I’m giving this merch away because I need more room in my closet and I don’t hardly wear any of it anymore. I’m giving away the cd’s because i just have the music on my phone. 

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I’m choosing the winner on October 31st. I’ll ship anywhere for free in the US and Canada!

(From top left to right)

  • Of Mice & Men- m
  • All Time Low- s
  • Memphis May Fire- m
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!- s
  • Of Mice & Men (cosmic)- s
  • Pierce The Veil- s
  • Bring Me The Horizon- s
  • All Time Low (Don’t Panic)- s
  • Pierce The Veil Crew neck- m
  • Aspire & Create Crew neck- m
  • Sleeping With Sirens Shirts- both smalls
  • Signed Handguns CD, Man Overboard, All Time Low, and the 2013 warped CD.

If this gets 1,000 notes I will add in the Mitch Lucker memorial shirt and the AWG Glamour Kills crew neck.


Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can’t Hang

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