I listen to rock music, draw my greatest desires and try to improve on it, think about horrible and wonderful memories, and just watch/fangirl about my fave tv show. And they say I’m dark._.

Like honestly. Instead of wasting your time on all of this, and that memories, WHY NOT stop thinking. Pick up a talent. And work on it. Instead of sitting around. Don’t complain. Don’t ask for things. Because that’s what makes you sad. Makes you feel useless. Makes you think, “what purpose do I have in life?” You can’t see your purpose because you’re making yourself useless at all the wonders your body and mind can achieve.

You see people being happy. Couples. Love. Honestly. Why the hell do you need a significant other when you can’t make yourself significant enough in your own eyes. You don’t deserve love if you’re going to make yourself that low in your eyes.