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This is Brodie. Brodie showed up at Angel City Pit Bulls when a good samaritan found him with a fractured jaw. ACPB raised the money to have Brodie’s jaw reset, and have been looking for his forever home.

Brodie is just one of the many dogs that ACPB has helped out over the years.  Rescuing animals is hard, and due to public perception, rescuing pit bulls is even harder.

Which is why next Sunday, October 7, I’m running a 5k in Race for the Rescues to raise money for Angel City Pit Bulls.

I’m $580 from my goal of $4000.

PLEASE DONATE! No amount is too small - I have hundreds of followers, so if each of you donated $5, I’d reach my goal in no time.

If you’ve already donated - THANK YOU.

If times are tight right now - please reblog this post to your followers?

My donation page is here. You can also find it by going to http://bit.ly/NinaRace.


Nina Bargiel
aka the slackmistress

This is Pork Chop.

Pork Chop was a 15-year old pit bull dumped at the shelter. Pit bulls have a difficult time making it out of the shelter alive. Old pit bulls have little to no chance.

Enter Angel City Pit Bulls, who made sure an older gentleman like Pork Chop got to spend his final days in a warm, soft bed surrounded by family and love and home cooked meals.

That’s why on October 6th, I’m running in my 2nd Race for the Rescues as part of Angel City Pit Bulls’ team. I’m running to raise money for Angel City so they can continue to rescue, to adopt, to spay/neuter, and to educate the public about pit bulls.

And so that older dogs will get the same chance as Pork Chop for a kind and loving place to call home for those final days.

My 41st birthday falls on October 8, so I’m trying to raise $4100 for Angel City Pit Bulls. You can find my donation page here.

I know times are tough and there are a lot of people asking you for money. No amount is too small. And if you could reblog and get this in front of more people, I know that I can reach my goal.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support. I and the old pit bull that I live with appreciate it.

Big Love,


The Pot Calling the Kettle Trapper Keeper.

Binders full of women is funny. In both a ha-ha way and in a ARE YOU #(*&$@*(#$ KIDDING ME? way. It’s like a giant comedy present dropped into everyone’s lap.

I imagine late-night is going to make fun of this. How can you not?


Late-night has historically had a pretty poor record on hiring female writers. This information is over a year and a half old, but it has pretty pathetic statistics. Out of all late-night shows, the only ones that have over a 15% female writing staff are The Daily Show (15.4%), Saturday Night Live (25%) and Chelsea Handler (50%).

I hope that everyone continues to make fun of the ridiculousness that comes out of Mitt Romney’s mouth. But in the meantime, I’d also hope that we use it as an opportunity to review our own hiring practices. (And by “our” I mean “your” as I am not in the position to hire anyone but I am currently looking for work.)

If you’re a person in power, an Executive Producer or a Boss Person or the Head of the Party Planning Committee, take a look at the people around you. Is it a diverse bunch?

Let’s just not be the pot calling the kettle a Trapper Keeper.

- Nina Bargiel
Super-liberal, Obama-supporting, television writer

PS. I don’t know what the diversity statistics are, but since BINDERGATE was covering women, I’ve chosen to just discuss that issue specifically.

In Which I Am A Jerk Who Learns A Lesson

Over the past few nights my dog has begun to make it clear to my wife and I that she wants to go outside in the middle of the night. Such is our life. We are at the beck and call of a 15 year old, nearly toothless pit bull.

This is inconvenient at any time but it’s doubly problematic because I have been sick for the last week. Still I have gotten up in the dead of night and gone outside to let our dog poop. Since we don’t have a yard this usually means going to the park near our house because it is where our dog is used to doing her business. Taking her elsewhere would turn into 30 minute adventure of trying to find the right place.

I don’t like doing this but I prefer it to having my dog poop in the house. Also, I don’t like the idea of sending my wife out into the street in the middle of the night with just a 15 year old, nearly toothless pit bull for protection.

I didn’t like that idea until last night when, in my sleep deprived and medicated condition I sighed passive aggressively when my dog let us know she wanted to go outside. 

My wife said: “I’ve been letting you go because it’s dangerous.”

I heard this, and I knew she was right. But I was being a stubborn dick who in that moment felt like his dog and his wife were conspiring against him. I did not want to go outside.

I sat there and did nothing while my wife, got out of bed.

As she got to the door she said: “Don’t go back to sleep, I want you to hear it if someone murders us.”

I still said nothing, like a stubborn piece of shit.

Damn it I can be such a jerk.

As the door closed behind her I got up, put on my shoes and followed them outside.

I should have gotten out of be right away but failing that I at least managed to avoid doubling down on my mistake. It is progress. I am sorry that it is all I have to offer today.