I've been waiting all day to actually get on here and just blog about my dream!

Last night I had the best dream ever. I was doing what I love, recording. I knew I was dreaming when I was working with We The Kings. While the guys and I were getting to know each other and such I was telling them how I wanted to have a partner to open up a shelter for the lost youth. For kids that feel like there’s no hope left for them. And instead of cutting, or any other self harm we’d give them altertives like writing, or learing an insturment they have always wanted to. At that case Travis and I actually got stuff together found a place and opened one up, working together. Just two people changing the lives of others. I keep having this dream. If this ever came true, i’d be so happy. Even if it isnt with Travis, just being able to help kids pull through the bullying, and them knowing they’re not alone. They’d have a support system. This is one of my dreams, and I will see through it.

Thank you

Dear We the Kings,

From as deep as my heart can go, I want to thank you from the bottom of it. You guys ar truly amazing, and I know you get it way to often but seriously. Yall’s music is there for me when people In my life arn’t, when things don’t go right, or when im feeling super down. It’s gotten not only me through alot but everyone who listens to it also. Not only is the music great, but the people behind it are genius and I’ve had the honor to not only meet them but call them my friends too. Dont Speak Liar  has seriosuly been a favorite of mine. When Im mad and have a situation that deals in the same way, I love listening this song. It makes me feel like im not the only one whose delt with this before, and i dont feel alone anymore. All Again for you, is another great song from the album I adore. These would have to be my favorites if i had to choose any ,but its a really great album overall. Smile Kid was another great album. Personally and always been my favorite off the cd Rain Falls Down. I listen to it when ever my heart aches, lets say if i get in a fight with my parents, or my best friend. I even got fired from my first job and listened to it on the way home in tears. It makes me feel better, Its got such a special meaning behind it and literally makes me cry when im very sad. I know this song has helped a great friend of mine in her time of loss,and she really appreciates you for it. Other than the music you guys are funny, I think i haved watched all of the Kings Carriage videos on youtube. They are so funny, its like cheesy in a way but in a good funny way, kind of like funny on purpose. haha I really dont know many other bands who would do that besides a few. You guys take the time out to make silly videos for us to watch. Its really cool and legit, like you guys are the real deal. All the way. You come out to see fans after every show you can, you all put on hell of a performance, you put your all into the music, you are really great guys. I know its every fans dream to become friends with the band they listen to or what ever. But to me, we already are friends.Thats how close I feel with you guys. Your music makes me wanna dance, jump, scream, run, smile, laugh, and maybe run somemore… haha. Thanks for being so legit and real with your fans. It honesltly means a whole lot, times a thousand. I’ve learned from you guys to never give up, and I wont you guys inspire me in so many ways. I could’nt ask for better friends then you guys. And for all the people out in the world, who hasn’t got the chance to tell you guys yet. This is a thank you from us all.  Keep making music. It brings joy and happiness to hearts of many. I hope to see you guys again in concert, I hope we can hangout after the show also. Thats alot of fun talking and hanging with the band. I hope to see WTK many more times in my life. I forever will be apart of the WTKFamily. Thank you to the person who got me into WTK you know who you are, I know it took a while… but they stole my heart once i gave them a try. I love you guys, Sincerely Kelly