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I'm sorry you can't tell me that someone on the writing staff does not read CS FF! I'm pretty sure you wrote that scene of Emma helping Fergus with his form by putting her arm around his waist and Killian says won't you help me practice like that.... months and months ago. I seriously almost died! I think they read your stories and they should because they are awesome!

Oh man, I was thinking the same thing! That scene between Emma and Fergus was in Ch 15 - standing behind him, arm around his waist and holding his wrist just like she was doing with Killian.

And that’s not all! Emma wearing a sapphire blue gown - same colour as the dress she has on at the beginning of Beyond. That scene of them thisclose in the tower which reminded me of Ch 5 where he tells her he would have asked for a kiss if he had beaten her at cards. Flirty, teasing scene on the Jolly, and later she has on sailor’s clothes with a white shirt, like in the fic.

Fuck Isaac, I just saw my fanfic come to life! AND IT WAS GLORIOUS! 

(and helps ease the pain of the last scene. I’ll be living in my happy little pirate/princess AU world for a while)

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I want to know everything about suitless Vader, I find the concept fascinating.

sorry for the late reply, just got out of school n all that. firstly i would like to direct you to this tag and this post, which started it all. what a mess. 

OKAY. what we know about vader (in canon and in this au) is that he fell in order to protect padme (mainly, that is. he was on the edge for some time before finally falling). she was more or less the last thing keeping him sane. she was like a red thread in the sense that she was something stable and consistent in his life and, in both canon and this au, padme dies. 

so. let’s just say vader is really unbalanced in this au. not more than in canon, perhaps, but he’s unbalanced in a completely different way for completely different reasons. 

in canon, obi-wan manages to cripple vader to a point where he can’t take care of himself and has to rely on a life-support system. he also has severe trauma from burning alive for an unknown amount of time and really, post-rots he probably spends months and months trying to figure out how his new body works. he’s a twenty-three year old adrenaline junkie trapped in a limiting life-support system and it sucks. and he knows it sucks. 

(he definitely blames obi-wan. for everything. for twenty years. even after he kills him in ahn. possibly even in the afterlife. like, you know how in the fairly oddparents timmy’s dad hates dinkleberg with a fiery, burning passion and every time something goes wrong he’s just like. DINKLEBERG. 

that’s vader about obi-wan, basically.)

more under the cut because i have a lot of feelings 

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You are an evil person! Oh my god! That made me cry so hard. God damn it all. Aaaggghhh!!! They can't just ... Why would they-- No, i completely understand why but i'm denial. It's just so heartbreaking. And that little "maybe they'll figure it out" hope just curled up inside me and died. But it was absolutely amazing, as always. I'm just an emotional wreck. Thank you so much for this wonderful story, darling!

I am.  I am! I have no choice but to admit it! is it really weird that I cried writing it myself? I don’t even know man…haha I guess I could imagine myself saying all those things.  

Aww, bless and I’m SORRYYYYYY! *hugs* rockonloki..we still have some ways to go so maybe don’t curl up and die just yet? *maniacal laughter*  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so sweet and for taking the time to message me <3 *hugs* It means the world to me.  Truly <3

Happiness? I Do: Chapter 26

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Apollo, Athena, Eros, Zeus

Apollo - Favorite piece of music: 
MMMM that’s a tough one. I’m not sure if it’s my all-time favorite, but “Requiem” from the Karneval OST is simply gorgeous and I could listen to it forever. 

Athena - Share a piece of wisdom:
Oh, man. There’s so much I could say here, but I think I’ll just settle with this: Nothing in life is ever certain; nothing is ever set in stone. The possibilities in this world are endless, though things can sometimes get intimidating. But there will always be people to hold your hand, to love you and help you through it all. No living soul is ever born alone or dies alone.

Eros - Describe your crush/SO: 
I could go on forever about this, but in a nutshell: My girlfriend is hilarious, adorable, incredible in more ways than one, patient, sweet, thoughtful, a very old soul, a trash lord and definitely tsundere.

Zeus - Three places you want to travel to: 
Japan, Austria, and possibly Cambodia!