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time to really explode

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apocalyptic like things breaking when they should not, and wiring issues and holes in places they should not be, it’s a v stressful but i am resolved to stay 100% Chill.

as for the sims, maybe just add 60 more mods, make a single family of two, and play for about 10-30 min. or do the challenge u showed me, either or. or just delete all of ur content and pretend ur playing The Sims 4

omg. you are SO much braver than me i would be Gone by then like my light flickers and im googling how to peacefully ask ghosts to leave me alone w/o offending them??? 

ALSO im cackling. unless i find a way to take pools + everything else good about it out of the game it wont be like sims 4 enough to convince me :^/

ok so one of my best friends finally left tumblr because the sjw hivemind is trying to make a film studio go bankrupt over a villain wearing a dress. 

(which, by the way, doesn’t even imply that they’re trans. like really a shit ton of other media portrays villains in disguises, even crossdressing, but they choose THIS movie to get riled up over.)

the point is, my friend just couldn’t take this militant nonsense anymore. it was literally wearing on them.

now at least i can still talk to this friend on skype, but that take away from the true fact here: these social justice sheeple are literally driving people away with insignificant rampages instead of actually turning people towards real issues that directly affect individuals.

people are getting fed up with your shit, tumblr.


they can’t take all this hateful destructive bullshit in the name of “social justice.”

it’s driving them crazy.

so they’re leaving.

let that sink in…

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!!!! im glad you’re feeling well!!! im generally glad when you’re well, but also now. i’m okay!! everything is weird. this house is weird and kind of maybe apocalyptic. but im well and thinking of doing the sims thing!!! ++ thank u for the CalMeme!

hey thank you!!! 

also hmm >:o maybe apocalyptic how?? >:? + ooo really!! im thinking about it too. except i dont know what to do?? make a new family?? continue with one already there?? do a challenge? build something. too many options; i have too much power

and no problem >:)

Princess Peeps Decree the Fifth

Thou art wonderful.  If you are part of the kingdom over which Princess Peeps rules, you are inherently wonderful and valuable, including the Princess herself.  You will have days upon which it may seem that you are not, but you are.  This is an inherent fact.

You have value, you are wonderful, and you are intrinsically both simply by being yourself and being alive.