July two.

Woke up, did my nails, hair & makeup done, got dressed, & haven’t ate. Picked up Gabby & headed to the pike. Dinner at P.F. Changs with Gabby, Brittney, Reynard, Richard Vivas, Lezzie, & Christine. Brittney & Richard had to go. So the rest of us walked to the Aquarium of the Pacific for a few pictures by the fountain. Then Gabby wanted Cha2o, off we went! The workers doe! asdfghjkl; That guy, he was the first one to greet us & I thought he looked like My hahahaha. He’s adorbs! Thanks for everyone that made this day super special <3 Extra thanks to Reynard for driving us girls & Christine for the boba! Thanks guys (: Lezzie’s over! We about to get on that netflix.

June fourteen.

us history online final, 94%. spanish final, smh… SUMMER!

went to furusato with christine, lezzie, asia, reynard, & bryan. six people in reynard’s car is not the business. his car was so low! “no queso, no bueno” HAHAHAHA. dropped off bryan. chilled at my place for awhile. watched the original karate kid. got some funny ass moments in there. went to yami teahouse for some boba. thanks for driving us reynard! the four girls chilled in the jacuzzi, soo relaxing. tried to leave, but failed. asia left. christine, lezzie, & i just being lazy as fuuck in my room listening to simpin songs & venting. i can’t believe it’s summer, i can’t believe i’m a senior! where has the time gone!? i’m in denial right now, & lazy as fuuuck right now.

May twelve.

woke up like a normal school time to go to early morning dance practice. eight-eleven. no one was even there… -____- so it ended at ten. i was supposed meet up with brittney at the farmers market, but then she got caught up at home. so i stayed with reynard, isaiah, bryan, & joseph. so then reynard, isaiah, bryan & i went to target for a few. then i drove home to pick up the madre & headed to the mall. picked up food for the rents, dropped it off & mom at home, then straight to night dance practice. no break. atleast it was somewhat productive. even played volleyball with tina, bryan, & i met andrew villanueva! got home & literally just laid on the couch exhausted. i didn’t even eat today & i wasn’t hungry? i had a frap & gum all day. watched the vow with mom. i was lowkeey expecting to cry, only a little tear. the ending was lame doe! now time to sleep cause i am super duper tired. good night (:

April twenty six

i can never remember what happens in school anymore? haha. first thing after the bell rings, keana’s rushing me to her car when i really had to pee. all because she was scared of being alone in the car -____- went to get yogurtland, i paid. i’ve been paying for a lot of people lately…? i got a mix of milk chocolate & this pineapple guava yogurt with the cheesecake cubes & peanuts. it’s booomb! i don’t care what other people say! went back to school to watch the guys volleyball last home game against centennial. varisty won of course. no jv. frosh soph played peninsula, two games & they won haha. i was so tired towards the end of their game, i just wanted to sleep. so then keana was so nice & took me to reynard’s place. i was so happy to take a nap, but then we got lost & time just kept going & it was already time to go by the time i got there. his parents drove in at the same time as i did, & i got all shy. they were saying that i should come in hahaha. they’re so nice. on the way to dance practice, i just knocked out in the car. next thing i know, it was waay past time practice started. cleaned up the girls routine, talked about outfits. then reynard took me home, thaanks again! then i ate again, i really shouldn’t have after already eating yogurtland :/ this week was fast! tomorrow’s friday, yeeeesh