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Which Daiya no Ace Characters You Should Fight

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Sawamura | who wins: There’s A 50/50 Chance…
He’s scrappy, and will not think twice about coming at you if you try to start something. It’ll be really easy to land a hit on him but every time you knock him down he’ll just spring right back up. Also it’ll be hard to dodge his punches because of that weird way he swings his arm at you but you can win if you manage to knock him right out in one go. Just make sure you don’t induce the Protag Friendship Speech or else you’re going down.

Furuya | who wins: Maybe Furuya
Sure you could really get him while he’s dozin’ off - plenty of opportunity to use that strategy - but that’s not cool. Gentle reminder that Furuya’s pitches top out at 150km/hr (which is about 93mph) aka he’s definitely packing a punch. If you do manage to dodge his punches, try to outlast him in the fight (high chance of him tiring out after he throws a ton of punches) and go for a leg sweep to take him down. He totally has the capacity to knock your lights out with one hit to the nose so maybe don’t fight him.

Haruichi | who wins: You?
You probably provoked him by slandering his brother - so first of all, you’re awful. Anyway, make sure to fight him someplace where there’s nothing he can grab to swing at you. Don’t get intimidated by that one-eye stare from under his fringe, you’re toast if you do. You’ll probably win but you can bet ur ass that Ryou-san is coming for you.

Miyuki | who wins: You, But It’s Not Satisfying At All
No one will blame you for wanting to fight Miyuki. In fact some people might urge you to do it - including Miyuki himself. Honestly, he’ll just let you beat him up. He’ll congratulate you on kicking his ass but you won’t feel fulfilled, even as he wipes the blood away from his nose. You can try to punch that shit-eating grin off his face as much as you want, but it’s not going anywhere.

Kuramochi | who wins: Definitely Kuramochi
Yo he took down like 5 people all by himself in junior high. He’s got a ton of wrestling moves in his repertoire, too. Once you realize your mistake and try to run, he will come after you; catch you so fast and knock you the fuck out. Why did you even think that fighting Kuramochi was a good idea? Don’t fight him unless you like getting beat up.

Ryousuke | who wins: Not You
He’s probably shorter than you but it feels like he’s looking down on you. He’ll fuck you up mentally before bringing out the fists. You have to block out his vicious comments if you want a fighting chance; it’s a difficult thing to do, but if you’re able to grow a super thick skin, you might be able to win. Don’t underestimate him, but it’s really in your best interest to not to fight him at all.

Jun | who wins: Jun-san
You’d both be smack talking for some time before punches finally get thrown. He’ll only land half of the wild punches the he throws but the ones that do hit you will really really hurt. If you talk shit about Tetsu, you have crossed the goddamn line - your ass is K.O’d in no time. 

Tetsu | who wins: Tetsu, Every Time
Seriously, you must not know how to read the atmosphere if his aura doesn’t persuade you to walk away. You’re done for. Simple as that. Don’t fight him.

Chris | who wins: You
He’d try to mediate the situation, try to talk you down and talk some sense into you. Chris doesn’t want to fight you, so just stop trying to fight him, okay? Well if you do fight him and you go for his bad shoulder, you’re a horrible person - once Chris takes a knee, Sawamura will come outta nowhere and straight up wreck you. 

Masuko | who wins: You (Why Do You Look Surprised)
He’s a big guy but he’ll let you win. He’s not a fighter. Maybe ask him if he’s gained weight (that’s a low blow though - and he’ll just get sad, not angry, so please don’t do that). Apologize afterwards and treat him to pudding. It’s the least you can do.

Tanba | who wins: You
What the hell, he’s the last person who wants to start shit. He doesn’t want any conflict. Why would you pick a fight with this gentle child? He may seem tough but he’s just the opposite. Well if you fight him, remember that he sure can take a hit to the jaw, so a quick jab to the neck will incapacitate him. You can win, but you’re a shitty person.

Miyauchi | who wins: Miyauchi
You best back away from him right now. He’ll breathe out and gear up for a smack down. Miyauchi lifts, bro. He lifts more than anyone else probably. He’ll tell ya which protein powder he uses and will take one look at you before letting you know that you shouldn’t be skipping leg day and that your core is weak, son. Don’t fight Miyauchi.

Kawakami | who wins: You’re An Asshole
Why in the world would you want to fight Kawakami. What could he have done to inspire you to want to fight him? He really doesn’t want to fight and he will not fight you. It’ll just be like kicking a puppy. Of course you’ll win but remember that you’re a terrible person and that all of Seido is coming for your ass.

Kanemaru & Toujou | who wins: Probably Not You
Yes. Both of them. They’re always together. Even if you mean to only go up against one of them, the other will step in, too. Toujou really doesn’t want to hurt you but he’ll do what he has to do. Kanemaru has no objections; plus he ain’t afraid of ur lil punches - he ain’t even afraid of getting hit by Sawamura’s pitches. Good luck.

