Quick shot of my new fave rocker; Reina— star of The Princess Reina Project.

Sometimes you’ve gotta get lost in the music.

Lots of Allison Iraheta, FeFe Dobson, and Nirvana went into this picture, haha.

[Everyone check out the blog: duh <3]

Alright so you followed me because of the Chancla post and your love for the latin culture right?

Then you need to do me a favor and follow a little project My friends and i are working on.

To keep it short and simple, after seeing Disney announce yet another movie where the main princess was white we decided it was time to take matters into our own ands and we created a little project. 

Its called The Hispanic Heroine and it deals with Reina and finding her place in the world. 

I want you guys to give the blog a look, read through it and follow if you support the idea.


(art done by http://pugletto.tumblr.com/)