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Wait are you actually defending killing puppies?

Wait, are you totally misunderstanding this post?

I am defending korean people eating their own damn food. I am defending the idea that the paradigm of what is a ‘food’ animal and a ‘pet’ animal is entirely arbitrary. I am absolutely against the idea of americans shaming koreans for their food when we as a country are intensely meat-centric, it’s absolute bullshit for us to poke our nose into other people’s business, take their food from them and put un-socialized dogs in animal shelters already full of dogs that need to be adopted.

Dogs. Dogs are being killed in Korea. Just like cows, chickens, pigs, fish, and ducks are killed here.

If you feel like dogs are better off as pets and not food, go you. If you don’t eat any animals, great. But America has no right to do this.

Your question is juvenile and dumb as shit, tbh. Don’t play.