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Few thoughts + FAQs about SAOII Episode 12

Finally!!! I really liked this week’s episode! The action scene looked darn cool in animation. I felt that cliffhanger coming… I wonder if they can really fit everything in one episode next week? I feel like it would be so rushed so maybe they’ll wrap up everything in episode 14 instead. Well, I might get some more idea about it on Monday. This episode covered volume 6 chapter 14 until the 3rd ellipsis.

Some interesting adaptation notes/FAQ:

  • During the time of SAO, many of the clearers developed “outside system skills”. Those skills are only gained from excessive training and battle experiences. Here’s a list of them:
  1. Pre-recognition: Knowledge about the position of the sword and the avatar’s center of gravity.
  2. Insight: Predicts attack patterns of monsters from long range.
  3. Distinguish: Allows players to distinguish the enemy’s sound effects from the background sound in order to pin-point their position (this is used by Kirito in episode 5 and 12).
  4. Mislead: To lure the AI monsters’ learning capacity and impose a heavy burden on them.
  5. Switch: Allows multiple players to switch positions in battles in order to allow them recover their HP (everyone should be familiar with this one because it was shown so much in season one).
  6. Hypersense (presence sense): Basically a skill to allow you to sense killing intent. This skill is usually treated as supernatural because it is technically impossible to detect the so-called killing intent in a virtual world where everything is digital data sent from your brain to the NerveGear. So it’s really hard to believe that vague things such as killing intent or sixth sense can exist in a virtual reality. The explanation is logical and Kirito also had a hard time to believe something like that existed. However, during the two years he spent in Aincrad, he did feel something that can be considered “killing intent” a few times. Back then, he didn’t exactly hear or see anything, but only had a uneasy feeling that someone was watching him so he decided not to move deeper into the dungeon. In the end, he managed to save his own life a few times. In this episode, Kirito tries to focus on Death Gun’s killing intent and was able to dodge the first bullet.
  • In GGO, guns all have a fixed durability for each part. It’s not uncommon for a gun to be worn out. If that’s the case, the player can simply restore the durability through maintenance. No matter which part of the gun gets hit, it’s very hard to completely reduce the durability to zero. So as long as there’s durability left, the gun can be restored. However, it’s a different matter if the weak part of the gun get hit by a large caliber. Thus, in Death Gun’s case, the Silent Assassin he was holding can no longer be restored. However, parts such as the gun stock, barrel and scope can still be reused. The scope of Hecate II which was destroyed can still be replaced for Sinon.
  • While making her way to Kazuto’s hospital room, Asuna thought that he probably felt the same anxiety when he released her from the cage during the Fairy Dance arc.
  • It was briefly mentioned in the light novel that upon seen nurse Aki leaning above the topless Kazuto, Asuna felt somewhat unhappy when she saw that (refer to the part in the anime where Asuna opened the patient room’s door). However, that thought merely flashed through as she was more concerned for Kazuto’s safety.
  • It was stated in the light novel that Asuna has never seen Kirito look so frantic before while diving into a game. It’s normal for a player’s heart rate to rise while playing VRMMORPG. However, for Kirito who was a solo in the death game SAO and who brushed close to death the most to look that nervous in an ordinary game really surprised Asuna.
  • The move Death Gun (Sterben) used at the end of the episode is called “Star Splash”, an 8-straight thrust attack. It’s a high-level skill made for rapiers which Asuna was proficient with. Since the skill doesn’t involve any slashing or hacking, it can also be done with an estoc which was derived from the rapier.

That is all I have to comment on this week’s episode. It was quite fulfilling in my opinion compared to the previous two. Hoping that they keep it up in the future. However… I can already sense the incoming hate for that scene.

into the woods {open}

Ana sat by the fire wrapped in a blanket, her long redhair pushed behind her, the curls she had now flatten from the environment. She was not a fan of camping, she didn’t enjoy it, she never did it. She’d only been once and that trip was the one thing she didn’t want to think about not now, not anytime soon. So instead she sat by the fire and tried to get warm. It was times like this she had a more reasonable wardrobe, she’d an old sweatshirt but it was her Mom’s and she wouldn’t dare bring it someplace it could get ruined. She’d rather just be cold. It was probably pathetic but how well. Hearing someone sit beside her, she didn’t bother to look from the captivating rays of the fire instead just acknowledging them with a nod. “Hey,”



John’s Buffy Rewatch Through Music | Season Five

Joyce’s Death: “The Hero Dies In This One” by The Ataris

"I can stick wood in vampires, but mom was the strong one in real life. 
She always knew how to make things better, just what to say."