Mei | who wins: Mei (…Kinda?)
Okay maybe you do have a valid reason to want to fight Mei, but he’ll only sneer at you. His confidence is sky-high so you can’t really make any remarks that will tear him down. When you do fight, go for his hair - yank that shit. That’s what will break him. But he’ll manage to get away from you, whip out his phone and call Masa-san for back up. That’s when you should run, high-tail it out of there. Don’t turn back when you hear Mei laughing at your retreat - it’s not worth it.

Carlos | who wins: Not You, But Enjoy The View 
He’ll raise an eyebrow at you like ‘are you serious’. When you assert that you are indeed very serious about fighting him, he’ll smirk and take off his shirt before cracking his neck. He’ll ask you one more time if you really want to do this. He’s giving you one more chance to change your mind. Take that chance - don’t fight him. He’ll serve you some Grade A whoop-ass on a silver platter.

Shirakawa | who wins: You’ll Regret This
First off, Shirakawa’s the type to bring a knife to the fist fight. He fights dirty. He’ll make you cry in the middle of the fight and you won’t even know why. Dude took a pitch to the head (ok he was wearing a helmet but he still got right back up) so aim for his sides instead if you choose to make the mistake of fighting this petty guy. Please don’t fight him. He won’t think twice about fucking cutting you.

Harada | who wins: Harada
Are you sure you want to do this? He’s a living brick wall, a goddamn tank with eyebrows. Don’t fight him, you have no chance. Seriously.

Raichi |  who wins: Raichi (and his dad)
Alright, so monkeyboy has hard, callused hands from years of swinging that huge ass bat. He’ll slap you across the face and your cheek will split. His coach-dad Raizou will be standing off to the side, taking bets from people gathering to watch the fight. Once you’re down for the count (You Will Inevitably Lose), Raizou will collect the winnings and laugh at your sorry ass. Raichi might apologize to you afterwards but then he’ll ask if you want to fight again. 

Sanada | who wins: It Doesn’t Even Happen
Fuckboy wouldn’t pick up on the fact that you’re trying to fight him at first. He thinks you’re flirting or some shit and he brings out the sparkles. You need to stand your ground and really insist on the fight or else you’ll succumb to his shitty charm. You probably won’t even end up fighting him. It’s not really worth your time.

Mishima | who wins: You
"Hey Misshima" - that’s how you start a fight with him. He’ll be crying while he throws crappy punches at you, whining about Sanada and Raichi too, and you can easily knock him on his ass. Go ahead and fight him if you want.

Zaizen | who wins: Holy Hell You’re In The Hospital
He deserves to be fought, but please don’t do it. He’s got dirty tricks up his sleeve - for example, a concealed switchblade. He probably carries brass knuckles in his back pocket too. Zaizen will only aim to inflict permanent, lingering damage. Just don’t do it, man.

Maki | who wins: Who’s Taller And Bigger
No idea what’s going through your mind when you decide you want to fight Maki. If you’re bigger than him, okay go for it, you might have a chance. If not, then you’re done. He’s got a little bit of an inferiority complex so try to exploit that.

Shunshin | who wins: Shunshin
Homeboy will assess you; he’ll give you the once-over before fixing his glasses in place with a bored look in his eye. You don’t even have time to react - he attacks every pressure point with devastating accuracy, taking you down swiftly and efficiently. Don’t fight him.

Akira | who wins: You
It’s really unnerving when you fight him because he’ll be super calm and collected. His jabs at you are purely in self-defence; he’ll tell you that he’s been training since first year. But if you land a really good uppercut on him, he’ll lose his zen and it’s down hill from there. You win.

I admit saying I hate aj is a complete hyperbole

I’m just… kinda annoyed about it? the gameplay itself is pretty damn solid (forensics is so fun), and I do like apollo himself, not to mention aj ema is amazing, but the writing is just such a letdown??

still, I think the main reason I dislike it though is because of what it did to the original trilogy. I love the original cast, and the idea of a phoenix/maya/pearl/edgeworth/gumshoe/franziska team is just so??? perfect??? but then all of that is gone a year later and with the timeskip both in universe and irl it looks like that’s never going to happen again. and that makes me really sad

like, aj is slright and dual destinies is great, but they weren’t what I wanted phoenix’s future to be

Just because I took this 3 hours ago doesn’t mean I can’t post it now.

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I checked out your friends ace fili tag thingy and oh godd I love it, and I'm not just saying that, I really do like it, as a positive substitute to people just being like oh filis lonely af like nO



It’s okay to not be sure. It’s okay for your romantic orientation to be a grey area, and it’s okay to add ‘and’s or ‘but’s or less definitive words and definitions to the identity you use. It’s okay to be unsure for a few days, and it’s okay to be unsure for the rest of your life. You don’t have to fit perfectly into the boxes you are given.