tastykake What does deviate mean? whys it a big deal? is it not allowed? please help ive had this question since this movie came out 

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I crave sweets...

(For those who are going to translate the title, I’ll save you the effort.  to crave = viel Lust zu haben)

In going to another country, one expects to find different foods and different food preferences.  What I didn’t expect was the general German dislike of rather sweet desserts and snacks.  This is a land of chocolate, is what I thought.  The chocolate here is quite delicious, but it’s not as sweet (possibly because I’m seeking out the nice chocolates).

I brought one of my favorite snacks, Tastykakes, from Pennsylvania with me to Germany to share.  From almost everyone who tried them, I got that they were much too sweet.  This saddened me much in the same way your best friend tells you they don’t like your new favorite song.  I wanted it to be liked, but, alas, I face a tough crowd.

Since then, I’ve baked twice.  Once was my decision brownies with white and dark chocolate.  I had to do a lot of improv to modify the recipe, but it was well-received.  My second dessert was my take-two at making a berry cobbler (for take-one, you needed to have been on my 2009 High School Winter Retreat).  To me it tastes delicious and as a berry cobbler should.  To others, it’s “sooo” sweet, too sweet.  I will keep trying until I can turn out dishes that impress.  The next two on the list is American Cheesecake and Pretzel Salad.

A further note on my sweets craving and inability to gratify this necessity.  One of my favorite toppings in America is whipped cream (Sahne).  German whipped cream is hardly sweet at all.  It was so disappointing my first time trying it.  So now I’m on the constant lookout for finding sweet things for myself while not feeding others exceptionally sweet things.

(Ps, sorry, I’m no food photographer)

If you have suggestions for dishes I should make, I think you can reply to this post?