Heat of the Moment || @sammun

Sam, you’re staying there, on the bed, and you’re not doing anything. Okay? *Dean paced back and forth. This wasn’t going to be much fun for either of them, especially is Sam doesn’t remember himself dying over and over again*

Pirate AU

The gentle roll of waves crashing against the ship and squawk of seagulls buzzing around was really the only sounds the captain heard. With the occasional creaks from the S.S. Impala’s old boards and the smacking sound the telescope made when closed, nothing else was much to Dean’s import. He uncapped a small flask and sipped a generous amount of whiskey while stationed at the wheel. Dean Winchester felt like the head of the seas, with his father’s (now his’) ship and his first mate, Sam Winchester, his brother. The green-eyed pirate was heading to a small island in the middle of nowhere, rumored to hold mass treasures. But while with riches it was plagued with despicable monsters that plagued the island, but even that couldn’t scare Dean from getting the wealth.

So now here he was, on clear skies, around noon, leading him and his crew to unknown danger. “Sammy!” He beckoned above the winds, “Pull out that map of yours. I wanna be sure we’re goin’ to the right spot.” He commanded for nearly the fifth time that day. Excitement bubbled up under him, forcing him to sweep a wide grin on his face.

Shine A Light

It wasn’t much. But it was the best he could do. A shrub of a tree was placed on the center of the table, small lights flashing. He bought that for ten dollars. Cheap beer was placed in the Motel’s glass cups, served along with pizza. Dean just finished taking fresh baked cookies out of the oven, a recipe Lisa showed him while he was living with her and Ben.

With just this, it seemed like another tacky Christmas, buying small gifts form the Gas Station and staying up a little bit later to watch Christmas specials. Really, it was just the opposite. Dean was able to scrap up more money this year, but a large portion went into that of gift finding. The hunter was certain that everyone he got gifts for would love them.

"Sammy," He called out, who should be around here, most likely in the other room, "And Cas, I know you’re flyin’ around here somewhere. C’mon!" He pushed the ‘Play’ button on the radio, pouring out Guns ‘N Roses’ cover of "White Christmas."