A chemical garden…

39/365 - 11.02.2014

On the second - and luckily last - day of my chemistry practical, we made this so-called “chemical garden” ours turned out oh so lovely (or maybe we were just too lazy to clean out the jar right away) that we left it like that till afternoon and then almost didn’t get all the chemicals out anymore…

Day 7: “Knees”

I live in the kind of neighborhood where people leave furniture out on the street for the taking. I had no intention of using this couch, but there it sat out on the sidewalk with a giant “FREE” sign taped to it. So I thought, why not? In the end, it turned out to be a nice sort of found object type of piece. I like the warm looking fall colors in this and the way the pale, smooth skin on my subject’s legs contrasted with the couch.

- A