A Carnival Evening


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“[[MOR] Fatherhood Clint has really tanked my interest in the MCU. I…”

I feel like it was a cheap way to give clint a backstory and how it relates to the team… I love it sure but I keep my Clint separate from mcu. I honestly feel like they’re trying to utilize Jeremy Renner, give him something to do other than shoot.

Poor Renner got so sidelined in Avengers1, they really needed to do something with him, and I recognize there were plot reasons (a safe off-grid place), but even for that, it’s kind of reaching. They could have laid low almost anywhere.

I’m disappointed that it’s not really a version of any Clint story, doesn’t use any of his issues, or history that’s actually a consistent, main thing in comics. It’s like they took ‘the ordinary guy’, and played that up, and that’s part of what I like about Clint, but when it’s together with the rest.

On Sports Carnivals

They’re awful. The PDHPE department struts around like they’re all high and mighty devoting whole days to sport like “we’re making it compulsory for you to come and watch is be great, oh but we’re also gonna make you participate even if you’re not great and laugh at you because you’re not as awesome as we are” and let’s not forget about the kids with anxiety issues, who have little to no athletic ability, that don’t want to have an anxiety attack every ten minutes because you’re making them do shit they can’t do. You don’t force people with no musical ability to get up and perform for everyone, and this is the same thing.
I understand that you’re trying to get kids to be active and I think that’s great but my goodness there are so many better ways to do that.
These things are humiliating. I get laughed at every year because I can’t throw a javelin, and I can’t jump super high and I’m not the fastest at running 100 meters, and I get so anxious and disheartened by this that I don’t want to participate, so I get yelled at. I refuse to be humiliated by my school because of my (lack of) athletic ability.