Today is going to suck. I haven’t had a normal amount of sleep in days and I am running on 20 minutes of sleep right now and still haven’t finished all of my work. Nothing makes sense anymore. I have come to the conclusion, along with those that accompanied me into the land of restless, fervent effort put forth for the irrelevant assignments given out by my philosophy teacher, that milk is god and that is the only thing that makes sense to me any more. What the fuck. 

faeriviera asked:

So as I was looking through some of you latest posts and came across that Phantom photoset, I felt compelled to ask if you've ever seen/done a Klonnie!PotO AU? I'm not even a shipper and I'd still eat that shit up.

ahhhhhhhh no i haven’t! but i think it would be really cool and magical if done right. i could easily see it becoming a klaus/bonnie/stefan AU!

so my first exam is tomorrow..

ahhhhhhhh shit fuck shit ahhhhhhh no 

I won’t be on much because I need to focus I’ve been revising loads and cutting down internet over the next 2 weeks I’m cramming everything in my brain (life tip- last minute cramming helps as long as you don’t just rely on doing it the night before only)

good luck to everyone else who has exams hella soon you’ll do great just try your best and shoot for the stars xx

skwhy asked:

rock, ghost, water, psychic, dragon


thank you ahhhhhhhh<33333

altho “Ghost: You scare me sometimes.”  OMg shit what did i do th;at scared yuo