To Jerico Culata (http://soulfuhresh.tumblr.com/).

Rest in peace, big brother.

You were honestly the most loving being I have ever come across in my 18 years of living, and the fact that you were taken so early from us is the most heart breaking thing the world will have to face. But like everyone says, you are in a better place now and we can’t be selfish now.

Before we met, I remember the stories I would hear about you from Sam during dance practice.

And the day we did finally meet, right off the bat, you had me laughing effortlessly. You were a gifted artist, a true optimist, and an amazing friend. There’s just something about you that everyone tends to lack, and that was your selfless and generous nature.

I’ll never forget trying to be more ghetto than you, or that night we were sending each other pictures of us when we were going through awkward stages in the 8th grade. You even made the Adventure Time posters for Kevin when he wanted to ask me to prom. And I remember when you were telling me how I was stressing you out and didn’t even know it! LOL I’ll never forget when you bought me gold heels for Sam’s debut because the ones I had were too high and killing me.

I always respected you for showering my best friend with the utmost of passion and affection. You were always there for her through it all, and kept her on a high pedestal. I was lowkey jealous of you two. You guys seriously are the couple to beat.

I’ll never forget those gangster pictures you always took, or the time Briana french braided your hair. I’ll never forget writing that stupid Craigslist ad with you, or dancing with you when we were bored. What I will always treasure was the advice I was lucky to receive from you about everything I had trouble with. I’ll miss you telling me just to try and work everything out. You always told me that there was always a way.

I’m sorry we never got to go on that double date. But hey, don’t forget you still need to teach me how to do a spin thing on a fixie!!!

I can’t wait to see you again, big brother.

Until then.

Try to keep the trolling up there to a minimum, yeah? You need to save it for when I get there. And I’m going to bring a box up there too so we can make a second cardboard box house with all the homies. I’m going to need you to cut the windows again because you know we suck at anything that requires thinking. (‘:

I love you, bro.