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I Just.....

I was sitting next to Odin’s box talking to him and he sneezed really loud! Right after he sneezed he jerks his head up looking at me with wide eyes! Like I made that horrendous sound then stared at me for a second and then ran and hid from me! I was crying I was laughing so hard!

> You had been sitting here on the forest floor, trying to stay still and just straight up not touch the protruding bump that was bone that threatens to break through the skin of your calf.

> You are so fricking scared and it hurts just so fricking bad. If your lusus was here, she’d lift you up by the back of your shirt and haul you onto her back before carrying you hive. But she’s not here and you don’t know what to do with broken bones! You’ve never ever broken yourself like this before! You don’t even know if this can even be a thing that can be fixed!

> Straight up freaking out. You are just straight up freaking out, and crying in your panic, and searing pain, and the sun will come out some time, and you have to move, and you need to get this firewood hive you need to go hive, and you are freaking the everloving frick out!

I told yaminerua about my idea of a Dokidokishipping Alchemy AU where Yuma was basically a “key” or a spirit who was truth itself. I designed a costume for him, and this was basically it. Yes, the crotch is presented on purpose. About a 1 hour-ish doodle i think


when we first met - hellogoodbye

The worst time to make conversation with me is probably Thursdays ‘cause I would’ve just watched shigatsu and I will be so bitter and sad that I literally cannot talk or respond to anything without crying and dying a little inside… Like right now

i just went through all of my old school stuff my parents have kept and man… looking at my brothers report cards and him just being such a high achiever and all of mine are just… not great, as well as all of the notes home about my behaviour and suspensions and requesting interviews. idk it brings up a lot of feelings. especially then seeing the last report card i ever got and it’s just empty because at that point i had stopped going

the other day at tafe we had to write a resume and i asked the teacher for help cos i have literally nothing to put on a resume and shes like “well what did you after you left school in 2011?” and i was like ahhhh. ahhhhhhhh. and almost started crying. like eyes are watering and i’m trying to keep my voice steady and not look my teacher in the eye lmao it was embarrassing and came out of no where.

i kind of accept that fact though that that part of my life will always be significant and a source of emotional baggage for me but that’s ok because i’ve learnt from it and have moved on and stuff