nightmare-of-solomon asked:

How was E-2?

there is one sub node and one night battle node, although you don’t have to bring ASW equip and one night scout and one starshell was enough to get me through the NB node undamaged most of the time. I didn’t get taihai’d pre-boss, but I failed to sink her once. In other words I needed only 6 sorties.

Also you can bring 2 CL, but I wanted to let Harusame fight her evil sister so I brought her instead of a second CL

I'm gonna digress to talk about Birthday Girl World

So here’s something cool,

My cousin started a company last year and it’s really taken off over the past 8 months or so. It’s called Birthday Girl, with the slogan of "Celebrate Life, Save a Life." The shtick, if you will, is that 10% of each purchase goes towards suicide prevention efforts.

Stan works on the project with Starshell, a performer he crossed paths with early in 2013, and the two make a really great pair.


In her own words, she says:

"I created the CELEBRATE LIFE movement in honor of my beautiful sister. I lost her to suicide when she was 14 years old and my life has never been the same since. I tell my story in hopes that it will make a difference and help others."


What’s not to love? They just moved into their office this week, which is on the Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge. Everything’s partially moved in, but I thought I’d share some shots from the office. It’s been fun hanging with them and I love the work they’re doing.