fic where Heavy brings Medic to meet his family and his sisters decide to test it if Medic is truly worthy of their brothers affection. I mean, think about all the shenanigans..!

I might consider making a cleaner version of this one day.


 I wanted it to count. And you do count… and you left.

That awkward moment when you run into your past self.

I’m on the right (Book 4 Korra). I didn’t get the other Korra’s name but if she finds this through the magic of tumblr, awesome! Such a cool person, I’d love to be friends!

can we just appreciate the glory of Scott Moir on twitter for a moment please


Recall when head pounds upon morning, that I but follow  c o m m a n d 


Hold on a moment. Just wait here, I’ll only be a minute.



Not a problem, take your time.



The fact that in a fandom where the most popular pairing is canon, and there is a female character who does not get in any way of the pairing, but just happens to be a daughter of one of the characters in the pairing, which means that she naturally is going to have scenes with her parent, she will still be hated. Because somehow her relationship with her father translates into stealing Caskett time.

christian bale was at disneyland last night and it’s both bad and good that I didn’t see him

bad because he’s my favorite actor and it would have been pretty cool

good because I definitely would have made a complete ass of myself and been a nervous wreck had I actually been put in a situation where I had to interact with him in any way

anonymous said:

I love Peeta to death but I think people in this fandom need to re read Mockingjay and remember the conversation Gale had with Katniss because it wasn't like how the movie portrayed it to be. Yes, I know Gale was in the wrong but Francis Lawrence's portrayal of that scene was poor.

I don’t think anyone is arguing that point. I along with other die hard Peeta fans and some straight up Gale haters have been noting the stark difference between movie!gale and canon!gale in this specific scene…

I have basically been taking a backseat during this promotion because it’s been weak sauce at best so I don’t even have it in me to speculate why this scene was written the way it was…

Maybe Francis doesn’t get Gale, maybe Francis is expediting the character development of Gale to show his (sometimes blind) devotion to the rebellion. Or maybe since it was a 3 second clip and we are seeing it out of context because that’s how trailers work…

Anyways I can totally see why Gale lovers would be annoyed by how he was portrayed in that scene (welcome to the club: Peeta Mellark defense department represent!).

but idk what to tell you besides most people know the scene is skewed from the book, and that if people want to be mad and yell about movie!gale it’s not only their right, but there is little anyone can do about that…

Fandoms breed passion…it’s how it works…